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Nathaniel 'Grim' Parker

"An eye for an eye, as some would say."

0 · 371 views · located in 00 World Universe

a character in “00 World”, as played by Scavenger


Digital Daggers - Can't Sleep, Can't Breathe.

Maroon 5 - Secret.

Lana Del Rey - Dark Paradise.


❝Often times, years of isolation will remove a person's need for companionship.❞


|| N A M E || Nathaniel Parker.

|| N I C K N A M E / A L I A S || Grim.

|| A G E || Twenty.

|| G E N D E R || Male.

|| S E X U A L I T Y || Heterosexual, as far as he's concerned.

|| N A T I O N A L I T Y || British; evident through his thick accent.

|| O C C U P A T I O N || His dad owned a comic book store, and he worked there part-time.

|| D E V I C E - I D || 2-2-4-9-6-7.


|| H U M A N - A P P E A R A N C E || Grim stands at a height of around 6'2", with a slim and shapeless body to match, and long legs; he is unusually slender, almost unhealthily so. Beneath his clothes, his skin hugs his body tightly, so that almost all of his bones are visible. In the eyes of most people, he looks like he could quite effortlessly be picked up and snapped in half; others would say he is the living definition of 'looks can be deceiving'. His skin is pale and sickly, almost grey in some lights, with dark patches around his eyes, lips and the tips of his fingers. He has a very odd, gloomy sort of look to him, and holds a constant expression of boredom (as his eyes are almost always half-lidded). His hair matches his skin almost perfectly, as it is pale and white with grey areas here and there. It is parted down the middle and Grim allows it to fall where it may; it reaches down to his neck, just below the ears, and is almost always smooth. His eyes are an unusually bright blue, almost neon, and they seemingly hold a light glow when covered by darkness. As for his outfits, he picks simple clothes that won't show how skinny he really is but will look nice on him in general; he's not too fussy about it, in all honesty, but will not be afraid to voice his opinion (he always has something to complain about). His current outfit consists of a dark green jacket, a black button-up shirt with a vest (of the same colour) underneath, grey skinny jeans and a pair of brown leather boots.

|| Z E R O - A P P E A R A N C E || In an almost identical way to Grim's own human form, the secondary form that he occupies mimics his body shape, though it is an exaggerated portrayal of his thinness; almost all of its features are an exaggeration of Grim's appearance. Its ribs poke from its chest, giving the idea that they might pierce through the unnaturally grey and leathery skin that covers them. And, due to the fact that it does not require clothes, its figure is put on display for all to see. However, this secondary form does not have any genitalia to speak of, and the area where one's 'privates' may be is simply just smoothed skin; so that it may move freely without clothing and will not be judged if anything hangs out (if you know what I mean). It is a much darker grey than most people would view Grim's skin to be, but its arms (from the elbow to the tips of its fingers) are a very light grey; almost transparent, in fact, showing everything beneath the skin. Its hands and feet are out of proportion, in the sense that they are indescribably large. The Zero form also has a head of white/grey hair, reaching down to its neck. The hair is not parted down the centre and instead it just falls naturally; it often looks scruffy and matted because of that. And, while Grim shows his face quite comfortable, his Zero form covers its face with a mask of metal, which seems to naturally just cling to its face without straps or clips. Another strange feature of Grim's secondary form is that it looks like its body is dripping, though it has no effect on its shape or size.

|| D E M O N I C - W E A P O N || Grim's Demonic Weapon is a Parasite, and is attached to the right arm of his secondary form; or, as some would say, the arm is his Demonic Weapon. They take on three forms in total. The first of the three are his ordinary hands; though simple, their size means that they have very deadly capabilities and will utilize their raw physical power to deal out strong blows. There is nothing special about them other than their strength, and will be used in the same way that anyone would use their fists in a fight. The second applies to only one arm, and comes in the form of a curved blade (the link provided is not an exact replicate of the blade, but it gives an idea of the general shape). The blade itself is incredibly sharp, and sprouts from his arm - should he need it - with flesh curling around it to keep it in place. The third is when the shape of his arm will mimic a whip, and is used mainly on long-distance targets; though it can only reach about 2 metres or so.


❝I am not void of emotions... Some are better at showing their feelings than others. Am I to be punished for that?❞


|| P E R S O N A L I T Y || (W.I.P.)

|| Z E R O - P E R S O N A L I T Y || (W.I.P.)


|| H I S T O R Y || (W.I.P.)

(I'll finish the sheet in a little while)


❝I do what I desire to do, and not what you expect of me.❞

So begins...

Nathaniel 'Grim' Parker's Story

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Sunday. 7:30 a.m


Hello Player you are one of the lucky chosen ones by the World to enter its dimensions and participate in it's 'games'! Please do not be alarmed, if you feel confused please look over all the information files that can be found located in your device. If you have any more questions send a mail and it will be responded to shortly. Your device is very important. It's job is to notify you of when a game begins or any other announcements and notifications. It also keeps track of all the rewards you gain during your time spent in the 'games'. A contact list is also available that helps to keep track of an allies or enemies you may meet in the World. You can keep in contact with them by messaging their devices. The ID# that has been assigned to you is the second most important thing. It is what identifies you in the world as well as to your fellow Players. Please always be on alert, a game notification may arrive at any time, any day.

Today is the day you will get accustomed to this new world you have been graciously accepted to. The information files will be sent to you shortly, once the game has been sent to you, you will have 10 minutes to prepare. Of course we mean “prepare” from a mental standpoint seeing as you cannot bring anything from Zone 2 into any other zone. If you choose not to do that then try taking a look at your Device. When you first look at your contacts list you will see various 6 digit codes, those are other player’s Device ID's, yours will always be displayed in the top right hand corner. There are usually simple games on your Device, however that functionality is currently disabled until your first challenge is complete, think of it as a reward for getting through. Almost everything else is active, Calculator, Alarm clock, Calendar, even a Notepad. Have fun... Oh and please don’t try anything Rash, you will find the more you try to explain the more you realize things are not the same…