Demeter Lions

"I lost everything. And now I'm planning to bring it all back."

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a character in “2081”, as played by Stellabellum


Name: Demeter Lions
Age: 17
D.O.B: October 31
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 103 pounds
Casual Clothing:
*She mostly wears things that are comfortable and easy to move around in.*
http://www.fashionclothingtoday.com/wp- ... Girls2.jpg
http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm58 ... lliams.jpg
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_R5YAlk1RlHw/S ... 788836.jpg
Formal: http://www.fashionproducts.com/articles ... resses.jpg
Sleepwear: http://image.made-in-china.com/2f0j00yB ... ajamas.jpg
Handicaps?: yes, wears a mask to cover her beauty and wears earpeices for her intellegence
MASK: [the red one] http://www.thelaughingstock.co.uk/acata ... go_set.jpg
EARPEICES: http://www.savingadvice.com/images/blog ... phones.jpg
Personality: independent, quiet most of the time, outgoing, adventurous, curious, romantic at times, she doesn't care about appearance instead looking for whats inside
Likes: chocolate, running, writing, not wearing handicaps, guys
Dislikes: being isolated, being made fun of, snakes, spiders
Weaknesses: her friends, she can't swim, showing her emotions freely
Strengths: running fast, hiding in small spaces, fitting in with shadows, fencing [to an extent]
Hobbies: writing, drawing, singing [not something she can usually do]
Fears: snakes, spiders, drowning, someone taking advantage of her
Hopes: to free the world from this insanity and to find love before she dies
Equipment: ipod, cellphone
Weapons: two daggers [strapped to her thigh], knife [on her left bisept], longsword [on her belt]
What do you carry around?: cellphone, ipod, one dagger [unless expecting danger, then she carries most of her weapons]
History: will edit when I get a good idea lol

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