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Earth, Alternate Universe, year 1847


a part of 1847, by Katherinana.

Overall setting of the roleplay and if you manage to leave it you are, quite literally, dead.

Katherinana holds sovereignty over Earth, Alternate Universe, year 1847, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

767 readers have been here.


Precisely what it sounds like
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Earth, Alternate Universe, year 1847

Overall setting of the roleplay and if you manage to leave it you are, quite literally, dead.


Earth, Alternate Universe, year 1847 is a part of 1847.

14 Characters Here

Tenexier Oeyar [32] Evil? I could never be evil... never.....
Iris Meloni [26] Words are more valuable than money. Piracy continues Ignorance. I despise the ignorant.
Etios Naelthi [25] Tenexier has mermaid seduction powers, right?... No? Then, I don't have an excuse.
Keely Rose Anasova [23] Look, I don't know what you want, but I am probably not the person to ask about it.
Ennis Harlow [23] Hey, you're kinda cute...
Vrede Blóm [19] What are you, insane? That mechanical arm your wearing? Yes, that one! It is contributing to the slow destruction of our entire island! The metal that's made from is from mining the thing that is keeping us safe! Are you trying to KILL us all?
Azima Jackson [19] Want to bet on that?
Mikah Bolton [18] Daymmm gurl u is fiiiine
Setana Oeyar [12] An elegant woman is a woman who despises you.
Dabir Akinyemi [10] My name is like Da Beer

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Character Portrait: Mikah Bolton Character Portrait: Dabir Akinyemi
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"Come on, Dabir, if you coming you need ta hurry up ok?" Dabir stumbled after Mikah. They were cutting through the forest, heading towards the lake. They pushed past the last row of vegetation and arrived on the shore of the lake. As son as Dabir saw the mermaids sunning themselves on the rocks by the water, he realized how much they could control him if he let them. Sadly, Mikah did not have that realization, as predictable, and was continuing to walk down the beach. Already, from a long ways away, he could sense the desire to go closer, to go underwater with them...
Gritting his teeth, he turned away and ran back from the beach, into the cover of the trees. He hummed loudly so his ears wouldn't pick up on the mermaid song. He didn't know if that part was just legend, but he wasn't taking any chances. He felt concerns about leaving Mikah alone with the mermaids, but he know he couldn't do anything about it. They would just kidnap him too. He needed to find the group that had gone out to explore the island. But he couldn't remember where he had turned or what direction the ship was in. He thought he would climb to the top of a hill and try to find a burned spot where the ship had landed, but without Mikah's knife it was almost impossible to get through the heavy underbrush. The sun was already setting. He kept trying to make his way up the hill, but came to a sheer cliff that went up for about ten feet. He hadn't seen it before now, it had been hidden by the trees. In the day, he would have had no trouble climbing it, but it was dark, and he was alone. He couldn't risk an injury from falling. It was hard enough to move around as it was. He took some vines and sticks and began to make a crude shelter. It wasn't necessary, since the weather here seemed perfect and the trees would block most inclement weather, but it was something to do and Dabir felt it would make him feel more secure while he slept.
Mikah headed towards the beach. He had already decided on the girl he would talk to: a beautiful (well, they were all beautiful) mermaid with long, silky black hair and a phosphorescent tail that shimmered in the sunlight, hypnotysing. He slid onto the rock next to her. She seemed to be alone. The rest of the mermaids were talking amongst themselves.
"Hey girl," He said smoothly, ducking around to look her in the eye. He was suprised to see she was crying. "What's wrong wit' chu?" He said softly. She looked up. This wasn't how he'd imagined a mermaid from how Ennis and Keely had described them, all seduction and no weakness whatsoever. The girl in front of him's eyes were filled with tears, but her voice was clear when she responded, and oh so smexy. "I'm not a full mermaid, just a half, so they kind of cast me out. Who are you?"
"You tell me yo name first girl"
"Okay, coo. My name's Mikah. Can I just say, you real fine."
The mermaid, Lii, turned away. "Yeah, thanks, but I get that a lot."
He kept going, trying to impress her. "You know I'm from a different time bubble? "
She glanced up, her eyes slightly intense. "Really?"
He laughed. "Yeah, 2015. I miss it. There was a lot more stuff."
She leaned closer to him. The sun was setting, and the first stars glinted across the water. It was all romantic and shit. "How about we take this underwater?" Lii purred. "I know a spell that can make humans breathe underwater. It's only a little while, but It'll be enough know."
Mikah's breath caught in his throat. You know? What is really going to be that easy to seduce a mermaid girl? "Okay, sure, if you insist," He responded, winking. He thought he caught a glimpse of a smile that looked more evil than seductive, but his mind was already under the mermaid's spell and he glossed over it. Probably a trick of the light, he thought. She performed the spell, her voice sounding even sexier if that was possible in an ancient language. She walked him to the edge of the water. He felt dizzy and lightheaded. Probably just an effect of the spell or something, he thought. She pulled him into the water. Instinctively he held his breath, but finally had to breathe. The water felt strange in his lungs but he could breathe fine. It was the strangest experience he had ever had. The mermaid girl smirked at him and removed the seashells that were covering her breasts. Mikah reached out to stroke her but realized it was hard to move his arm. He thought he heard her laugh before his eyes closed and he blacked out, his body slowly sinking towards the crystal mermaid city…

Mikah woke harshly in a small room made completely of the same glittering crystal as the rest of the mermaid city. It was full of air, and anchored to the bottom with a thick metal chain to prevent it from rising. The box bobbed in the water, making him feel sick. He tried to remember what had happened that led him to this moment, but there was a black hole in his memory. The last thing he remembered was the mermaid girl telling him they were going to get it on underwater…then had he blacked out? He couldn’t tell. Also, how long had he been asleep? The girl from (last night possibly, he didn’t know), swam up to the outside of the cage and winked at him. He tried to glare at her for capturing him, but found himself excusing her behavior. Maybe they want me to be their sex slave or some shit, he thought. A guy can dream.
The days past. They didn’t feed Mikah anything but some weird ass protein drink or something, but it was okay. He had nothing to do all day but look at the mermaids. He knew that everytime he allowed himself to get seduced by them, his mind was slipping farther and farther away, but he couldn’t help it. Just to assure that he was completely under their control, Lii would visit his cube sometimes. She would leave just as he had almost gotten her to put out every time. He knew somewhere in his brain that she never would, and it was a trick to get him to stay there, to not try to escape, but the rest of him believed so viciously that he might get a chance. Soon, he just had to wait…
Dabir had climbed the hill, but nothing was out there. He was almost convinced that the ship had just disappeared. And he would have been able to help fix it, too. Why did he ever go with Mikah? He was relying on the magic gem that he owned for hunger and thirst, only rarely eating since it was harder than he thought to hunt for animals. His head snapped up as he saw a pirate ship decend. It must be attacking the airship! But by the time he reached the area he had seen it, it was gone, the airship too…Not knowing whether his friends were dead or not was hard. He resolved that he needed someone to talk to or he’d go crazy. He needed to find Mikah. Whatever the risks…

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It’s silent. I perhaps should feel more comfortable this way, completely alone. That was the way I lived my life all these years, pushing everyone away until nobody ever tried to get through to me ever again. That was, until the beginning of this year. The silence and numbness of being completely alone with only my thoughts is something I am completely used to. No, it’s something I was completely used to. I cannot fathom how I went through my entire childhood like this, in silence, believing that no person could be worth getting close to. Everything I've ever believed about my own ability to talk to people has been disproven and proven by that boy. I never believed that I would have such a fierce connection to him or even come to trust anybody. Yet, now that he's gone, I am finding it even more difficult to communicate with others.

It seems ridiculous to feel the need to be by Tenexier's side at all times, but I've noticed that bad things happen while I am not with him. That's why I have to be there to protect him from anything. Him being kidnapped like this is evidence of my own failure and Teneixer is suffering for it. The helplessness within me is slowly replaced by hatred. Hatred for the pirates, for that Gierna girl, but mostly for myself. Strange how a boy has caused me to feel more lighthearted than ever and later cause me to hate myself more than ever.

The door opens, knocking me out of my thoughts.

"Can you help me plan out what we want to bring with us? I need someone else's input."

Keely. Nobody else would approach me at this point. I can't blame them. Keely likely feels a similar way right now. She's become distant. Much more than she ever was before. Getting up to speak to her, I notice how long I've been sitting. My legs ache from suddenly being forced to stand.

"Anything to get him back." I notice a change in Keely's expression. Ennis is the one Keely is most worried about. They saved Tenexier when I couldn't. How could I forget them? "Both of them." I correct.

I follow Keely to the deck, where the others are.

"He's going to murder me! You know how he's acted whenever anyone has gone near him!" I curl my lip at this. "Vrede, why can't you do it?"

They're speaking as if I'm not a human. Perhaps I seem inhuman to them now. I can't say I'm pleased.

"Uh, I don't think it's actually an issue." Setana points at Keely and me. I roll my eyes in response.

"Keely, you're okay!" Iris starts walking towards us, but decides against it after seeing me. "Come with us, you can have one of the extra beds in the dorm, and we can plan the rescue mission. We don't want you to stay by yourself."

Occasionally, somebody will glance over in my direction and look away immediately. The impression I'm leaving on these people is not something I'd like to be known for. 'That guy who tries to kill everyone who talks to him' is what I've been referred to. While I'd like to hurt someone who acts as if I am inhuman, I have to admit that they are not wrong in thinking so. I've threatened the lives of people who didn't do much wrong, simply making me more stressed than I already am. My first reaction to a source of anger is violence. Still, I don't have anything against Keely right now. She is in a similar state to my own.

"She's staying with me." My voice is harsh.

As we leave the others behind, I want to talk to Keely.

"So, what exactly has been going on with you? I hardly expected you to be crying. Ever."

This isn't isn't at all how she was before from what I saw of her. She takes a moment to look at me, then asks a question of her own.

"Well, do you know how Sprizat magic works?"

I don't.

"It's controlled by emotions, so basically I'm now surrounded by a bunch of magic that I have no training in and can't control."

I let out an amused chuckle.

"So, one of us is currently trigger happy and slightly insane while the other is a complete loose cannon. We make a great team."

I smirk at the shorter girl. Much shorter. Keely reaches my chest in height, making us look like almost complete opposites.

"How do we plan to get an airship in time to rescue Tenexier and Ennis?" I look down at Keely.

"Well, the teachers probably won't just give us an airship in time. Our only choice is to steal one. Soon."

"Thievery. That's something that would get us in quite a lot of trouble." I smirk. "The things I'd do to bring that boy back."

Keely rolls her eyes.

"You're hopelessly in love, Etios. Anyways, let's get ready to steal an airship."


"Keely! Etios! Wait for us!"

The Minerette and I were completely prepared to sneak on an airship and leave everyone else behind.

"You're not leaving by yourselves. You'll get hurt." Iris warns.

The others are also prepared to leave the school behind. They must've planned to catch us before we left.

"We aren't going to take no for an answer." Azima says.

"... Fine." I turn away from them.

"That was easier than I thought." I hear someone whisper.

As long as we find Tenexier, I have no problem. If not, I have no idea what problems may arise.

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Undisclosed Location - Undisclosed Time
Ennis, you really don't know how lucky you are. I shook her head and smiled to myself, throwing a quick glance at the wall beside me as I walked.
The piece of paper with the words 'she/her - Capt. Harlow' written on it in my own handwriting was still there - good. There was another piece of paper the size of a post-it note slightly below it, crumpled as if its owner hadn't been able to decide whether or not to put it up or not.
'he/his - Lt. Aryn'
I could feel my smile grow slightly, and continued down the hallway to the containment deck.

I had been alternating between lying down flat on the floor of their cell, curled in the furthest corner from the door, and practically hanging out of the bars in an attempt to get some measure of a conversation with Tenexier before one of the guards heard them.
Anyway, I had been getting pretty damn tired of having my hands zapped by the stupid magic spells that everyone on this stupid boat seemed able to do.
"Ten!" I hissed under my breath, but the blonde in the cell across from me didn't move. Honestly, I didn't blame him. That other pirate - Qyvlin? - had been harassing him for sheer entertainment for the past several hours, and evidently had been doing so even before I woke up. Luckily, she was gone now, and Ten had been able to get a couple hours of much-needed sleep.
I went back to lying flat in the middle of the cell. I was on edge, had been since I woke up here, and it had been at least a day. Sage had kidnapped me for a reason. I don't know why she decided to go pirate, but after she had graduated from the school, Sage had pretty much went berserk and disappeared. Well, until now.
The scrape of the deck door grinding open snapped me out of my thoughts. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Ten bolt awake, a panicked look in his eyes.
Sage walked into the room, an ice-cold grin on her face.
I'm still laying on the floor, my head towards the door of the cell and unfortunately giving me a very clear view of the look Sage was giving me.
"You know, Ennis, I did actually give you a bed for a reason."
I don't move. Or respond.
Sage cocks her head towards me. "Get up. We need to talk."
Funnily enough, I still don't move.
She puts a hand on her hip, not-so-subtly drawing back her coat to reveal the array of simply bone-chilling daggers that adorned her belt. Sage takes a step towards Tenexier, and I'm on my feet in a flash.
"Alright! I'm going, I'm going, look at me, I'm standing up! Leave him alone."
Sage turned back towards me, a glint in her eyes that I can't quite place. "What, you don't think that it would be a little fun to scare him? God, Ennis, sometimes I don't think we're even properly related."
"He's had enough of that from your fucking crewmate, hasn't he?" The flinch that seems to travel through the blonde was plainly obvious to both of us, and Sage's expression goes perfectly emotionless, and she practically drags the cell door open. Within seconds, she has a vice grip on my upper arm that has me hunched over to keep from pulling my shoulder out of its socket.
"We're going on a trip, baby bop," Sage says, walking out of the deck far too quickly for me to catch a last glimpse of Ten. "And no, you don't get a choice."

"Sit down."
We were back in the Captain's cabin, and I could tell without turning around that Ennis was probably looking around, mouth on the floor. They're probably going to snap back to normal as soon as I turned around, I mused to myself.
I turned around, and Ennis was trying to look nonchalant as I pulled out my own chair. "Ennis. Sit down. I said we need to talk." I nodded towards the chair opposite mine.
"What do you want?" The open hostility in their voice surprises me. Or, well, I suppose it doesn't.
I snort. "What, I thought you were supposed to be the smart one?" Ennis looks at me. "I just saved your life."
They are silent, for a while. Then a single sound breaks that silence. A single laugh leaves Ennis's mouth, and moments later they are full-on guffawing, a sharp and not quite natural edge to their smile. "You? Saved my life?" All mirth leaves Ennis's face, and they glare at me from across the table. "You didn't do jack shit. You took me away from my friends, you left them stranded above a lake full of mermaids, and to top it all off, you didn't just have to have it be me, did you?" They are standing up now, pacing around the room, their voice rising with each word. "No! You had to get one of the others involved as well, didn't you? You couldn't resist being melodramatic, as usual, Sage Harlow, taking the goddamn stage! Now, tell me, sister, how exactly did you save my life?"
"The school is planning to kill you. And all your friends. Did you think it was a coincidence that you all ended up on the same ship? With the least important professor?"
"The school trains the best of the best to be pirates in exchange for money. All the professors? Retired pirates. Me? I graduated, came out of the closet, and left any name for myself that I had had at that hellhole."
"Do I really need to repeat myself? That group of friends that you have, each and every one of them, are challenging that little cookie cutter mold that the school has for its graduates. Now, they couldn't have that, so once you all conveniently signed up for the field trip, they took the opportunity that fell nicely into their laps. If you hadn't signed up, well, each and every one of you would have had unfortunate accidents happen to you before the end of the year."
Ennis sat back down with a thud, a look of shock on their face, which was quickly replaced with suspicion. "Why should I believe you?"
"Because I've seen it happen before." I tilt my head to the side, and look somewhere over my younger sibling's shoulder. "It wasn't a pleasant experience."
Ennis stares at me. "You said that you cut ties with the school... So how did you find out that they were gunning for us?"
"Through the grapevine," I say simply, look back at Ennis.
"...Right, say I believe you. What difference does it make? I'm going to have to go back to the stupid school eventually, then what? According to you, if I go back, I'm dead."
"You don't have to go back."
"Excuse me?"
"You don't have to- You heard me. You can have a spot on my ship. In case you hadn't noticed, we're a little short on the whole diplomacy thing, Ennis, and I know that's what you're best at. We could take over the whole damn planet, and no one could do a thing to stop us. What do you say?"
A looks comes across Ennis's face that I can't quite place. "Join you? On the Nightflyer?"
"Yeah. You'd work your way up through the ranks like anyone else, but we both know that it wouldn't take that long. We can travel through all of time, together like the family that we were supposed to be."
"All of time?" Right. Forgot to mention that.
"Do you not know where we are?"
"I've been in a call for the past 36 hours, what do you think?"
I walk over to the window, not answering Ennis. "I can take down the solar covering for a few minutes, if you want a look around."
Ennis nods, coming to stand beside me at the window, which I am slowly opening with magic.
"Holy shit."
Outside the ship are thousands upon thousands of islands spread out over a floating hunk of rubble. Each of the islands is surrounded by it's own bubble, and some of the smaller ones are grouped together like an archipelago. I look over at my younger sibling, and their mouth is gaping open. "What the hell is this?"
"This is earth, baby bop. All of it."
Ennis whips their head around to stare at me. "1847 is the only one that survived. The rest of the planet was destroyed in the war, Sage. What is this, really?"
"Look around you, Harlow! That closest island, the one shaped like an old man's face - That's 2075. And the one slightly to the left, that's 2168. Look up, 1993. And over there-" I pointed, and Ennis's disbelieving eyes followed my hand, "That's 1847."
"You still didn't answer my question," Ennis said, and I could hear how carefully controlled their voice was. "Where the hell are we?"
"Outside of any of the bubbles. We're in present time with the smoking hunk of rock that used to be the Earth. So... About 400 years in the future."
Ennis put a hand against the wall. I could see their fingers tense. "I... I think I need to sit down."
Once we're both back in our seats and the window is closed, I look back at them.
"So we all know that 1847 was the year that Operation Holy Shit, We're All Going To Die, Somebody Do Something For The Love Of Pete went into effect. All the history books say that. And that island, that little hunk of rock, was the epicenter of the Operation. It's a spell, En. What else but magic could create a shield that could withstand the forces of all the world's armies around the entire planet, and then divide itself into sections, and shoot those sections off the planet one at a time over the course of several hundred years? Each of those bubble out there are in the same boat as you are - except they know about the ones before them. 1869 knows about 1847, but not about 1903. Meanwhile, 2249 - that's the latest one, to date - the people on there have the most advanced technology, the best weapons, the most money... They know about all of the other bubbles. This ship, and all of the other pirate ones from the school, they can travel through the time bubbles. How do you think I got so damn successful, huh?"
"Well, it certainty wasn't your dazzling personality..." Ennis muttered under their breath.
"I heard that! And you heard me, baby bop, didn't you? We can travel back and forth throughout the whole damn world, becoming rich as royals with only a little murder and mayhem! You can sweet talk everyone into giving us their own money, and if they're too smart for that, well, they'll be smart enough to hand it over when I'm done with them. What do you think?"
"Wow... Sage, you know there's only one thing I can say to an offer like that." Ennis leans forward, using their several inches of height to look down at me. I meet their gaze easily, lifting my chin in response. "Not until hell freezes over."
I feel as if I've been slapped in the face. The familiar mask drops back over me, and I outwardly show no emotion.
"Erinas matolevi!" Ennis's hands go around their throat, struggling with only the barest amount of air traveling through their windpipe. "We're going," I say coldly, and walk forward, Ennis dragged along behind me by their neck.
Once we're back at the containment deck, I practically throw Ennis back into their cell and slam the door. I release the spell, and i can hear them retching for breath as I turn to the other prisoner in the cell.
He scoots back into the furthest corner that he can manage as quickly as he can, but it's not enough. It's not enough, little boy, you hear me? It's not enough!
"Get away from him!" I ignore the hoarse screams from behind me, and throw the cell door open and grab the squirming little runt by his ankle. I pull him towards me and lock my forearm around his neck.
Turning around, I see that Ennis has tried to get through the metal bars of the cell to me, and flick them back to the wall with magic.
I take one of the daggers from my belt and run it against the boy's jawline, and he stops squirming. Ennis stops screaming. The entire room is still.
"You should have chosen better." I switch my grip to the boy's wrist, slam his hand against the wall, and sink the knife through the flesh until i feel it impale into the metal of the ship's wall.
He won't stop screaming. I grab his chin. "Shut up, or your tongue is next."
I walked out of the door, leaving my sibling nearly sobbing against the door of the cell and their little friend with his hand impaled to the wall above his head.

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I fell unconscious. I don’t know for how long. It must’ve been from the pain. I look up at my hand, still stuck to the wall.
“Sage definitely hasn’t been treating you very well.” Qyvlin shakes her head. “How messy of her to just leave you like this.”
Qyvlin was here. Again, I don’t know for how long. I flinch, causing the knife in my hand to cause more damage.
“Tenexier, don’t worry yourself. I’ll take this into my own hands.”
She wraps her hand around the knife hilt.
“Though this probably won’t be very nice, keeping your hand stuck to the wall won’t help you much.”
Without warning, Qyvlin yanks the knife out of my hand. I let out an ear splitting screech. I’m sure everyone on the ship heard it. The pirate places her hand over my mouth.
“Shh! They’ll know I’m here!” She hisses.
I’m crying, struggling to catch my breath. Pain spreads through my entire body as Qyvlin continues to hold my hand up and apply pressure to the wound. Blood is pouring everywhere. I feel sick.
“Damn. Sage really didn’t hold back.” She wraps a cloth of some sort around the wound. “Even though it’s difficult, do try to calm your nerves. An increased heart rate will make you bleed out faster.”
“W-Why are you helping me?” I speak in a breathy tone, making my weakness very clear.
“Well, I do most of the first aid here on the ship. It’s nothing new to me. And, I kinda like you, Ten. You’re… different from these pirates I’m used to.”
I look up at Qyvlin, meeting her eyes. She’s a completely different person from the first time I met her.
“Sometimes, I have to be serious about things. Ya know?” She grins. “It’s all fun and games until someone gets stabbed.”
“Can I have my hand back?”
The taller girl releases her grip on my wrist. Blood rushes to my hand and I gasp in pain at the movement.
“I hope I held it up long enough.” Qyvlin wipes the blood from the knife and puts the blade down on the ground.
My eyes widen as I stare at the weapon that was just coated in my own blood.
“That may be of some use to you. Make sure you hide it.” She closes the cell door behind her. “Good luck.”
My injured hand lies uselessly at my side while I hold the knife in my good hand. Why does Qyvlin want me to escape. She’s supposed to be holding me prisoner for some reason. There is no reason. I have no purpose here. I’m just being held prisoner for Ennis to do as Sage demands, but eventually I will not even be useful enough to keep. I have to get away from here. I just don’t know how. I’m can’t do anything without someone else’s help. I need Ennis’s help, but it would mean me escaping and them being left here alone. Ennis is the one the pirates want, not me. It would be more difficult for them to escape.
I look down at the blade in my hand. The thing that wounded me is now my only hope. Hiding it from sight, I search for Ennis in their cell.

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Perhaps it seems a little odd for me to be on the ship, considering I have never thought about my sexuality except for when it is directly brought up. But I can't enter the mermaids' domain. They would kill me, like the fire fae killed the half-mermaid caught on their lands. I am the perfect revenge, a half fire fae trapped on mermish territory, the perfect way to get revenge for the cause of a century-old war. As it is, simply being near them, surrounded by salt water, is slowly killing me. I am constantly cold. The air seems to weigh down on me, and I have a fever from my body trying to keep me warm. My head hurts from the giggles of the mermaids in the back of my mind. Over the few days we are trapped here, I begin to lose weight and grow steadily paler. My cheeks begin to hollow, and it hurts to breathe. Normally I can be around water. But in a land infused with the mermaids' power I am ill. Even my powers are blocked. I am unable to summon fire to warm me, as all my inner heat is going to keeping me alive. I cannot see as the mermaids' spell is clouding my vision, giving me pounding headaches from the visions I can't see.

The only one who seems able to tell is Setana, who smirks at me on occasion. Our natures hate one-another, and she will naturally get satisfaction out of watching me grow weak while she gets stronger and stronger. Trust me, the feeling is mutual.

I feel personally responsible for every unexpected thing that happens while my visions are blocked, like Mikah and Dabir ditching and subsequently vanishing. When the mermaids refuse to give supplies and the others have to steal them. When the pirates attack.

And trust me, when the pirates attack…I want to hide. I want to vanish into this air and never return. But I can’t. The situation is my fault. The island was trying to send me warnings, and I wasn’t receiving them. So when the pirates come, I try to make sure everyone else is safe. I try to protect everyone else. I hide last. And I’m found first.

The man who finds me is one I have seen before in my dreams. I have seen him male and female. I have seen him living, fighting, and dying. But that isn’t the first thing that hits me when I see him. No. The first thing that hits me is that he really does look like Ennis.

It’s not obvious, but the turn of his nose and the shape of his eyes are distinctly Ennis-like. And I don’t know why, but that irritates me. It irritates me that Sage would attack a ship that he obviously knows his sibling is on. And when I get angry…I get angry.

The distinct temper that my father’s people have is balanced out by the steady temperament of my mother’s people, the farmers. But when I am truly angered, it is a sight to behold. I turn a brilliant shade of red, and steam comes out of my ears. And as I get angry, I begin to feel healthier than I have ever since we landed in this godforsaken area.

When Sage catches me, he holds a cutlass to my throat. And he laughs and my reddening expression.
“Is the little girl angry? Is the little girl scared?” He whispers in my ear mockingly, and I see red.
“How dare you threaten me? If you kill me, or spill a drop of my blood, my people will fight. This is a declaration of war.” And Sage laughs.
“Really little girl, one would think you’d be smarter. We are standing on mermish territory. Your death is on their hands” I hiss in frustration. He is right.
“I can still curse you.” His eyes widen.
“Sage Harlow, if you spill my blood, the ground will burn beneath your feet. The air will scald your lungs. Water will taste of acid. And every day you live, another who follows you catches the curse. Que o lume queima a súa alma e cazalo para sempre.” And the curse is finished.
“I don’t need to kill you.” He whispers harshly, a lot more angry now that I’ve stopped him from killing me. “I just need you.” And that’s when he lures in Ennis.
When I come to, there is a large bruise on my throat and Ennis and Ten are gone.

1 week later
We’ve been flying for days when I get hit with the visions.
Etios is fighting with Iris about what the best method of attack on a ship is. Most people are watching (Setana) or trying to break it up (Azima). It’s when the punches start flying that I get hit. Everything around me turns black, and I see several concerned faces turning my way as I collapse for no apparent reason.

There is water everywhere, and even in a visions, everything is cloudy and indistinct. I can barely make out a solid black structure and a…hand? Yes. A hand. Followed by a face. A stunningly familiar face. Mikah. And there are the mermaids, swimming around him and mocking him. And that’s when I’m scared. Because he is going to die if we are not careful.

When I come to, there is a bucket of water splashed over me, and I feel sick. The other look down on me, and someone, I can’t tell who, asks me what’s wrong. And so I tell them.

((AN: Sorry, best I’m doing today))

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Vrede gets so sick when we go near the mermaid territory it makes me kind of regret what I'm about to do, but I turn the ship around and head back. I have to know if Dabir and Mikah are okay. She told me about her vision. For someone like Mikah, the effects of the mermaids are going to be very, very strong. Honestly, from what Iris has told me, he's lucky if he's not permenantly crazy. And Dabir...I have no idea where the heck he might be, but he can't have left the island, and we might as well rescue him when we pick up Mikah. It takes the "crew" (Etios, Setana, Iris, Vrede, and Keely) a few minutes to notice what's going on. Etios comes up from behind me with no warning and puts me in a headlock. I subtly place my hand over the key that makes the engine turn off.
"Exactly where are you going, huh?" He hisses at me. The ship falls silent. "You honestly expected me to rescue your little boyfriend first? Well soh-ree," I say. He tenses and I know he's about to draw a weapon. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Etios," I say. "If you cut me my hand will jerk and the airship will crash." I risk a glance back at the place where the rest of the people are watching, transfixed. "I'm really, really, super sorry, Vrede," I say. I am. But Dabir is my cousin, and Mikah...I don't really know why he means so much to me. It's not only that he's my friend, I reason. He's valuable for figuring out how to break the spell of the time bubbles. Vrede mumbles something. Setana scoffs. "Doesn't matter to me. None of those hoes mean anything to me." I smile a litte. That's probably something she unknowingly picked up from Mikah. His odd way of speaking has been slowly infiltrating the school. Etios releases me with a sigh. I'm more afraid than I let on, and my shoulders don't relax. I know at least Keely will be on Etios's side in this. I try to explain. "Guys, Mikah is valuable to us if we ever want to break up the time bubbles. You know that. And Setana, you better stay away from Vrede so you don't make her sicker than she already is, or I swear I will light you ON FIRE." We haven't gone very far so we arrive at the island after a few tense moments. "Vrede, you stay on the ship, obviously. And Kelly too, you're too unstable. Fly it away some to let Vrede heal." I turn to Setana. "I'm sorry sweetie, I know you're bi or some shit, but you'll just have to hack it, cause you aren't getting anywhere near Vrede." I hate Setana, and I know it's showing, but at this point i don't really care. "If you want we can tie you to a tree or something." Setana looks at me coldly. "No, it's okay, but thanks for the offer." Well that settles it. I keep Vrede's vision in mind- he was underwater. In the middle of the lake. Okay. I can do this. I cast the water breathing spell on myself and Iris. Setana is off somewhere getting distracted by mermaids (maybe she'll get kidnapped. That will solve a lot of our problems) and Etios refuses to help, which is dumb cause we're already here. He might as well make his skinny ass helpful. I dive into the water, the coldness sending a chill through my lungs the first breath I take. A side effect of the spell is that you can always see clearly, but still the water is murky. As I swim lower, I pass some mermaids, but if you aren't attracted to them, the amount they can do to you is minimal. I have my knife drawn just in case. The mermaid's crystal palace is breathtaking, but I can't stop and enjoy it. I waste about 30 minutes of my precious 2 hours just trying to find Mikah, and them another breaking the crystal glass they have him in. By this point I can sense my breathing getting shallower and I know I only have 10 minutes left, tops. This isn't how I want to die! Mikah is unconcious and heavy, too. It takes me a long time to get up to the surface. A mermaid grabs onto Mikah's leg and I shoot them with a spell. It's such a long swim to the edge of the lake. I cast another water breathing spell, which can only be cast when you are in air. Without needing to breathe, I can swim to the shore more easily. I collapse onto the sandy beach and drag Mikah onto the dry ground. He opens his eyes. "Mikah?!" I ask nervously, knowing that he may be perminently crazy from his week or so with the mermaids. His eyes aren't focusing.
((To be continued, wait for the contituation before posting again pls))

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Having my hair held back as I puke my guts out isn't something I enjoy. Neither is having it held back by someone who, a) refuses to admit her heritage, and b) seems to hate me for revealing mine. Although, the way she is rubbing my back does help a lot. When I finally stop, Keely gives a hairpin to hold my hair back, and then leaves to steer the ship away. I reach out an arm and stop her.
"No, we can't leave." I croak. Keely looks startled.
"Why not? You're sick."
"What if the others need a quick getaway? We need to be nearby." Her confusions clears from her face, but she still looks shocked.
"You're being poisoned! Don't think I don't know what blood feuds do to people like us! We're only half immortal being, we wear out faster. We die faster. The others don't understand precisely what is happening to you simply by being here!"
"Setana does."
"She won't tell anybody." I remain stubborn, and refuse to move. When Keely speaks again, her voice is tinged with reluctant admiration. "You really are stubborn. And I suppose pretty selfless. Fine, we'll wait. And pray you don't kill yourself."
I grin in joy, and the promptly throw up again.

-------------------------------------------------LINE BREAK----------------------------------------------------------
I cast the breathing spell on Aleress and we follow Azima into the water. It is almost odd, how the water bend around us. It is humid, even though it is cold, and I feel like the water and air I breathe are pressing down on me. The mermaids spell is trying to lure me in. However, I have always loved the water, and years of swim lessons are useful.
Swimming in the water, it is hard to find the crystal structure where Mikah is kept. I can’t help but wonder why it appeared black to Vrede when it seems to shine with inner light. And then we swim closer and I feel it. There are enchantments in the crystal. They help drive the captive insane. And I curse softly. The mermaids are vindictive.
Azima tries breaking through with brute force on one end, and Aleress and I each go to different sides. And although I can feel stone, the structure is somehow alive. So I treat it as such. I tickle it.
Yes! It sounds stupid! But it worked. The entire structure shudders, and as I tickle it with my magic, Azima’s force breaks through. And we grab Mikah.
On the way back to the surface, I find myself grabbing Azima and Aleress at random intervals to keep them going, I feel them push me onward when I get tired. And together, we finally make it to the surface, my hair shining wet in the sun.

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We arrive at the shore, ((I dont think Aleress still exists tbh so im not going to include her in this)), and I drag Mikah away from the water. Iris shakes her hair out and joins me as I try to make Mikah wake up. ((yeah this is a little bit before my last post sorry if its confusing)) He finally opens his eyes. He looks confused for a second before it morphs into an expression of anger. He stands up and throws me off. I land on a stick and curse, loudly, grabbing at something to defend myslef with. But it seems like the effort required to stand was too much, and Mikah collapses into the sand, and goes for ranting instead. "You stupid bitch! Why did you take me away from the mermaids? What the fuck, why do you have to go ruining someone's chances like that? Damn! Who the fuck even are you? Do I know you? Do you realize what you just did?" ...
I glance over at Iris and roll my eyes. She mouths back, "Stage One of Recovery." Yeah...riiiight.
I tune out Mikah's rant and start trying to wring out my soaked satchel when something he says catches my attention. I stop. "Why the fuck did you come here? How about you rescue Ennis and Ten who actually need help? You aren't helping anyone by getting me, I didn't even wanna leave!"
I get quiet. "How do know about Ennis and Ten?" "Oh nothing, just voices in my head." He sounds really sarcastic, but it still seems suspicious. "Iris, we have to get him to the ship. If he knows anything about Ennis and Ten the others need to be aware of that. Even if its really shady that he know that."
I know Mikah is super weak right now, so I just use a spell to make him lighter and pick him up. He tries to fight me but he's really tired. Iris and I walk back to the ship slowly since Mikah is still not that light and slowing me down. After a while he starts shaking and crying out. He seems really sick, but it's probably all mental. We get to the ship, and I see Vrede lying down with a rag behind her head. I know Dabir's still out there, but we have to get out of here before she dies or wastes any more of our small bits of food throwing up. I unceremoniously dump Mikah's body on the floor, then explain what happened. Setana and Etios have returned, and we tear away from the island. I think Dabir's smart enough to deal on his own. I hope. I know he has the magic gem so it should be a little bit easier for him to survive.
Mikah wakes up a few hours later. He's shaking really badly and the last thing we need is another sick, so I go to the back room and find him a blanket. I put it over him. "Thanks," he whispers. "Are you guys rescuing Ennis and Ten now?" I nod. "Do you know any more about where they are?" He furrows his brow in concentration. "In a cell...somewhere...and Ten's hurt badly. That's all I know."
Setana has apperently overheard the conversation. "So Mikah's a prophet now? Or what?" I expect Mikah to try to fight, and I want him to rest, let alone NOT start a battle on the ship, so I say, "Why are you even on this ship? You don't care about anyone here." Mikah looks at Setana. "Set...I wanna say, I know I did something bad to you before, I can't really remember much but...I'm really sorry."
Setana looks taken aback crossed with suspicious at that. "Since when are you someone who actually considers others' feelings?" She asks with her eyes narrowed. "Since when did you have any feelings, Set?" I ask back. Vrede is recovering slightly and Keely and Etios look slightly less like they are about to explode. Okay....we're getting somewhere...
Mikah moves over slightly to be closer to Vrede. When I go into the cockpit to fly the airship (Etios is NOT good at it) they are engaged in some type of conversation about magical species. I never thought I'd say it but...I miss the old Mikah.

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Some time later
"I don't understand." I look up. Ten is staring at me from across the cell bars, a look of confusion on his face. "From what I've gathered, the both of you had a fairly normal childhood. How the hell did-" he gestured towards the door to the deck, "Sage end up like this, while you're so..."
"Laid back?" I respond, tipping my head back to rest on the wall of the cell.
"Well... Yeah."
"Strap yourself in, kiddo. We're in for one hell of a ride." I shifted forward, putting my elbows on my knees and resting my head in my hands. "We grew up on a little island on the outskirts of the bubble. I wasn't Ennis, not then. My name was Lara."


Lara ran across the field, shrieking in terror and delight. "No! Sage! Go away!"
The taller shape of her older brother sped after her, a giant smile on his face. "I'm going to get you!" Eventually the longer strides of the 10-year-old let him catch up with his sister, and Sage tackled her to the ground as she giggled and screamed.
"No! Get off! No fair! Saaaage!" Lara squealed, scrunching her eyes closed and putting her hands in front of her face. "Alright, you big meanie, uncle!"
The older boy backed off, hands in the air, with a seemingly innocent grin on his face. "What? I wasn't doing nothing!"
Lara wrinkled her nose at her brother. "That means that you were doing something, though. So I'm right!"
Sage laughed, flicking his shoulder-length hair out of his face. "You're way too smart for a six year old. Come on, I think I head Dad calling us for dinner." He picked her up and slung her over his shoulder.
"Hey! Let me down!"
"Lara, you know that I run faster than you can. And besides, don't you want to get to dinner sooner?"
That night at dinner, Sage looked around the table excitedly. "Ok, ok, since you're all bursting to ask me, I suppose I'll tell you-I got accepted to Georgina Samin!"
The table erupted, and Lara sat through it with a confused smile on her face. When her parent's shouts of surprise and congratulations died down, she opened her mouth. "What's Georgina Samin?"
Her mother turned to her. "Your brother's going to a very important and special school on the other side of the bubble. If you work hard, maybe you can get in as well!"
Sage cut her off. "Mom, you know that Lara's going to get in. She's really smart, there's no way they wouldn't want her!"

Three weeks later

Lara bounced on Sage's bed. "Do you have to go? I won't be able to see you until next year! That's like... A billion years from now!"
Sage scooped her up and settled her on his hip. "I'll be back before you know it. Trust me, you'll have your big brother back in no time."


"He didn't come back," I finished, pulling my head out of my hands. "Not really. He looked the same, he talked the same, sometimes he acted the same. But his smile..." I shuddered. "That wasn't him."
Ten looked back at me, and I could see the glint of concern in his eyes. I continued. "For the first month or so, we would get letters a couple times a week, sometimes daily. They were each a couple pages long, he was so happy to tell us everything. Once or twice I even got a little package in the mail, just for me." I let a smile drift across my face, "Then one day, they just stopped. We were lucky to get one in a space where we had been getting several dozen. Then we got one that had bloodstains in the parchment."
Ten flinched almost minutely. "What happened?"
"He wasn't out yet. Neither of us were, but I didn't really know any better at the time. But Sage... He tried to wear the girl's uniform at one point. He was ten years old, he just wanted to be comfortable in his own skin. He was ten. And a less than five minutes after he left his dorm, he was jumped by a group of 5th and 6th years. He didn't tell us this, but we got a report form the school that Sage was breaking dress code. The attack was a footnote in the letter. A footnote. But after that, he shut himself in. Threw himself into the most violent majors that he could. I guess, in a way, the attack made him feel powerless. He tried to make himself powerful. Always followed the rules to the letter, made friends with all the teachers, became the model student. During the summers, when he came home, he would lock himself into his room and wouldn't leave for days. I would hear the sounds of spells at night, and smell the scent of sulfur in the morning. My parents didn't know what to do, so they just let him be.
"By the time I was old enough to apply to Georgina Samin, I didn't want to be anywhere near him. I went to a little school near home, I was there until Sage graduated, maybe a little longer. After he graduated, we didn't hear from him at all for several months, almost a year. Then one day during the summer when I was 14, Sage showed up at the door. All that he did was slam this enormous bloody sword on the table and look over at my parents and I eating dinner. He said 'Don't come looking for me.', and left. That was it. Two days later we find a folded up piece of paper on the floor by the mantelpiece. 'Sage Harlow, genderfluid. He/his, she/hers. Goodbye.'."

"Captain, we're good to go on this end." The radio from 2019 crackled in my ear.
"Understood. Crew, listen up. Quiet, fast, get as much loot as you can carry. We're in and out on this one." With that, I slipped my sword out of its sheath. The impeccably dressed crowd beneath the glass ceiling had no idea what was about to happen. No one ever looks up. "Now!"
I crash my sword through the glass, causing cracks to spiderweb their way outward from where I was standing. There was now a hole in the ceiling directly in front of me, and I jumped to the floor below, roll, and launch myself to my feet with my sword out. The room is silent. One lady in a purple dress drops her glass.
"Hi, folks. I'm pretty sure you know who I am. Now, let's make this quick, shall we?" Out of the corners of my eyes, I see my crew enter the room and block each of the exits. I sheath my sword and pull out my pistol. With a smile that leaves my eyes cold and empty, I train the barrel on the closest nobleman. "Give me your money."

180 seconds later

"Thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen!" I shouted, sweeping my hat off of my head and bowing. "If that's all you'll need us for, we really should go before the police arrive. I suppose I should leave you all something to remember me by." Shifting my newly acquired white-gold and diamond bracelet further up my wrist, I took out my gun and shoot the nearest person. "Bye!"
I turn to leave, my crew filing out behind me, each of us with our arms full of precious metals and jewelry. Several of us have even larger quantities of gold floating above our heads, and as I watch, one by one we send them all back to the treasury on the Nightflyer. We then send the treasure in our hands to going the rest, and get back to the ship.
As soon as my feet hit the deck, I have an idea.
"Yes, Captain?"
"Keep us heading out, make sure everyone is doing something worthwhile. If they aren't, you have my formal permission to kick their ass. I need a moment to talk to out guests."

The cell had stayed quiet since I finished my story. From what I could see of Ten's face, he looked as if he regretted asking. Or that he was in intense pain. Either one.
The sounds of shouting and cheering reached our ears, and I looked up. The pirates had returned, and from how damn loud they were, it had been a successful mission.
The door slammed open.
Sage walked in, threw open Ten's cell door, dragged him out, and locked the deck behind him.

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“Mother?” I find the woman seated in a chair, looking out the window of her decently large house.
Her head turns to face me, but her expression does not change, nor does she respond. Mother rarely ever smiles. I’ve grown used to the quietness and general loneliness of my own house. She pays me little mind, too busy thinking about her own troubles that she doesn’t really speak to me about.
“Mother, what is my brother like?”
She lets out a sigh and adjusts her pale blonde hair.
“I don’t know.” Mother prefers to communicate in Mermish whenever she decides to speak to me.
“I will be meeting him soon, right? What is it that you want me to do?” I press further for information from the beautiful woman. Her age is not apparent. She has made herself flawless through the use of glamours. Though, no human could know this at first glance.
Mother stands up at her full height of at least 5’10”. Her eyes are a piercing green that glare directly at mine. She is impossible to disobey for more reasons than one.
”All you need to know is that this boy should not exist. I want his father dead and perhaps him too, if necessary.”
“Why? What happened?” I demand, furrowing my brows at the much taller woman.
“I’ve become a disgrace to my entire family for that disgusting human and pathetic child.” She spits. I can only assume that she is talking about Tenexier and my father.
She leaves me out of it, but would she have mentioned me if I weren’t here? I really shouldn’t have asked. I should’ve known to keep my mouth shut, but I had to take advantage of a situation where my mother decided to actually speak to me.
“Do you think the same about me?” The change in her neutral expression immediately makes me want to run far away from her rage. The change would seem very minimal if she wasn’t always so stone-faced and emotionless. She raises her hand. I flinch, as if expecting her to strike me, but she simply runs her hands through my hair.
”Perhaps. If you prove yourself to be as evil as the blood that runs through their veins. Though, I doubt it. You are quite a promising girl. Isn’t that right, Setana Oeyar?”
A chill runs down my spine at Mother’s cold tone. She only calls me Setana Oeyar when I’ve done something wrong. She would never relate me to them except for that reason. I don’t understand what she is trying to tell me. Evil? What could possibly be so evil that she has to worry about me being affected? The only time I’ve seen the infamous Tenexier is in a few photos around the house. He looks like a pretty normal little boy. Actually weaker than a normal boy. I can’t imagine anything worth hating so strongly. Of course she won’t tell me. This becomes obvious as Mother sits back down in her chair and continues to stare out of the window as if nothing had ever happened.
My mother is such a wonderful woman.

My family often moves around, settling in one place and immediately moving to another. It could be a good thing, exploring new places, gaining new experiences. But, I felt a sort of anger at this change in location. It’s as if we are leaving behind everything that happened. Leaving behind family. Leaving behind Kamilia.
Perhaps the real reason I am so furious is because of how passive everyone else seems to be. There are no signs of anger or sadness in my parents’ faces. They seem almost content with this move. Their daughter is dead and their only reaction is a small funeral and a huge move. I know that they have to move because of the whole being a soldier thing, but they could at least seem a little bothered by the loss of a family member.
“Cheer up, Etios. You can’t let this ruin your whole life. You are going to have to learn to deal with death in the future. This is just something that happens in life and in this occupation.”
I should have protected her. I should have done something.
“How could you just let that happen? Someone attacked us and you didn’t save her.” I shout at the tall man and woman calmly moving into the new house.
“You can’t save everyone.” Mother takes my hand in hers. “You’re going to have to learn that sometime.”
I search her dark eyes for something to say, but I can’t find any response. They wouldn’t mention her ever again or even show evidence of regret.
Kamilia was 11. The only person I would share my true feelings and opinions with. She was always against the whole battle training from a young age. I wish I was like her at that age. It’s always a danger to have a family when your job is to kill others. There is always the fear of them being targeted for revenge by someone who you may not have even met. It happened quickly, too. Quickly enough to make it seem as if nothing could have been done to avoid her murder. But, of course I could’ve done something. I could’ve let myself be killed in her stead.
I promised myself I wouldn’t grow close to someone for that reason. I let an innocent life be taken, the one of my own younger sister, and I can’t allow something like that happen again.
As a soldier, I live to protect those unable to protect themselves. At this, I have failed plenty of times. Even the promise I made to myself failed to be kept.
Staring at the ground far below the airship, I search for something else to think about. After all, I’ve always been an only child with an average, uninteresting upbringing.

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Perhaps it is the fact that we are flying again, but leaving Mermaid territory I feel much safer. I never quite feel at home on the ground, which is why I like skimming just above it in my boots. There is something about the island that sometimes feels Malevolent. I don't understand how Vrede can love it so much. How she can want to save a place that is filled to the core with so much fear. I think running away from Earth did that. I think that because we ran away with what little was keeping Earth alive, we are haunted by the planet we left.

Going back to Georgina Samin sometimes feels safer. The darkness in the halls doesn't scare me, because I understand it. It isn't the darkness of fear, or of regret, but of secrets. And when I'm there I feel as though if I tried hard enough, I would be able to uncover all the secrets. And then I'd be safe.

But when I can't do that, I go to the Air.

I used to want to be a Pilot. And then Mother got really sick. And so when I was eight, watching her waste away, I swore I would learn how to heal people. Mother got better, and she approved of my decision. Now I'm dedicated to being a doctor, but occasionally I regret not being a pilot. Not soaring through the air. Not being free.

Vrede is really sick, even after we leave the Mermaid territory. She's been poisoned from the inside, and Mikah is still half delirious, his mind poisoned by the mermaid song. I'm afraid that it may be too late for me to do anything. And so while the others' priorities seem to lie with Ennis and Ten, mine lie with my patients. Because I love Ten. He is like the little brother I never had. But I am a healer to the core. And being unable to heal Vrede and makes me feel trapped in the air for the first time in my life.

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Sage: Ay Ten
Ten: fuq u want
Sage: be a pirate
Ten: hell to the no
Sage: what u want
Ten: dont kill the bf
Sage: ya ok
Ten: i'm a pirate now I guess

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"Oeyar." I shoved the blonde squirt into one of the chairs in front of my desk, then sat down in my ornate Captain's chair.
"Harlow. What do you want?"
His voice is shaking. I feel the corner of my mouth lift into an ice-cold grin. "As you very well know, my... Sibling is being rather uncooperative. Quite frankly, they're a lost cause. I've given up. But you, Tenexier... You have potential." Lies. All lies. Make him join, make him stay, make him promise. "I'm willing to give you another chance." I leaned forward across the desk. "Join me. Join my crew, stay alive through the shitstorm that's coming our way. Money, glory, your life... You can have it all."
His mouth dropped open. I sat back in my chair, fighting a hysterical giggle. He wasn't going to say yes, not right away.
"Are you INSANE??? Why the hell would I join you? You kidnapped me! And locked me up! And you stabbed my hand!"
Good. A little fire in him still. "Because, Tenexier Oeyar, I am your last chance to make it through the next several months alive. And besides," I continue, lightening my voice to a sickeningly sweet tone, "Don't you have a special someone that you want to protect? Anyone at all?"
Tenexier's face crumples, and I see it before he tries to smooth it out. "I get to live, he gets to live, everyone else dies?" Gotcha.
"That's the deal." I reply, opening one of the drawers in my desk.
"Wait," I look up at him. "I want you to let Ennis go. You said they aren't of any use to you anymore." I nod, waiting for him to continue. "I don't trust you. I'm not going to trust you. How do I know that you'll keep your word?"
I smile, and pull out a goblet that I took from a museum in 2096. "Magic. What better way is there?" I place the paper, now unrolled, on the desk in between us. "Give me your hand," I say, pulling out a dagger from it's spot on my belt.
"Magic, boy. Binding contract requires blood. Give. Me. Your. Hand." Before he can hesitate any longer, I grab him by the wrist and slash open the palm of his hand again, letting the blood drip into the goblet. "Swelduth aglahar." I release his now-healed hand, and he snatches it back, cradling it protectively against his body. Not gonna stop me, but you can try. You can try.
"Tenexier Oeyar, do you swear to be loyal to the crew and Captain of the Nightflyer as well as obey the laws of the ship, whatever those may be?" He nods. "Say it."
"I do." The blood in the goblet shimmers with a silver light, then fades back to dark red.
"I, Sage Harlow, swear not to harm you, Tenexier Oyear, or your dearly beloved. I swear to release my sibling in return for your obedience. Are you agreeing to these terms willingly?"
"I am."
The blood in the goblet shimmers and turns from a silver to a gold that brightens in intensity until it is white hot and nearly painful to look at.
"Then what is done is done."

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“Oeyar” I’m shoved in a chair, looking directly at Sage’s captain’s chair.
“Harlow,” My voice and body are all shaking now. Sage wanting to speak to me could never be good. “What do you want?” I bite my lip, trying to ease the anxiety coming just from this interaction.
Sage grins, as expected of someone like him. Her? I have a 50/50 chance of getting this right.
“As you very well know, my... Sibling is being rather uncooperative. Quite frankly, they're a lost cause. I've given up. But you, Tenexier... You have potential."
Of course I don’t.
"I'm willing to give you another chance. Join me. Join my crew, stay alive through the shitstorm that's coming our way. Money, glory, your life... You can have it all."
No. There’s no way. I’m pathetic. Worthless! There is no possible way for Sage to find me useful. It’s all lies. It must be. I feel anger taking over my body. Sage is insulting me with this offer. I can’t ever trust them.
"Are you INSANE??? Why the hell would I join you? You kidnapped me! And locked me up! And you stabbed my hand!"
"Because, Tenexier Oeyar,” Stop calling me by my full name. “I am your last chance to make it through the next several months alive. And besides, don't you have a special someone that you want to protect? Anyone at all?"
Teeth stab even harder into my bottom lip at this offer. Every muscle in my body seems to tense in that moment. Everyone would supposedly die if I disagree, right? Taking deep breaths, I recollect myself. If I agree… then perhaps just a few more people may live. It’s cowardly of me, of course. But, I’ve always been cowardly. That’s why I never make big decisions that could ruin other people’s lives like this.
Do I have a special someone I want to protect? Me? Protect someone else? Images of Etios fill my mind. My face even heats up slightly. Perhaps my mind was hazy at the moment, but the words left my mouth before I could consider the effect they would have.
"I get to live, he gets to live, everyone else dies?"
It’s terrible. After hearing it in my own voice, I could really tell how childish it sounds. It makes what I said all the more disturbing. Like a child taking about their own selfish desires that cause the deaths of everyone else. I’m a horrible person. And so I continued on with making the deal.
“That’s the deal” Sage confirms.
Ennis would be so disappointed in me. Everyone would. Especially Etios. Maybe he’ll forgive me after this all goes down and we remain safe. I’m definitely not safe now, but maybe after the deal is made…
“Wait,” I have to help as many people as possible with this deal. “I want you to let Ennis go. You said they aren't of any use to you anymore."
I doubted Sage would agree to any of my terms until I noticed a nod in reply from them. Why is Sage agreeing with me? I imagine that they wouldn’t care about anything I have to say. I can’t trust this. I’m not so stupid to trust anything that Sage says. However, I am stupid enough to agree with this deal. It will save two more lives that would’ve been taken otherwise, though. It would be selfish not to agree, right?
Will Sage even keep their end of the deal?
“I don't trust you. I'm not going to trust you. How do I know that you'll keep your word?” I pose the question.
A goblet is held in Sage’s grip and they reply. “Magic. What better way is there?”
A paper, along with the goblet, is placed on the desk between them.
“Give me your hand.”
My eyes widen. “What?”
Sage is holding a dagger, ready to stab me with it.
"Magic, boy. Binding contract requires blood. Give. Me. Your. Hand."
Before I can give them my consent, Sage snatches my hand to cut into with the blade. I gasp at the sudden pain and close my eyes, refusing to look at this almost demonic ritual.
"Tenexier Oeyar, do you swear to be loyal to the crew and Captain of the Nightflyer as well as obey the laws of the ship, whatever those may be?"
Without opening my eyes, I nod silently.
"Say it." Sage demands.
“I-I do.”
My eyes open slightly from pure curiosity. Why doesn’t Sage have to give blood for this ritual? I’m growing uncomfortable with the fact that my blood is changing colors now. Colors that are completely unnatural. It’s sickening.
Sage is unfazed and continues the ritual with their own words.
"I, Sage Harlow, swear not to harm you, Tenexier Oyear, or your dearly beloved. I swear to release my sibling in return for your obedience. Are you agreeing to these terms willingly?"
Am I?
I bite my lip again, harder than before.
“I am…”
The blood in the goblet glows an intense white color that causes me to instinctively close my eyes again.
"Then what is done is done."
I can only assume that those words mean it’s over. Opening my eyes to glance over at Sage, I can’t help but have a feeling of dread after all of this evil-looking magic.
“So… Now what?”
What could Sage want from me? What could I do that Sage would find desirable? I have no idea if Sage even wants me here now. I look up at Sage, anticipating their response.