Kaily Bensons


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a character in “72nd Hunger Games”, as played by Emily3456


Name: Kaily
Age: 16
Gender: Female
District: 12
Weapon of choice/speciality: She is very sneaky/fast and good at hand to hand combat..and she has a secret weapon.
Face claim:
Picture: Image
Appearance: long brown hair,pale rough skin,green eyes,full light pink lips,full eye lashes.
Personality:Before she was called at the reaping, this girl was rather bubbly and outgoing. She had a way of cheering people up. But other than that, she has a sharp tongue and a knack for talking back, and being sassy. She is rather rebellious, and not a typical girly girl. Yes, she has heard of the famous Katniss Everdeen. But is she trying to be like her? Uhm, yeah, no. She is her own person and although she is rather sweet and kind, but along with her really short temper, she can be lethal when necessary. She has a way of hurting people with words rather than physical, but she can do that too. Trust me. Kaily speaks her mind. Whether it's good, or bad, you never really know. And finally, she has a sense of humor.
Likes:Darkness,Her family,Hunting
Dislikes:Bright places, open feilds,blood
History/Bio: N/A

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