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The largest peninsula on Earth

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In the year of 2000's this land would have been known as Australia. Over the years and after the nuclear war more land was merged from the seas, making this island into a peninsula, attracting people from all different backgrounds to make this into their home.

The terrain is mostly stone mountain tops, with forest terrain surrounding them. There are few plain fields in the middle of the mountains, this is known as Twilight City

The weather is very stormy year round, with only a few months of sunshine and mostly wet days. This is one reason why it is impossible to grow crops of any kind here, most have resorted to fishing and hunting to get their meals. There is also the 'Grand Exchange' where they can trade for already harvested crops.

It is impossible to grow food of any kind on this peninsula. However with imported goods, many of it's Edenians have animal farms,slaughter/butchery houses, and/or shops at the 'Grand Exchange'(located within Eden's centennial)
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The largest peninsula on Earth


Eden is a part of 4009.

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