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Unfettered Curiosity Profile Beta One

a topic in People and Places, a part of the RPG forum.

Character biographies, journals, connections, and other reference guides for any in character information necessary for your players!

Unfettered Curiosity Profile Beta One

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Black Hoodie on Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:24 pm

Oh Curious One, do you ever wonder what you are, deep beneath those layers of flesh and bone? However you feel, whatever you do, in this endeavour you are not alone.

This will be where you post your character generation method. This will also be where you update your character information in whatever manner you see fit as the game progresses. Any places or people you visit, whether created by you or myself, will also be posted here. Feel free to write to your heart's content about your character, or anything related to your game here.

Lastly, I will post links to the initial two threads for your convenience, and will add the IC thread link at a later date.
Interest Check: you-want-play-what-you-want-t85330.html
OOC: unfettered-curiosity-t85368.html
I was formed in the shadows, in the void faster than light. Sheathed in darkness, the world expands, and I feel at home in a mystical place. When I close my eyes, and the void envelops me, I can fly, I can breathe in water and vacuum, I can change my shape and go anywhere I please, anytime I want. No information escapes me, for there was none to fall away in the first place; there is only peace.

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Black Hoodie
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Re: Unfettered Curiosity Profile Beta One

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Starsailor on Mon Sep 23, 2013 3:31 am

Pick one of each!

Question Time!
• How much experience do you have with writing?
Enough, I hope, to make it worth your while.

•How much experience do you have with play-by-post gaming, or freeform gaming?
I've been going on various online roleplaying communities for most of my adolescence. Which spans something like what, a decade? Though it has been pretty ON/OFF throughout the years, so I'm not sure how to quantify that into a reliable indicator of experience. WHATEVER. I know what's expected of me. I know how to navigate the 'hood. B|

•What is your preferred genre of role-play?
COMEDIES, specifically urban fantasy/sci-fi romantic comedies, you dig? (no cheese... extra hot sauce)

    high fantasy when it comes to arranged marriages between royalty!
    sky pirates and airships in search of booty on unexplored floating islands!
    people with unusual superpowers!
    whoops I guess these aren't genres are they!

• What kinds of settings do you prefer?
    Realistic and metropolitan, with glimmers of a fantastic underworld.
    Apocalyptic/zombie-infested ruined cityscapes.
    Mysterious haunted abodes in the goddamned middle of nowhere.
    Quaint coastal towns/villages bustling with trade and tourism.
    Long lost desert civilizations.
    A medieval community of scientific wizards.

• What is your favourite song?
I'm not going to narrow down any of the many songs I have loved at different points in my life so you can pigeonhole my strange, multifaceted personality into some superficial category based on the one song I choose to represent myself! I'M ONTO YOU!!

But if that's not your intent... then I'll leave this here.

• Other than writing or freeform, what are some of your interests?
I like (or would like) to sing, cook, eat delicious things, knit, garden, watch movies, sail, rock climb, skate, do drugs, make money, have thought-provoking interactions with fruitful minds, and take care of things smaller and sweeter than I am.

• Do you believe yourself capable of handling mature themes?
Damn straight. I am down with excessive swearing, gratuitous nudity, tasteful sex, and high violence of the action-adventure variety. However, graphic depictions of torture do kind of greatly disturb me... unless they're somehow being done for laughs or irony. Or if I intentionally take part in something horror themed because even I go looking for sick thrills sometimes. Then it's fair game. If I have nightmares HEY I brought that shit on myself.

Optional Questions!
• There is a knocking at the door. What is your typical response?
[/wordlessly opens door]

• You just finished watching a horror movie. If you wouldn't normally watch one, you were coerced by your friends. You then hear a scratching at your door. What is your response?
NOPE NOPE NOPE NOT GOING OVER THERE. You get that. [/hides behind friends]

• When you go shopping, do you go in, grab the items you were looking for and leave, or do you browse?
I grab what I need and I get the hell out.

• Would you prefer to clean your dishes by hand, or put them in a dishwasher and let it do all the work?
I wash 'em by hand... It relaxes me.

• Do you prefer reading books, or watching movies?
Depends on my mood.

• Water or Sugar?
Agua, por favor.

• If you were going to try to scare your friend, how would you do so?
Post a suicide note to their wall on Facebook. So shitty but so effective!

• What would be worse, no legs or no arms?
Either is equally terrible.

• What season is the best?

• What is power?
Fuckery most foul.

• Who is TED?
The stoplight god.

• Why is the sky blue?
Good question!

• Why do clouds cry?
Because they have to see that ugly-ass mug of yours every day.

• Is haemoglobin good for you?
Yes, if it's the kind that transports oxygen to your red blood cells.

• Where is Sol?
Everywhere and nowhere.

• If you were taking a stroll down a dark, deserted alleyway at night, and you suddenly noticed a person at the other end, what sorts of thoughts would you be having?
Is that the coke dealer? FINALLY.

• Knock Knock.
What I do best doesn't make me happy.

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