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Jake Cranna

"Pathetic being - I will dispose of you at once!"

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a character in “72nd Hunger Games”, as played by DarknessUndying


Name: Jake Cranna
Age: 18
Gender: Male
District: 7
Weapon of choice/speciality: Shotgun
Face claim: Jayy Von Monroe
Picture: (Realistic, no anime or cartoon)
Appearance: Jake has short, scruffy black hair. He has brown eyes and generally doesn't look like much.
Personality: He's Cynical, Mean and Violent to say the least.
Likes: Pain, Agony, Death.
Dislikes: Being Happy, Joy and Love.
Fears: Losing the Games.
History/Bio: Jake doesn't have any Parents, or friends. He lived on the streets, really. He was a bully.

( His fate has been sealed, and will die at the Cornucopia, at the start. )

So begins...

Jake Cranna's Story


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Grace Clemons

"Grace Clemons," the escort said, loud and clear. There was an awkward moment of silence, before the crowd gave an unenthusiastic cheer. Grace moved her feet numbly, head spinning. "No!" someone screamed. "Not Grace, no! Take me instead!" The voice brought on the tears Grace had been trying to avoid. Of course her brother couldn't volunteer for her. He was male, for one thing. And another was that he was underage. She walked up the wooden steps."Ladies And
Gentlemen, our District 11 Female tribute!"

Grace stood for a second, watching the other tributes scatter in different directions. She realized she had better start moving before she was murdered, and started away from the Cornucopia, before remembering that she wouldn't last a day without supplies. She turned around and ran towards the golden trumpet shaped object, and grabbed a set of throwing knives. She heard a sickening scream, then a crack. The first kill. She turned away from the Cornucopia, stumbling over some-ones dead body, before running off into the distance.

((EDIT: I changed it :)))

Dustin Hickory

"Dustin Hickory." Dustin nodded, trying to look strong and brave in front of the cameras. He would need as many sponsors as he could get. He stepped up the stairs, and no-one said anything. No screams of sorrow, no cries of justice, because of course, no-one cared. He could imagine her fathers poker face. He was probably thinking, At least it's not Davis.

Dust took of straight away, towards the Cornucopia. He grabbed a mace and a bottle of water. He was about to throw his mace at a boy, but someone beat him to it, beating the boy until death. Dust decided it was probably best to leave this boy alone. He ran again towards the Cornucopia, looking for something else to get.

((OOC:I didn't kill him, but I'm leaving it open for some-one else to kill. EDIT: I'll kill him in my next post.))


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"Well, since we've learned that someone would rather let people murder us, or steal from us before she would actually kill them, I guess you and I should take the first watch Faye." I replied to her as I glared at Grace, my eyes turning into metaphoric daggers. Before she could retort I stepped outside into the winter wonderland we were now stranded in.

Faye stood quietly next to me as I gazed out into the distance with a stoic look on my face. I wonder who is watching us at this very moment. . . I thought to myself as I imagined the faces of each tribute. There were nineteen of us left right now, but I had a feeling that soon that number would be much smaller. A few tedious hours of staring into the dark forest passed by with virtually no activity. Though near the end of my shift I heard a rustle in the forest.

As I stood acutely concentrating on a patch of forest, A red blur moved behind a faraway tree. Seconds later Odessa Moon came pounding towards me like a mustang. Following meekly in her wake was Jake Valentine. When she was a few feet away from me she seemed to hesitate, confused by my indifference towards her valiant charge. Though she must have dismissed the thought because she continued to advance towards me.

She raised her axe, but her stance was completely unbalanced and she held the axe in an awkward fashion. I dropped one of my daggers and snapped it up, grasping my fingers around her wrist. Upon seeing this, Jake Valentine made an attempt to halt, but it was far too late. With the snap of my wrist I broke Odessa's arm and brought the axe she was holding crashing into Jake's gut.

Odessa screamed in pain, as did Jake. He tried to stem the flow of intestines from his abdomen, but it was useless. Seconds later he lay on the floor, silently convulsing. The snow around him glittered with a myriad of red flakes, stained from the blood that had once gave him oxygen.

Odessa twisted her neck back in my direction, a look of pure disbelief stamped on her face. Still holding the wrist of her broken arm, I quickly carved a trail across her throat. Upon reaching the carotid vein I gave the knife a strong jerk, causing the vein to burst. Odessa only twitched slightly as all life fled from her veins. I pulled my daggers from her throat, and pushed her to the floor. She landed with a dull thud.

The sound of two cannons emanated through the arena, as I crouched and washed the crimson from my daggers in the snow. Odessa and Jake's faces both lit up the sky, and Faye gazed at them.

Odessa Moon and Jake Valentine are dead.