Isabella Gray

I'm kind of a heart breaker.

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a character in “1 New Update”, as played by Isabella Sophia Gray


Name: Isabella Sophia Grace
Company:The Gang
Title:The Reckless
Good traits:Isabella may not look like the type of girl who cares about other people but that is a big misconception. Isabella has a big heart that tends to get her into trouble.She always allows other to speak their mind and express their emotions even if it isn't exactly what the fierce black haired beauty wants to hear. She aims to be fair, understanding and looked up to.Isabella is a great listener who is willing to give advice when asked. She has an incredible ability to keep her emotions hidden from others.

Bad traits:Isabella is not afraid to speak her mind against others. She is a fabulous manipulator when she wants something or someone.She has a fiery temper and a very strong personality. She lies through her teeth every day at least five times a day. At times she can be bossy,reprimanding, and stubborn.
Likes and dislike
+Isabella loves working out wether it is running through the woods on tails or doing yoga on the beach. She is a very active person.
+Isabella loves to party,rave,and drink in that combination. You will always see her with a drink in her hand.
+Fashion, Isabella is always wearing the latest fashion she would never be caught wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt out. None of her friends have ever seen her without makeup and her hair done.
-Players, Isabella is known for flirting with all the wrong people at all the wrong times.
-Family, Isabella's family is never around. Her father being the CEO of multiple hotels in California is never home and her mother died when she was 10.


Deepest fear(s):Isabella is literally terrified of trusting others. She has been hurt by multiple people for multiple years. She always has a guard up with protects her from this fear.She is afraid she will push all of her friends away and be alone for the rest of her life. No friends, family, or lovers.
Important secret(s): Some one on Nor-Who black mailed Isabella telling her that if she doesn't do exactly what he or she says they will post her nudes on the website. She has no idea who it is and she has never sent naked pictures to anyone so she didn't believe the alleged blackmailer. She got a message on Nor-Who. It was a picture of her in her room after she had showered. She doesn't know how this person got the picture.
Psychological disorder(s):Bipolar
Physical health issue(s):None


Best Friend:Natalie Bloom
Enemy:The Blackmailer
Family:No one from the companies.
Significant Other:None yet

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