Markus Jensen

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Markus Jansen
Name: Markus Jansen
Nicknames: J, (if applicable)
Role: The Loner
Age: 27 (please be realistic with age, no one younger than 20)
Height 5'11"
Weight 180lbs
Species: Human (human, werewolf, if vampire, what kind?)
Sexual Orientation Hetero/Straight
Scars, Piercings and Tattoos

Markus tends to keep to himself, tends not to keep friends on either side too long. Has a commitment as a Jansen to keep the power balanced, as to not allow the extinction of any race. He tends to be quite dark, and although he follows a strict moral code, he himself feels no regret or shame for anything he's ever done. Life's been quite lonesome for Markus, and as much as he longs for interaction, he knows it's something he can never truly have, not without endangering another. Smokes heavily, does not drink.

  • Prayer (Mars Augustus) (at least five)
  • Darkness
  • Rain
  • Heights
  • Hunting
  • Herbs
  • Nobility ( again, at least five)
  • Large Groups
  • Greed
  • Envy
  • Liars

The first encounter of Vampireswas very young for Markus, as his father was a member of the Clan Grey, A small organization of men, Vampires, Lycans, Angels, and Demons devoteedto keeping a power balance on earth. As the Vampire-Human war raged on, the clan came into dissagreement, and most members disbanded to continue life withtheir respective clans. Markus and the angel are the only members left who are still attempting to restore the balance, albeit they are both fully aware that it is a losing battle.

The personal history of Markus will be revealed throughout the RP, I mean if you really want it now I'll put it in

So begins...

Markus Jensen's Story