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a character in “1848: European Revolution”, as played by Colonel_Masters


Dalkes had invaded Earth in the future however all such attempts had been resounding failures!

With the doctor finally away on vacation the Dalek empire felt secure enough to launch an invasion of Earth in the past during the 19th century when Humanity is still technologically weak... why they didn't invade Earth during the stone age then you may ask? well, there are no roads and Daleks do not like getting wet... apart from this guy;


And he has been confined to the Dalek asylum so don't take any funny ideas from him because Daleks do not swim!

Anyway, thinking London too repetitive, Rome too predictable New York too dull (and dangerous with all those super hero's hanging around) The Dalek empire decided to strike at Paris and kill Napoleon before he can unite the people of the world against them.

So begins...

Dalek Empire's Story


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What a pleasant day thought the Stunt as he sipped some of the hot tea which bubbled inside the gorgeous mug the waitress had been kind enough to give him.

Stunt gazed at the lovely street, Paris! the Efile tower may not be there yet but this was still a lovely city... voted as one of the greatest art collections in the universe too!

The Stunt was about to tip the waitress when the Earth began to shake... Stunt gazed at the sky and too his horror he saw a Dalek mother ship above him.

Before he could mutter a single word a group of Daleks entered the cafe and made an announcement;

"The Dalek empire hereby announces that the city of Paris is under our sovereignty and that this heated beverage consumption center (cafe) will be requisitioned by the Supreme Dalek as our new Earth headquarters"

One of the Daleks caught a glimpse of the Stunt

"Doctor? thee doctor?! exterminate!!! report to the high council that the reports claiming the doctor has gone on vacation are untrue! exterminate all humans! exterminate the doctor!"

The Stunt dodged the lasers fired at him and ran out of the Cafe hoping to find some cover...