Cathy Ellen

A young soldier, pushed by the need to be better.

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a character in “300 A.E. (After the End)”, as played by Waste.


Army - Accuracy and reactions.
She carries a trench gun slung across her back and a dagger at her waist.
Cathy is a strong young girl. Being small she has always fought to show her strength. She wont give up no matter what happens and has a great talent for survival. A few times now she has pulled through on missions despite dire situations. She has a light hearted attitude and is always smiling due to her childish attitude. She can be a little gullible and isn't very stubborn unless there is something that she really believes in. Most of the time she'll go along with what is happening simply because she likes to keep people happy and has no real preference as to what they do. When she fights her personality hardens and many have said that they don't recognise her with the gun in her hands.
She has been training all her life, many thought that she should be demoted to scavenger due to her size but she worked hard to prove her worth. She is one of the few female officers who have decided to support the De-Mans and actually go on missions with them. She knows that there is the chance that they will revert to their demonic ways but also knows that humans have to work with them or face extinction. She lives alone, her parents are scavengers and live in a different part of the Life System, and has no brothers or sisters. As she has gotten older she has made more and more friends and knows practically everyone in their Life System. She takes each death quite hard.

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Cathy Ellen's Story