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small, has a clockwork arm, always has a fedora like hat on, extremely loyal to friends and there to support and back up the problems of others if asked.

0 · 179 views · located in Earth, Alternate Universe, year 1847

a character in “1847”, as played by Mr.Z


Small, looking to be around the age 16 to 18. He is almost always seen with a fedora like hat on and fashions a variety of coats filled with pockets and smuggling pouches. His left more then half his arm is replaced with a combination of steam and clock work prosthetic arm. The hand and finger of his prosthetic arm holds small tools such as lock picks, small screwdriver heads and even a sorter gun. A spring-loaded blade extending to the length of a large dagger is located in his upper arm. This tool is used primarily as a weapon of defense, and only a handful of individuals are aware of it.

Mr.Z is one of the nicest people to meat. He is not at all shy (only acceptation is mild stage fright) gets along well with any one from the deformed to the normal and other. First impressions really do count. Although he is friendly, he has a small problem with authority figures. If he is at all offended or doesn't believe that the individual in charge doesn't deserves their position of power, hell let them know in very blatant ways. (Note: this only happens to the most arrogant of higher authorities, normally he will keep to him self and think of tribal things, but on rare occasions he will attack and authority figure if he feels the line has been crossed).he is extremely loyal to friends and the cause they believe in, so loyal that is once cost him his left arm.

He is a sharp shooter and a skilled swords men, able to duel wield any one handed weapon. Although he is deadly on the front line, you will most likely find him supporting the team from the back or being playing as a the deafens. Since he is small he is quiet and is know to slip in and out of rooms unnoticed. if he passes through a room small shiny things my go missing or somehow end up in his pocket.

Not much is know about Mr.Z's (Z for short) origin or even his real name, aside from the fact he's from America and proud of it. He rarely brings up anything that has happened lower then the age of 15, and when ever he is asked he will answer with things that only make since to him or events that you had to be there to know what happened. But he will always answer in a cheerful way, leaving the person who asked wondering if he was mind f***ing them or answering honestly. Usually something will interrupt the questions being asked and he will avoid the asker till the subject has been forgotten. His earliest known recording of his appearance was at a backwater dock where he took a job as a mercenary after beating down a man 5 times his size to prove himself, and he has been getting jobs like that ever since and will take any job if the coin is good.

So begins...

Mr.Z's Story

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#, as written by Mr.Z
A large noble sky ship hovering slowly through the sky's, miles over the earth, caries a large party of one presenters, noble men and woman, and any one born with a silver spoon in there mouth. As the spoiled rich families where below having a good time up on the deck a troop of mercs where positioned, scanning the sky's for any hostile ships. One of the mercenaries, a small one with a strange hat on and a prosthetic limb made of steam and clock work, sat on the bow of the ship holding onto a cord as he leaned over the side of the ship. Letting the fresh air blow across his face as the setting sun reflected off the clouds. "Ahhh I love this part of my job" he says pulling him self back onto the ship.