Kuranes R'hlury

Every scar I have taken was for art.

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Like all inhabitants of Liq'ciq - Nusfus, he is tall, well-muscled, with dark skin, and black hair. His eyes are a deep, hypnotic grey that speaks of the ocean, though he never saw it before his wanderings. He speaks softly, almost in a whisper.


Kuranes is an artist. Sure. he's an aesthete. He reveres beauty, he craves order. He speaks softly, and wittily. But don't be fooled - after what he's lived through, he's as tough as diamonds, he's survived pain and torture that would have made other men whimper and curl up. To him, art is all, and he counts his own suffering as naught.

But he is seeking - if only he knew what for.


The paraphernalia of the artist's trade. Pencils, quills, brushes. Books for writing. A sharp knife, and a bow -necessary for survival. Food bags and water skins, now empty. And faded, withered garlands in his hair. And knowledge - for his mind has leaped across caverns others dare not contemplate. He kows, for example, that a certain lady has a dragon... and what this might portend.


Kuranes R'hlury is from a far place. A Grey, evil domain surrounded by stark mountains, where laughter and poetry and art and music are not allowed to exist. A place dedicated entirely to war and conquest. A sterile land, with no gods, no legends, where only work and riches are regarded with any faith. He was an artist, who wandered form place to place, talking of beauty and wit - and was reviled. Frequently he was imprisoned, tortured, whipped. He still bears a criss-cross of scars across his back, brand marks on his legs, a hardness in his sea-grey eyes.

One day, he could stand it no longer. He escaped. Wandered for many months, across dark deserts, darker forests, turbulent seas. He had no idea what he sought. He knew only what he didn't want. To live in Liq'ciq - Nusfus any more. And, after much time, the flowers in his hair withered, his robes in tatters, he came at last to the house. And then...

So begins...

Kuranes R'hlury's Story