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Andrea Lashborgh

Pink? Are you fucking kidding me?

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a character in “24 Hours”, as played by lovechanningforever


Name: Andrea Lashborgh

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: If there was one thing her parents kept telling her, it would be to start acting like proper girl. Growing up, Drei (as she prefered her friends call her instead of Anne, which her family nicknamed her) was more drawn to physical activities such as climbing trees, running up the hill, playing little league, etc. Instead of spending time with dolls and playing dress up. Basically being surrounded by boys most of the time, especially by her two older brothers, she grew up considered one of the boys. Andrea also has a loud and dirty mouth as she loves to cuss especially when she is under pressure.

Talents/Skills: Since she stand not so tall with the height of 5'6, she tends to run really fast. She developed her talent for running swiftly when she joined the little league team where running fast and hitting strongly are a musts.

History: Growing up as the only daughter in a brood of 3, George and Karol Lashborgh had let Andrea's brother influence her as she was growing up. Andrea grew up being almost fearless except when it comes to frogs- she dreaded them like a deadly plague. She has two older brothers, Michael (who already got married and has two children with his wife, works as an accountant) and Lewis (who's in college for architecture) While their dad keeps his self busy with his sports equipment store while her Mom keeps their house in order as a housewife and dog fanatic.

Has a Golden Retriever named Loki, a very mischievous creature among the other dogs her Mom owns.

So begins...

Andrea Lashborgh's Story


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The letter lay on the table, it was open and the title, made of newspaper cuttings read, "I have your families" and underneath more indistinct writing showed. The letter was a list, a list of items which Shaun and his friends had only 24 hours to get "Or else". The silence was oppressing, then, through it, Shaun started to read out the letter once again:
"I have your families.I am giving you exactly 24 hours to collect the list of items below and bring them to the specified locations:

1x Ferrari F430- Lockup 23, Greymound street.

1x Range Rover Overfinch Sport- Carlile Tire Factory, Downtown.

1x Bell 206B Jet Ranger- Bal Harbour, North Miami.

1kg of Heroin- St Helens Parish Church, Miami Springs.
1kg of Cocaine- St Helens Parish Church, Miami Springs.
1kg of Ecstasy- St Helens Parish Church, Miami Springs.

3x 40-50 Carat Diamonds- St Thomas University, Westchester.

10,000 gallons of White Kerosene- Carlile Tire Factory, Downtown.

$750,000 in cash- Cadwell Park, North Miami.

If my demands are not met in the time given, The fates of your families will be, unfortunate."

"So." Shaun looked up at his friends, "What the fuck are we gonna do now?"


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#, as written by Adantas
Indy just stared at the letter. What the hell was this? It could only be some kind of joke. Noway were they able to get all of this in 24hrs. Indy just scrunched up his face and took the letter from Shaun, he read it again trying to find someway that it was either deadly true or scarily fake.

"There is noway that this is real guys. How the hell do we even know this guy actually wants us to get this stuff? And what if we do and it's all a bloody joke? We'd be screwed." It was all a bit much, Indy just couldn't work out what to do. He flipped out his phone and dialled his mum's number. He had to make sure. His mum always carried her mobile phone with her. On the third ring someone picked up. It was heavy breathing and Indy could hear sobs in the background. Shit. Then a gravely voice spoke.

"You've got 24 hours, you better hurry. The clock starts now." Indy tried to say something but as the line was cut he heard someone scream. His insides dropped, phone clattering to the floor. How the hell had they gotten into this mess? He looked at Andrea and Shaun, his face must of been a ghostly white because they looked pretty distressed too. No-one said or did anything, they were all still shell shocked.


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Andrea clenched her teeth and held her fists so tight that her knuckles were almost white from the grip, as she listened to her friends. No one knows how they got into this mess, for all she knows is that she has to get her family out of there. She isn't sure of which of her family members are in captive as well. None of them does. Just after Indy dropped the phone on the floor, she wordlessly picked it up and furiously dialed their home number. All Drei could hear was the annoying ringing sound from the other end, when no one picked up she tried again. She did up until 5 times, and when she couldn't get hold of anyone she tried calling her brothers but no one answered or returned her call.

Tears were already filling her eyes, she let herself fall on her knees and cry. She is after all still a girl, no matter what other people say, she is still a girl. She hugged her knees and let the tears race down her small face. She didn't bother wiping them away, she has no reason to.

"Mom. Dad." She whispered as she hiccuped.

"You've got 24 hours." The words rang inside her head over and over again.

She turned towards her friends and spoke, "We have to do it guys..."