Unfettered Curiosity: Project Beta Four

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Unfettered Curiosity: Project Beta Four

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Black Hoodie on Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:57 pm

If I didn't approve you, DO NOT post here.

Now, onto better, brighter news. This is your IC thread, and here is where the ‘story’ will unfold. I present a random situation for the first post, providing basic information about the surrounding of your character. I wrote the first post it in present tense, but will be switching to third tense immediately after your first post. The intro is short and sweet, and is designed so that you can expand on and create your environment, being as descriptive or as vague as you wish to be. As an added bonus, because of one of your choices in the character generation method, you will have automatic access to your character’s physical description, and may post that in your character profile thread if you so wish.

The evening mist is a warm contrast. Why is everything so warm? Even the morning dew, which is normally spine-chillingly cold, is body-temperature. There’s a faint smell of the woods nearby, but that would mean the city wasn’t close. Not even close. The concrete floor isn’t comfortable per say, but the memories of last night are coming back and they recall a different tale. “Night”, if that’s even the correct term anymore. The air has a different feel to it… as if everything is more transparent. There are sounds nearby, rustling of grass, maybe they are the others. It would be nice to see how things turned out. Strange. The sound of the grass rustling should be further away than it is. Time to see what’s going on.
I was formed in the shadows, in the void faster than light. Sheathed in darkness, the world expands, and I feel at home in a mystical place. When I close my eyes, and the void envelops me, I can fly, I can breathe in water and vacuum, I can change my shape and go anywhere I please, anytime I want. No information escapes me, for there was none to fall away in the first place; there is only peace.

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Re: Unfettered Curiosity: Project Beta Four

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Selene Durlan on Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:22 pm

An additional moment was spent on the floor, gathering and organizing her thoughts, before crystal blue eyes open to take in the dark surroundings. As far as places to sleep go, the basement was a good choice, despite the decrepit state the structure above it was in. The darkness was absolute and complete in the basement, which made it a perfect spot for one such as her to take shelter in. The rustling sound was continuing to approach, she noticed with mild alarm. An experimental sniff of her surroundings provided no clues as to what might be lurking outside. Tying the black jacket around her waist that had served as her pillow for the night, she quickly ran her fingers through the raven locks that brushed freely across her shoulder blades, braiding the mess would have to wait till later.

Without looking down, she carefully side-stepped around the stiff corpse that she had lain beside during her slumber, a single moment of guilt passed through her, as she stepped further away from it. Thankfully the feeling of guilt passed before her mind had a chance to dwell upon it. The slight odor of decay from the body suddenly assaulted her nose, which she crinkled in derision. She would certainly breathe easier after leaving this place. Gathering the few belonging she owned, one being a metal pipe that had a single blade from a scissor attached to it by metal wire and string. She utilized the other blade from the scissors as a type of crude knife. So far the pipe had proven to be an extremely effective weapon.

Just before taking the almost completely rotten stairs up to ground level, she decided to bring the backpack with her. The owner obviously had no use for it anymore. The rose colored pink fabric of it gave her pause for a minute, but she ultimately decided it wasn’t that bright of a shade that it would put her at risk of being spotted while she traveled in darkness. Placing it on her shoulders, she ascended the stairs. She would inspect the contents of it later.

The smell was the first thing to strike her as she hit the ground level. She barely caught herself from gagging aloud and accidently giving away her position. “Shit, they are way too close.” She quietly chastised herself. From the sound of it, two or three of them were on the march towards her. What could have drawn them to her resting spot? She silently wondered. Oh. Casting a glance towards the stairs she knew why they were approaching and what they wanted from the decrepit building. She tightened her grip on the pipe, but ultimately decided against attacking; instead she chose to creep out the back of the building and sprint in the opposite direction, till she was far out of sight from it.

Finally able to rest easy, she plopped down next to a tree and leaned back against it, taking the backpack off for greater comfort. Looking down, she was pleased to observe how well her current outfit had held up during her trek, though she would have preferred to wear one of her custom tailored all black outfits, rather than faded jeans and a baggy gray T-shirt. Not to mention the bra that she had barely been able to squeeze into, each deep breath seeming to threaten to burst the fragile clasp in the back. Honestly, she had been extremely fortunate to escape with her life, the lack of material luxuries could be considered a small inconvenience when it was compared to the loss of everything she had ever known.

By light of the moon, she noticed writing on the top of the backpack for the first time. Inspecting it closer, she tried to decipher the meaning of it. Her knowledge of letters and reading was still incomplete and perhaps would always remain so due to the horrendous event that had ruined everything. The first letter was an “A.” She recognized it as a capital letter, which could make this word the name of a person, place, or thing. Two long straight letters followed, “ls” she realized with pride, but the last and final letter was tricky though. She knew it was the second to last letter in the alphabet, but was unable to recall the sound it made. Several moments passed before a sudden epiphany of memory filled in the final letter.

“Ally” she said aloud. That was the word, or rather the name that was written on the backpack. Sitting against a tree in a clearing, wearing clothes that had belonged to another, holding a backpack that was not hers, she recalled something that was hers and hers alone. The name he had given her. Kiska. “My name is Kiska.” She whispered to herself, over and over she repeated it, till she was practically shouting the statement into the darkness. Eventually a measure of order was restored within her mind, the verbal outburst being put back into the locked cell that it had escaped from. This was a time for more practical thoughts to be in control.

Pushing herself up from the tree, Kiska placed the backpack on her shoulders once again, before resuming her journey towards the city.

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Re: Unfettered Curiosity: Project Beta Four

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Black Hoodie on Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:30 pm

The room was dark, the lack of windows preventing the sunlight from invading their private space. It was a nice cool room, a stark contrast to the outside, even to the rest of the building. The polished black table was reflecting the soft glow of the only light source in the room, a small orb sitting atop a mantle in the center of the long, oblong table. There were numerous empty chairs lining the edges of the table, each plush and radiating an air or regality. Only one chair was occupied, an older man sitting at one of the two ends of the table, to which his back was facing. There was a slight hiss of air, and the wall opposite of the man spread apart, the room beyond equally as dark, equally cool. Another man emerged from the other room, dressed in an exquisite and no doubt expensive suit. He walked forward, emotionless, and stopped directly behind the first empty chair, facing the older man.
“Hektor tells me your research into a cure is going well.” The older man speaks, without turning to face the other. “He tells me you’re doing so well, you’ve moved onto testing it on people.” Despite his voice being wispy and more than a little shaky, it carried with it a large amount of authority.

“Yes. We figured since the chimps were doing so well with the serum, we would introduce a human test subject into the mix.”
“And you didn’t think it would be a good idea to notify me?”
“The, ah, nature, of the human test had a limited window of opportunity.”
“Define limited.”
“She was in critical condition. The tumors had already metastasized and were rapidly mutating her marrow.”
“So instead of letting this patient expire and combust, and moving on to a test in a controlled environment, you elected to test an unknown variable?”
“The data recorded from tests one through twenty-five were all positive and the rate of metabolic stabilization was two hundred percent more effective with the newest strain of the serum. I saw no reason not to--”
“You’re a smart man Vlad. We need more people like you to help rebuild this world.”
The older man spun around in his chair to face the younger man, his gaze colder than any air-conditioned room.
“People need structure. People need order. The rules are in place for a reason, and the fact that you are still standing in my building, let alone my city, is a testament to how smart you are. Were it not for that giant brain between your ears, you and the rest of your family would be thrown to the wolves. Do you understand?”
“Well, yes, but I--”
“Good. I’m glad you and I are on the same page.” The man swiveled back around to face the darkness. “You are being placed on the restricted list. Curfew hours now apply to you, and all further research will be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Malkovich. Any trips into the badlands will be conducted by your subordinates, and you will remain within the city walls. That is all.”

The older man waved his hand, and without another word, the younger man turned and walked into the darkness, the obsidian walls closing behind him.

“God damnit Gregory, Ally is dead! We have to go back and tell the others!” the skinny pale fellow complained. The three of them were standing at the doorway to the decrepit building, arguing. “That woman was too fast for us to catch the first time, what makes you think we could catch up to her now that she isn’t carrying somebody?” The man was clearly agitated, a hint of fear gleaming in his eyes.

“Are you afraid of a little girl Toby?” The bearded man chuckled. He was much taller and broader than the other two, though the signs of wear still showed like it did on everybody else.

“Are you retarded? She’s not a little girl man, she’s one of them! Who knows what she can do!” the pale man, Toby, replied. “We came here to find Ally, not to take revenge! Now that we have found her, we can give her a burial back at camp, and forget about the woman.” The big bearded man, Gregory, clearly had enough of what Toby had to say, as his brow crunched down into a menacing glare.

“Do you have kids, Toby?” Greg walked close to Toby, glaring down at him, and at the other gangly man, who was hiding his head. “What about you? No? Well, I did, back before the whole ozone thing. And you know what happened? They were taken. They were kidnapped, much like our friend in the basement. I went to look for em, and I found em, in the same condition as Ally. I was lost, I tell ya, without my little boys. I looked high and low for the monster that did that to em, and I didn’t find nothin’. I was wrought with despair somethin’ fierce I tell ya. I ain’t gonna let that happen to Denise. I’m gonna find this woman, I’m gonna kill her, and I’m gonna give poor ol’ Denise some measure of closure, something I never had, ya’ hear? If you two are such pansies that you have to go crawling back to the camp, heads slung in shame, then you do so. Just give me that rifle, and I will be on my merry way.”

Nothing was said for a long time, Toby looking up at Gregory, unblinking in his stance. The other man who was standing nearby kept quiet, kept his eye contact to a minimum.

“Ah, screw it.” Toby replied. “Lead the way. We'll come back for the body later.”

It took a while, longer than expected, but Kiska managed to make it to a hill overlooking the city. It was difficult to recall what the man had said…what was his name…whatever it was, he warned her about the city that lay before her. She needed to go there, but she needed to look out for a man. An image appeared in her mind, of a well-dressed man with slicked back red hair and a long, thin-lipped smile. Chills ran down her spine as recognized the image. It was the man he warned her about. Something about him was…unnerving, but Kiska couldn’t figure out what it was. Regardless, she needed to venture forward. The moon was only just beginning to make its way down, so she had some time.

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