76th Games

76th Games


The Hunger Games, a televised event held once a year as a reminder of what happens when the Districts rebel against the Capitol, one young boy and girl are chosen as Tributes to participate, victory means fame and fortune loosing means certain death.

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thanks to suzanne collins the writer of the hunger games trilogy and inspiration to this rp



Non-Career Plot
You are herded off to a group of kids your age, this was the day you dreaded. This was the day of the reaping. There was a chance for you to be forced into a mysterious arena and will have to fight for your life. The glum anthem plays quietly through speakers as a woman with an annoyingly high voice welcomes the mayor on stage. He goes on in a history lesson of your district, the history of the games and the history of the Games. He finally welcomes the annoying woman, Effie Trinket. She fixes her pink wig and then says "Happy Hunger Games!" She squeaks "And may the odds EVER be in your favor!" She reaches into a huge glass bowl, calling three of the tributes who make there way to the stage, they're faces stricken with fear. You think you are safe as she reaches in again. "_Your_Name_" She calls in her shrill voice. You gasp and slowly make your way to the front. You family cries out unhappily as you take the final step onto stage. "You all must be honored to complete in the games!" She says and steps back, letting the mayor take over. You don't hear him or the final anthem as you stand there, staring into the distance.

Non-Volunteered Career Plot
You push your way into your age group, going strait to the front. You stand tall as the annoying woman in the bright pink wig speaks in her irritating voice. If you get called then you get to go to the arena that is different each year and fight for your district. Victory mean fame and fortune, losing means certain death. You were ready, confident and hoping to get picked. She draws from the bowl after squeaking out "May the odds EVER be in your favor!" She grabs anywhere from one-three names before she finally pulls your name. You smile triumphantly and run up to the stage. "You must be honored" She squeaks. You stand there confidently as the anthem of Panem plays.

Volunteered Career Plot
You weasel your way into your age group, today was the day you dreamed. The day of the reaping when an ugly woman with a peircingly high voice and a pink wig came and picked 2 names. The names of the tributes would be on the strips of paper. This time though it was a quater quell, the 75th hunger games. Effie would draw 2 names. You stand tall as you wait for everyone else. The mayor walks on stage and gives you a boringly long history lesson. He welcome Effie Trinket back and she walks to the podium, her high heels clicking. "Happy Hunger Games!" She chirps "And many the odds EVER be in your favor" She reaches into the bowl, swirls the slips of paper around a bit and draws one. You hope wavers as it does. She pulls up the last name and reads it out, noooo! It's not yours! You let out the breath that you didn't relize you were holding then yell. "I VOLUNEER!" The croud lets you through and you walk up to the front. The smaller twelve year old scurries back, not having trained that long. You've been training since you learned how to walk. You step up the stage and proudly stand beside the other tribute. Effie smiles triumphantly, she always does when there is a volunteer.


This year the arena is a island about 50k across, craggy rocky beaches stretch most of the coastline, cliffs dropping into rough seas spanning the rest of the coast, a ring of dense forest surrounding the central mesa also covered in dense forest, the cornucopia is in the centre of the mesa in one of the few clearings, there is one main lake on the mesa that flows down one side but otherwise water is scarce, there are many Mockingjay's, Squirrels and rabbits, though the council may generate other animals, dangerous animals include the Tracker Jackers and other Mutations.

Weapons and Packs

Red Bag:
    Large bright red bag. Only two of them, they are deep in the cournacopia.
    They contain: A knife set contains thirty knives, two full water bottles plus a bottle of iodine for purifying lake water, A supply of dried beef, cheese and crackers, two black sleeping bags that keep heat in and three sets of night vision goggles.

Medium White Bag with a Red Cross on it:
    Better Medical kit, in the cournacopia. You will find things such as sleep medicine, fever pills, stomach calming pills and many other medicines. Nothing such as blood poisoning medicine, a feast would have to be called for that to happen. Also includes many different bandages and cast materials. Many different ointments and leaves, marked with what they do. There is only one of these in the heart of the giant golden horn and one in one of the red bags.

Small White Bag:
    Simple medicine kits. Contains a small bottle of iodine, a couple fever pills, two bandages and a small tube of simple burn ointment. Halfway from the Cornucopia to the plates.

Pale Green pack with a small X on it-
    The pale green pack consists of nothing but poison. Poisonous berries, crackers, vines, and even water could kill you if your not careful. No good weapons lay inside, only small daggers which cant go more than a inch into the skin. So, mainly, a bag of nothing useful.

Hot Pink pack-
    A hot pink bag with black lining. Inside of it lays 1 quart of wine, some water, and 5 crackers. Throwing daggers are inside of the bag; each curved up to lay inside the target and kill faster. Another bag is inside of this one; holding 10 small viles with useful medicine in it; if you know how to use it.

Multicolored pack-
    For the stealth and camo people. Useful paints and materials lay inside of this pack. Mainly, it has 10 shades of brown, 10 shades of green, 5 shades of blue, 5 shades of gray, a white, a black, and a gray. The textures are a piece of wood and rock shards, along with some clear crystals; like ice, but only about a 10 inch square area of each. It also has paintbrushes and sponges; but thats all.

Medium Dark Green Bag
    2 quart waterbottle filled with crushed nightlock to trick some tributes
    10 Pack of Matches
    A basic very knife
    Chunk of Metal

Small florescent Orange Bag
    20 Matches
    Sleeping Bag
    Throwing arrows
    Strong rope

Basics---The items by themselves
    A full skin with a small bottle of iodine taped to it.
    A very small, very basic camouflage tent.
    A sheet of flexible plastic.
    A full loaf of bread wrapped in plastic wrap.
    Two radio receivers
    A length of thin golden wire
    2 slices of bread wrapped in plastic wrap
    30 deadly Nightshade berries, they look harmlessly like blackberries and are in a small leather pack.
    A single flashlight

Weapons not in Packs:
    Knife Set with 15 knives
    1 Golden Bow and 2 Dozen Arrows. Though they look diamond they are made out of sugar glass. The tribute do not know that though. the bow is designed to break if the string is pulled back more then three quarters of the way and is three quarters of the way into the Cornucopia
    12 silver Throwing Knifes with a poisonous tips so if you cut your food with it you die of poisoning, found half way in.
    Diamond looking Trident. It is made out of sugar glass, will break on contact if hit too hard. Very fragile. Located deep in the Cornucopia
    A machete with a ridged blade to cut through wood and to kill. Hidden deep in the Cornucopia.
    1 Silver bow and 2 Dozen Arrows. All real-located further from the Cornucopia than the other bow to make the other seem better-is hidden underneath the Small florescent Orange Bag and grass.
    Sugar knife.A long, deadly knife laying near the front of the cornicopia. It looks silver, painted carefully, but once hit against something will be broke, for it is sugar glass. It is not not edible, however. The toxins on the sugar from the paint being on it.
    Falcion.A long, brutal weapon made from pure steel. It cant bend and can easily slice up someone. Simple. A long pointed and carved blade and a deer hide handle, it is perfect for both killing and cutting.


Code: Select all
    [center][size=150][color=#00FFFF].:{First Name Here}:.[/color][/size]
                [size=69][url=LINK TO PIC HERE]NAME HERE[/url][/size]
            (^^^^^TAKE OUT IF WRITTEN DESCRIPTION^^^^^)
                ~{~Motto/quote/SongLyrics Here~}~[/left]
                [size=85][color=#00FFFF][b]Full Name:[/b][/color]
                [color=grey]{Between the ages of 12-18}[/color]
                [color=#00FFFF][b]Angle for The Interveiws:[/b][/color]
                [color=grey]{Sexy, likable, Sullen, Hostile, Anything}[/color]

                [color=grey]{2-3 Sentences}[/color]
                [color=grey]{Optional, Delete this Part if you are not writing it}[/color]
                [color=grey]{Answer, Make a List}[/color]
                [color=grey]{MUST ANSWER, Make a List}[/color]
                [color=grey]{Answer, Make a List}[/color]
                [color=grey]{Answer, Make a List}[/color]

                [color=#00FFFF][b]Hair Color and Style:[/b][/color]
                [color=#00FFFF][b]Eye Color:[/b][/color]


Toggle Rules

2. You may attack another character but you cannot do a one shot kill unless it is realistic and the other rper agrees
3. Try not to be too graphic with killings. There is hunger games graphic and then there is against-the-site-rules graphic. Try not to go to Glimmer's Death Graphic.
4. Remember you can have alliances and you can have relationships, remember though, you see someone else, if they are a threat-attack
5. Respect me, this rp and all other rpers. If you have a concern with another rper please pm me orthe player personally. I want as little fighting as possible.
6.Don't dodge every single attack! You get hit once in a while. If you are with the careers/like the careers then you with be able to dodge more, you would have trained all your life.
7.AVOID ONE LINERS i don't mind short posts but id rather have two lines [some exceptions]
8.we will be starting from the day of the reaping-you play your own stylists & you share the Districts mentor
9.I will decide the winner based on posts and how dedicated you are to the rp.
10.No txt tlk [<-like that=no no you get banned]
11.you get 3 chances then you are kicked out and banned-you character will be killed off
12.if you auto kill or kill without the rp'ers permission you will be killed off in an embarrassing way. meaning you will be kicked out and banned
13. the pack you grab will be decided once in the arena-remember the tributes have NO IDEA as to the contents of the bags and cannot see things that are hidden until they get closer or take waterer is hiding it

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Character Portrait: Cattail Kinnikinnick
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Character Portrait: Kaleb Wuthurs
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Character Portrait: Cattail Kinnikinnick
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Character Portrait: Kaleb Wuthurs
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Character Portrait: Cattail Kinnikinnick
Cattail Kinnikinnick

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Character Portrait: Cattail Kinnikinnick
Cattail Kinnikinnick

District 12-Female

Character Portrait: Kaleb Wuthurs
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