Unfettered Curiosity: Project Beta Zero

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Unfettered Curiosity: Project Beta Zero

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Black Hoodie on Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:54 pm

If I didn't approve you, DO NOT post here.

Now, onto better, brighter news. This is your IC thread, and here is where the ‘story’ will unfold. I present a random situation for the first post, providing basic information about the surrounding of your character. I wrote the first post it in present tense, but will be switching to third tense immediately after your first post. The intro is short and sweet, and is designed so that you can expand on and create your environment, being as descriptive or as vague as you wish to be. As an added bonus, because of one of your choices in the character generation method, you will have automatic access to your character’s physical description, and may post that in your character profile thread if you so wish.

The first thing is the sound. At first it is faint, but it grows loud, a sound like rain. The surrounding darkness prevents any reference point for the origin of the sound, but the way it is coming in from every direction, it could be emitting from multiple locations.
Water. It sounds like rain, which would also explain the wetness, and the feeling of being half-submerged. It’s not cold though, and is in fact fairly warm, almost nice. The smell though...isn't something recognizable. Movement is easy, slow, but easy. No pain. The smell though…it’s becoming stronger than the sound of the water, if it is indeed water. It’s like…blood, but sour, and is chokingly strong.
The memories, they are coming back. Slowly, just like the muscle control came back. Hopefully they will provide some insight into the situation.
I was formed in the shadows, in the void faster than light. Sheathed in darkness, the world expands, and I feel at home in a mystical place. When I close my eyes, and the void envelops me, I can fly, I can breathe in water and vacuum, I can change my shape and go anywhere I please, anytime I want. No information escapes me, for there was none to fall away in the first place; there is only peace.

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