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Lauren Maxwell

"I just want to see Leo again..."

0 · 223 views · located in 3024

a character in “3024: Shadowrunners”, as played by Ashmotal


Before The Experiments:

Past Alias: Lauren Maxwell

Age [16-30]: 24

Sex: Female

Height: 5'1

General Appearance: ((The Female in this picture)) Image

Past Life [Before the NRD Act, before ICE took you away from your friends and families. What hopes and dreams he or she had, things like that]: The newly wed Lauren had dreams of becoming a voice acting, and singing. Lauren loved to sing to her husband, and he also was an aspiring musician. Lauren had a steady income, and small apartment that she shared with her husbands and long time companion Great Dane named Irelia.

Past Relationships [Mind you don't have to go to in to detail but it's possible for your new self to have recollections of people they once knew]: Married to Leo Maxwell. Had two sisters, one a twin named Sarah, the other a younger sister who's name was Agatha they were all on good terms, when they went separate ways. Lauren's parents are dead, or so she assumes. Her sisters were told they were in a terrible car crash but never allowed to see there bodies.

After the Experiments:

New Alias: 6-23, Gabrielle Exhalt

New Cybernetics [Describe the modifications to your body. Only explain the physical aspects that have changed after the experiments. Please be creative but don't go overboard]: Her Jaw and vocal cords were removed and replaced with cybernetic pieces. A chip placed in her head, so she could be connected with others who carried the chip Her Jaw is now perfectly rounded, as opposed to being sharp before. Her chest no longer rises and falls when she breathes. Her cybernetic lungs cause her to filter air, rather than breathe it naturally. Her physical appearance is otherwise no different, other than significantly noticeable scars on her chest, and scalp.

New Abilities [As with the cybernetics, be creative but please don't go overboard]: Using the chip in her brain 6-23 could start connecting with others mentally, able to tap into their thoughts and project her thoughts into their minds as long as they carried the same chip she did. In theory at least. Her voice is now a weapon, she can project it into a wail that could shatter glass and eardrums. A scream powerful enough to stun most opponents, but without several screams it cannot be lethal.

So begins...

Lauren Maxwell's Story