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Indy Sorenson

Man, you take things waaay too seriously.

0 · 311 views · located in New Orleans

a character in “24 Hours”, as played by Adantas


Name: Indy Sorenson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Indy is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He didn't try very hard in school, the only thing he ever worked hard at was when pumping iron at the gym. He's the kind of guy that isn't very mature preferring to have fun. He thinks anything that requires too much effort isn't worth it. Despite his laid back attitude he does have a brain. If he was bothered he wouldn't have trouble topping the class. Because he's been pinned as lazy most of his life he feels like he can't change in fear of fussed over. He would really love to join a sports team but that would require too much 'effort', when in fact he would love to use his strength for something useful. Family values are very important to him. While he was not very helpful at home and his mother and sister complained often he would do anything to protect them. Something that he has really been against since a young boy has been swearing. It even confuses his mother that he is so polite to her. He spends most of his time in his room on his laptop playing video games and watching Doctor Who, although no-one knows the second part.

Talents/Skills: He's very strong. Is calm and reassuring in times of crisis and can think logically when motivated.

History: While his group of friends aren't 'bad' kids they do travel on a darker path, one that Indy has tried to avoid. Although that does mean he has connections. He's managed to steer clear of that side mainly because of an accident that happened in his younger years when he first started hanging out with that group. His mate had just gotten his licence and they were all pumped. They were all at a party but one of the guys wanted to go home so Indy, the guy and the driver all opted to go. Sadly before leaving the driver wanted to try this new concoction that was apparently the best in the market and it was his chance to have it free. He couldn't resist so he tried it. He didn't tell his friends so he got in the car and started driving them home. It wasn't even ten minutes when he stated feeling the effects of the drugs. He started swirving, screaming that there was something on the road. In the end Indy woke up in hospital with a few broken ribs, some nasty gashes and a concussion. He was told that the guy driving had been killed and that he had been drugged. The news scared Indy so bad that he vowed to himself never to take any form of drug. On his eighteenth birthday he decided to move out. He found a decent flat that he decided to share with three of his friends and that's where he's been since. He's gotten along fairly well but could have never foreseen what was to come.

So begins...

Indy Sorenson's Story


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The letter lay on the table, it was open and the title, made of newspaper cuttings read, "I have your families" and underneath more indistinct writing showed. The letter was a list, a list of items which Shaun and his friends had only 24 hours to get "Or else". The silence was oppressing, then, through it, Shaun started to read out the letter once again:
"I have your families.I am giving you exactly 24 hours to collect the list of items below and bring them to the specified locations:

1x Ferrari F430- Lockup 23, Greymound street.

1x Range Rover Overfinch Sport- Carlile Tire Factory, Downtown.

1x Bell 206B Jet Ranger- Bal Harbour, North Miami.

1kg of Heroin- St Helens Parish Church, Miami Springs.
1kg of Cocaine- St Helens Parish Church, Miami Springs.
1kg of Ecstasy- St Helens Parish Church, Miami Springs.

3x 40-50 Carat Diamonds- St Thomas University, Westchester.

10,000 gallons of White Kerosene- Carlile Tire Factory, Downtown.

$750,000 in cash- Cadwell Park, North Miami.

If my demands are not met in the time given, The fates of your families will be, unfortunate."

"So." Shaun looked up at his friends, "What the fuck are we gonna do now?"


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#, as written by Adantas
Indy just stared at the letter. What the hell was this? It could only be some kind of joke. Noway were they able to get all of this in 24hrs. Indy just scrunched up his face and took the letter from Shaun, he read it again trying to find someway that it was either deadly true or scarily fake.

"There is noway that this is real guys. How the hell do we even know this guy actually wants us to get this stuff? And what if we do and it's all a bloody joke? We'd be screwed." It was all a bit much, Indy just couldn't work out what to do. He flipped out his phone and dialled his mum's number. He had to make sure. His mum always carried her mobile phone with her. On the third ring someone picked up. It was heavy breathing and Indy could hear sobs in the background. Shit. Then a gravely voice spoke.

"You've got 24 hours, you better hurry. The clock starts now." Indy tried to say something but as the line was cut he heard someone scream. His insides dropped, phone clattering to the floor. How the hell had they gotten into this mess? He looked at Andrea and Shaun, his face must of been a ghostly white because they looked pretty distressed too. No-one said or did anything, they were all still shell shocked.


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Andrea clenched her teeth and held her fists so tight that her knuckles were almost white from the grip, as she listened to her friends. No one knows how they got into this mess, for all she knows is that she has to get her family out of there. She isn't sure of which of her family members are in captive as well. None of them does. Just after Indy dropped the phone on the floor, she wordlessly picked it up and furiously dialed their home number. All Drei could hear was the annoying ringing sound from the other end, when no one picked up she tried again. She did up until 5 times, and when she couldn't get hold of anyone she tried calling her brothers but no one answered or returned her call.

Tears were already filling her eyes, she let herself fall on her knees and cry. She is after all still a girl, no matter what other people say, she is still a girl. She hugged her knees and let the tears race down her small face. She didn't bother wiping them away, she has no reason to.

"Mom. Dad." She whispered as she hiccuped.

"You've got 24 hours." The words rang inside her head over and over again.

She turned towards her friends and spoke, "We have to do it guys..."


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#, as written by Adantas
Indy was still in a state of shock. He didn't want to believe what was going on. In a way he was thankful that Shaun snapped out of it and started making suggestions. Indy closed his eyes as he listened to Shaun explain that they had to rob the bank first. Rob a bank? They had no experience whatsoever in robbing a bank so how they hell would they manage to pull one off in the Harrington Royal Bank? They were going to need a plan and fast. When Indy opened his eyes again Shaun was already grabbing his keys and heading to the door. There was no way that he wanted to do this but he knew he must. For his mum and sister. He felt a steely determination settle inside of him, forming an uncomfortable lump in the pit of his stomach. As Shaun commented about going to Toys'R'Us he could help but give a weak smile. He could see where Shaun was coming from, they would need some sort of weapon in which to fool the staff at the bank that they really were dangerous but they needed some other reassurances. First off they would need some sort of mask so that they would be unrecognisable. That's when another thought hit him. All three of them could drive and on the list they required two cars. Their was a car dealership which dealt with high end cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley. It would also offer them the chance to have a car that was untraceable to them so they didn't have police tracking them when they made their escape. Indy knew that they wouldn't have time to get each of the requirements one by one.

"Shaun, man. I've got a plan. We go to Toys'R'Us get the guns and don't forget some sort of mask, but we'll need a get away car. And on the list we need to get a Ferrari and a Range Rover. If I manage to get the Range Rover and you guys manage to not raise the alarm at the bank I can be waiting in the car to get away. That way the police won't be able to track the robbery to us and that may buy us more time."

Indy's mind was whirring as he began thinking of ways to get the other items on the list but stopped himself from getting too far ahead. He needed to focus at the task at hand and that was getting the Range Rover.


Shaun and Andrea dropped him off at the Land Rover dealership and he told them that he would get to them as soon as possible. They nodded solemnly and drove off. They had already been via Toys'R'Us and got the toy guns without hassle, although the stupid clerk found it quite amusing. Shaun looked ready to punch the guy and he was sure that if Indy and Andrea weren't there he might have. They also bough some simple black ski-masks. Indy strode purposefully to the sales guy who was wearing a cheesy suit and had a god-awful handle bar moustache.

"Good morning sir, how may I help you?" He enquired with a thick accent.

"I'm looking for a Range Rover Overfinch Sport."

The guy raised his eye incredulously, but didn't say anything.

"Excellent choice. I have a few in stock at the moment, would you care to see?" He continued say as they wandered through the yard towards the Range Rovers. There were three lined up, a black, white and blue. Indy was already trying to decide which colour was more common in New Orleans. Most people bought white so he supposed it had to be the white one.

"Do you think I would be able to test drive it? I mean it's a great model but I'm just not sure if it's the one I want. I want to make a good decision. You understand right?" Indy prayed that the guy wouldn't refuse and hoped that he was desperate for a customer as he looked. Moustache man looked like he was thinking hard, his forehead was all creased. In the end he seemed to decide that it would do any harm and it would hopefully ensure him a customer.

"Alright then, here's the keys. But only round the block okay?" Indy could have jumped for joy, whooped and hollered but he didn't instead he stayed cool and waited for the guy to get the keys. He was greatful that the yard was mostly packed with cars otherwise the guy might have said that he could only drive it around here. He came back soon enough with the keys and Indy slid into the plush seats. This was indeed an expensive car. The ignition started and the car roared with life. He shifted into gear and slowly rolled out. He looked in the rear view mirror as the man watched him with his arms crossed. He hoped that it would at least take him a bit before calling the police to notify that the car had been stolen. That's when another idea struck. The police would be able to signal to follow their number plate. Maybe if they switched the Range Rover's licence plate for Shaun's cars one then that would throw them off. It would be worth a try. If Indy wasn't in the position he was he would have been able to really admire the cars smoothness and the luxurious interior. As he kept driving and made it past the corner he hoped that Shaun and Andrea were doing alright.