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Katheline E. Dyre

"You know, when I say shut up, I mean either shut your sound hole or I'll do it for you with a nice upper-cut."

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a character in “25 Hours Until Sunrise”, as played by Shifter13


~Katheline E. Dyre~

Name: Katheline Emberly Dyre

Nicknames: Kat, Kate, Lina

Role: Shard Holder

Age: 20

Height 5'0"

Weight 115 lbs.

Species: Human

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Scars, Piercings and Tattoos A few scars here and there from her playing with things she shouldn't have been and, obviously, getting hurt. There's also a
pale, star-like birthmark on the back of her neck about the size of a nickel, and her ears are pierced.

Everyone that knows Katheline hasn't been able to describe her the same with the exception of one word: unpredictable. Another near-proper word might be 'rebel', but she doesn't openly try to go against everything she's told to do. She acts as her conscience directs her with little regard for what others expect of her. She makes her own way, but is kind and benevolent without much reason. She believes in goodness and right but makes little use for the laws and regulations that are presented to her by others. Katheline absolutely hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do, often ending up in conflict with such people. She follows her own moral compass, her own rules which, although good, may not completely agree with those of society's, but she really couldn't care any less. Katheline's got a good heart and free spirit, and is an ally many would wish for. But, as an enemy, she's a force to be reckoned with. Freedom and independence are up at the top of her list of needs alongside water, air, and food, not just hers though. Everyone's. Katheline is basically good, but may tend to be selfish and maybe a bit greedy, and has a major problem with authority, self-discipline, and confining laws, often getting her into trouble with those that think themselves higher than her. Therefore, she's a magnet for trouble, especially with her sense of mischievous humor and a lack of self control. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty and will never shy from a challenge be it a puzzle or a fight, but she'd never dream of hurting her loved ones.

  • Storms
  • Sweets
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Most music
  • Swimming
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Reading
  • Food
  • Halloween
  • Poetry
  • Bladed objects
  • Hot days
  • Arid/Desert environments
  • Boredom
  • Most country music
  • Complete silence
  • Too many rules
  • Small spaces
  • Sudden sounds
  • Hospitals
  • Smell of bleach
  • Being underestimated
  • Liars, cheaters, and manipulative people.
  • Guns



Katheline was born into a family of hunters that have existed since way back when. This family, before the time of Katheline's birth, had come into possession of a shard of the Sword of Angels. The problem of protecting it until the time was right became more apparent the longer the wait became for the discovery of any other shards, and eyes turned to katheline at her birth. An idea came to mid, the child would carry the shard throughout her life without ever knowing it. It would be with her all her life, a hunter child to be raised without learning of vampires and werewolves, not even taught how to fight them. That was the compromise, and her parents were rather hesitant at first. But in time, their stubborn resistance wore down and they agreed. The shard was melted down, forged into an amulet the child could wear around her neck and told it was a family heirloom. When it was presented to the parents and draped over the girl's neck, age five at the time, her parents resigned from the Hunter's way of life and struggled to settle into a more mundane one... for their daughter, and for the protection of the shard. Katheline's uncle, however, remained a Hunter and visited often to keep an eye on the girl, both in person and from a distance. This would prove useful in the later years as she lost her parents and grew more into a free-spirited young woman like her mother.

The day she lost her parents was the first day she knew real terror. It began as a quiet day, a peaceful day with plenty of of laughter from the young child at the antics of her father (Aiden Dyre) who was doing all he could to make her laugh. It wasn't that difficult when it came to Katheline, it seemed that just about anything could make her laugh and her laugh itself was contagious. But this evening would be the last time it would be so easy to hear it. It began with a creak outside, a tap on the window. Katheline's mother (Annamarie Dyre) noticed it first and warned her husband into silence, Kat still giggling and rolling on the floor from a recent tickle attack. Her father became alert as her mother was standing to check the perimeter, Aiden then taking Katheline to hide in a closet and urging her into the hidden compartment in the back. He made a game of it, her favorite, the game she was best at. Hide-and-Seek. Whatever she would hear, she would stay quiet, and sneak into the walls of the house if someone opened the compartment door. She did hear things, horrible things that made her shrink back and curl into a fetal position with her hands over her head. And then the sounds stopped, the closet door opened, and Katheline's breathing stopped. The young girl, only age ten at this time, began crawling on her hands and knees to the small area in the further wall that only she would able to fit through with how small she was, even at that age. She only stopped when she heard her Uncle Ezekiel's voice, and she rushed back to the opening compartment and into what she was to learn were the last of her family's arms. He hoisted her up and held her in a way he could only hope would block her view of the bloodied living room. But being her, and as curious as any child, she looked, peeked around her uncle, and froze at what met her young gaze. Blood. Everywhere. Heads severed from their bodies, her parent's bodies lying still... cold, limp before the closet where they had fallen trying to protect the child and the shard without the proper tools. Ezekiel had arrived in the nick of time to kill the vampires before they discovered the girl, and before she had to walk through her bloodied home alone.

Ezekiel ended up taking her in, taking her parents' places as her guardian. There was only one difference. He absolutely refused to give up the life of a Hunter, instead hiding proof of it from Katheline. As she became older and more clever, though, it became harder, and her uncle was surprised she only finally found a collection of his weapons when she was fifteen. But, luckily for him, Katheline translated it as her uncle just having an interesting hobby, one that caught her eye with sharp edges and gleaming metals. Every once in a while, she was allowed to play and mess with them, often getting cut (and often in the oddest placess) in the process. When she turned eighteen, she began expressing an interest in wanting to find her own place and get a job, but nothing seemed to interest her. Not until Ezekiel to her to a night club to cheer her up, and he saw her eyes light up. She'd been to clubs before, but she hadn't been thinking of jobs then, and now the night clubs had her full attention. For a man that decided to live in a two-bedroom apartment in a somewhat troublesome part of town, he had deep pockets, and into them he reached. On her nineteenth birthday, he took her to a newly-renovated night club she would get to name and run once it opened. Despite her not being old enough to drink, he pulled some strings to make it possible for her to work there for him, most often with the music. This is how, now at age twenty, she works at a night club by the name of Decibal, where she remains rather human and her uncle secretly finds his own prey in the predatorial vampires that dare enter. And she remains ignorant to the world she's never been a part of, yet is so much deeper embedded than Ezekiel would like to confess. Changes have occured due to her constant years of contact with the shard of the Sword of Angels, and these have all been noted through Ezekiel's careful watch: Lightened hair, brighter eyes, enhanced grace, speed, health/healing, senses, and instincts, but not to the point of superhuman. She's used to these, and only ever notices these oddities at the smallest, easily forgotten moments. No, she'll not be sprouting wings or speaking in tongues, but she will be attracting plenty of trouble.

(I will be making her uncle at some point.)

"Apparantly, it's an heirloom. Rather nice, I think, not too fancy. I'm never seen without it." ~ Katheline
(I'm thinking of having this be the appearance of the altered shard... she has no idea, whatsoever.)

So begins...

Katheline E. Dyre's Story