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Malien Tanethta

"Save me your prayers... For death is the answer to life."

0 · 577 views · located in Arill

a character in “A Bear, a Wolf, a Snake”, as played by Candy_




Appearance and Personal Info:

Tribe: Bear

Your Companion: His companion is a polar bear he named Araya. Her eyes are a light blue, like the waters where he found her when she was young. She is approximately three feet tall with all four feet on the ground.

Eye Color: His eyes are an emerald-green.

Hair Color His hair is a deep brown, like the bark of a tree.

Skin Tone Pale cream varying to a medium-dark ivory.

Name: Malien Tanetha

Age: 15

FC(Face Claim): Logan Lerman



Habits: Malien loves to swim. He feels like he was practically raised in the water, especially since he spends time with Araya swimming daily. He tends to judge people by his first impression and always remember what he thought first. Sometimes, he will start fights without just cause/reason, only to relax himself. Most often, he catches himself running his hands through his hair.

Strengths: He feels natural most when he's in the water. He fights best on land, though. His strength is superior to the other tribes, and to most of his own tribe. Fights alone - with Araya as an ally - most of the time, because he knows his strength in this.

Flaws: He rarely obeys his thoughts, or listens to them. He steps through things carelessly, knowing that almost every time his strength will pull him through. He pushes himself to be the leader of a group, and prefers to be alone because of this. Has safety concerns only for his bear, though he knows she rarely needs it.

Likes: Swimming, running, spending his time in the tribe's home. He sometimes enjoys laying in the sunlight for a while, when he's wasted most of his strength fighting. He loves summer and fall.

Dislikes: Groups of people, where he is put in the position to help them constantly and watch out (which he still doesn't do). Watching allies/friends die. Being in a stressed position, socially. Constantly speaking to people, and those who expect him to respond every time.

Weaknesses His thoughts betray him most, and he often overlooks his thoughts and rushes in without thinking. He also has problems with social relations, and talking, most often. He hates being in spots that are too bright, for he looses some of his vision, and is in a vulnerable position. Flanked by a large group in a fight, he feels himself guaranteed to loose. He is easily bothered by most things, and will launch himself in fights.

Quirks: "Animals often fight more when they are cornered."


He was raised in the bear tribe by the leader, his father. He doesn't like to think that he was spoiled because of this; more so, he was disciplined more because of this and all the trouble he got himself in because he wanted to steal some food (more often than not, a baked pie from his mother's friend). He was a quiet child, as he is now, if not more so; he had a few friends, but when he was 13, they were killed in a hunting raid. He cut himself farther from contact because of this, and spends most of his time talking to Araya, his polar bear friend since the age of 3. He didn't know how he found her in the woods, but all he knows is that she was swimming in his favorite spot one day and followed him home.
Now, Malien still spends his time silent and fighting, even hearing about the Royal Wolf. He doesn't know how he can change anything, let alone understand why he should try.

Reserved. He knows when to speak or not to, even though he may yet not if he is meant to. His emotions are hidden behind a placid face when he is fighting, or rippled across a lake when he is not. He alienates himself in a group and his tribe. Most times he is very cheerful, smiling and laughing. Rarely is he nervous, or frustrated, though it happens enough that they notice.

Araya is his best friend, as evident. He knows that if she was to ever die, and it be his fault, he would never live with himself. He would barely be able to handle himself if someone under his protection was to be killed, but anyone who just threatens Araya usually knows their mistakes.


So begins...

Malien Tanethta's Story