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A Bedtime Tale of Arcadia

A Bedtime Tale of Arcadia


Simply a self continued version of the "Acadia" RP I was once apart of. I'm writing this as a bedtime story for the little one I babysit. I'm Not accepting character sheets.

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this is the link to the original arcadia story. i have put my spin of a few of the characters that belonged to others if they remained in the story at all.


Brief overview: Centuries ago, the magical folk rose up and conquered the human race. Now the humans are little more than servants...but the unity that once bound the creatures of magic together is about to be torn asunder.


It had been several centuries since the Magical Revolution. That was what they referred to it as, the day when the magic users, and the beings of magical descent rose up against the human population whom they claimed repressed them so terribly.

Initially, things had looked quite grim for the magical types. While their power allowed them a distinct advantage, they were small in number, spread out and disordered, their species' squabbling and mistrustful of one another. Their small groups became easily surrounded and wiped out by the superior organization of the mortal ranks.

It was at that point that the Fae stepped in. They offered vast amount of magical power and influence....but they also offered something more terrifying than any of their kind. They organized a summoning ritual, calling upon the dark and ancient beasts that slept within the earth.

They summoned dragons.

When the dragons came, their smoke blotted out the sun and their fire scorched the earth. Human cities were reduced to charred bones and cinders. Thousands were turned to ash.

The armies of humanity bowed before the creatures. Magic had won.

Many years have passed since that dark and distressing period of history. The world supposedly became a much more civilized place in that time, under the leadership of the magical folk. Attitudes were wholly different to how they had once been. Strangeness and abilities were prized, humanity was regarded as the lowest of the low, treated with anything ranging from disdain to open hostility.

Arcadia, one of the largest cities of
the new society, was heralded as a great example of how the new world functioned better than the old world had...and how all the mythical species could live and work together in harmony.

Certainly, Arcadia was nothing like a human city.

Bathed in a constant, magical twilight, Arcadia was built around enormous trees and spires of rock, streets perching on huge branches and up nearly impossible slopes. There was no particular plan to it, making it easy to get lost....especially as whole streets would often change places overnight. It was populated by all sorts of magical beings, living alongside one another and having comparatively normal lives. One could buy fruit from a goblin, or stay in an establishment owned by a personable manticore.

Humans existed in Arcadia, though the majority were trapped in jobs none of the other residents would wish to do. Most exist as slaves, merely a commodity to be traded between their 'betters'.

Arcadia was certainly a sight to see....but all wasn't well there. Upon the peak on the northern edge stood two structures, the course of the conflict. One was the twisted palace of branches that made up the Seelie, the court of the Fae and Elvish folks. On the other side stood the jagged stone tower of the Wizards. Those two made up the greatest authorities in Arcadia...and they had been engaged in a power struggle for years.

The natural, instinctive magic of the Fae, and the carefully calculated study of the Mages had never matched well together...and things flared into a new level of hostility when Finneaus, one of the leading wizards of the tower, was discovered face-down in his seeing pool. A Fae plot was suspected, and the two establishment seem ready to fight...but a few suspect something else is afoot. As the city approaches the great Festival of Unity, with many dignitaries visiting, the Lanterners, the city's law enforcement struggle to try and find the culprit...before the city tears itself apart from within.

Map of Arcadia


The Main Groups of Arcadia

The Seelie

The Seelie is the ruling council of the Fae, comprised of some of the most influential Fae and Elves in Arcadia, as well as other 'higher' creatures such as shapeshifters. They meet to come to political decisions and to dispense justice to members of their own kind. Many of the members of the Seelie were involved in the original summoning of the Great Dragons to the place, and many don't make a secret of it.

The Seelie are also responsible for large uses of Nature Magic. Lots of rare plants are cultivated in there for use in herbal potions. Changelings are also considered property of the Seelie.

The Wizard's Tower

The Organization that governs the magic users of Arcadia. They make political decisions, research spells, train young mages, and manufacture golems who act as servants. The Tower is a very rich organization and its high ranking members enjoy all sorts of privileges, living out very affluent lifestyles. They tend to be less malicious towards humans, with many members being otherwise human aside from thier magical ability. Humans that display magical abilities are often adopted and raised by The Tower.

The Lanterners

The Lanterners are the law enforcement of Arcadia. They are a comparatively small organization made out of all sorts of different creatures, and are very overworked. Their authority is official, but much of the time, the other organizations continue to act illegally when they are not being watched, taking advantages of the understaffing.

The Goblin Court

The Goblin Court organized the Low Fae in Arcadia, and is responsible for running the Goblin Market. The Goblin King is at its head. As a man of great status he was given a see in the Seelie, but, in an insulting gesture towards his Fae cousins, he has not attended a meeting in decades. He is supposedly a very charismatic fellow, but he rarely shows his face in public.

The Circle of Teeth

The Circle is an organization of magical creatures that lean towards the animalistic side of things. They are comprised of creatures like vampires, demons, werecreatures, manticores, gargolyes and animal-folk. They vehemently protect their right to hunt in The Wylds, especially on the full moon something that often brings them into conflict with The Seelie. They are quite a loose assembly, with many members acting according to their own interests. They tend to be one of the harshest group towards humans. They believe it as acceptable to use humans for 'sport', by setting them loose in the Wyld Wood and chasing them down. The Lanterners have warned them over it in the past, but it continues.


An underground human resistance group that has formed in Arcadia in the last few months. They hide out in the city catacombs and use their own stealth and skill to attack slave traders, slave owners, and people in political power. They are extremely violent in their approach...but their careful tactics have allowed their existence to go unnoticed up until now. A few rumors go around, but nothing concrete.

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Chapter 26: The Old Quarters Demon Meets the Unicorn Keeper

as written by RichterGotz and Masato22

The sheer scale of the festival grounds astounded Luthor. They were like nothing he had ever seen in the city before. He stalked through the crowd, ever vigilant. He was sure that Ingwe and the other disgusting nobles wouldn't be here in the outlying fairgrounds. They would be closer to the epicenter, most likely about to take part in some obscene ritual that would officially initiate this debauched revelry. He hoped they were all there, all of them. He wanted them all to watch. Luthor licked his teeth and pulled his hood closer around his face as he passed through one of the many wooden entrance gates.

There were Lanterners everywhere, more than Luthor had ever seen in one location before. He was sure there were even more disguised and mingling in the crowd as well. The thought made his skin crawl. How many screams would pierce the night in the Old Quarter, just so these pompous pigs could breathe easy?

As expected, the outlying parts of the festival were mostly comprised of large, tented eating areas and food stalls. Not to mention a plethora of different alcohol vendors. Luthor was amazed at how many people were already here. The entire city must be practically empty, and he was sure there was no way the wooden fence confines of the fair grounds would be able to contain this party once it really started. The entire city would become on wretched hive of loosed inhibitions by nightfall.

It was almost too easy, he would kill Ingwe, a few other members of the Seelie for good measure, then simply make his way to the nearest sewer entrance through a city too drunk to care. In fact, there was only one issue that was pressing into his mind at the moment. The wolf girl. He didn't know what she was, or how she would react to him slaughtering a couple of nobles; but something told him she would most definitely be present, and not intoxicated.

His hunch proved truthful. There she was, sitting at a grand, open air gathering amongst the other Seelie and Wizard's Tower representatives. She seemed to have caused quite a fuss, and almost every gaze in the vicinity was directed at her. He came as close as he dared, making it a point to not look directly at her, in case she sensed his gaze. He heard many mumblings in the crowd, and gradually pieced together what the wolf girl really was.

“She is now the Bzou, leader of the wolves. A human possessed by an ever-living spirit of the Wyldes."

Luthor sneered, so she really wasn't human eh? Not even a female anymore really. He felt Gram hum with anticipation, the power runes on its blade fired up in response to his excitement. Not really a girl, that meant he didn't have to hold back if....

Luthor turned towards the voice, a boy, a gargoyle, and a... unicorn... Strange, he had never seen an actual unicorn before. The boy and horned horse reeked of magic, and radiated a powerful presence. They stood out in the crowd starkly, Luthor wasn't sure how he hadn't noticed them before. The gargoyle seemed quite taken aback as well. The boy and unicorn were obviously nobles, but then, why weren't they in the place of honor along with the others?

Strange. More and more loose ends were beginning to appear. Luthor realized that his night might be much more complicated than he had thought.

As Faramire spoke to Krel the gargoyle, he felt alerted to a peculiar presence. It was as if the moonlight had shown in the daytime to him. The moon in which was his deity was informing him that the one he sought was present. Faramire looked up to the sky briefly and then peered over his shoulder in a melancholy manner at Luthor Huss. He turned to Krel and bowed. “My apologies my friend of stone, but I must meet with someone that I have sought for some time now. I would like to give you this as a gift of parting.” Faramire said as he handed Krel a small white crystal that sparkled. “This is a crystal from the Pale Crystal Wood. It is a item blessed by the Great Moon of the night kingdom. If you are in trouble and in need of a miracle, this crystal will anoint you with divine favor. If you’ll excuse me.” Faramire smiled and turned to walk toward Luthor Huss. Eldeen followed behind Faramire after bidding Krel goodbye.

Faramire slowly walked up to Luthor Huss and smiled. He could feel Huss’ human heart echo with a warm and vibrant rhythm. He could tell that this man carried change everywhere he treaded. He stood in front of Huss and then bowed. Eldeen followed suit and bowed to Huss.

“Sincere Greetings to the one the Great Moon watches with a fixed gaze. I am Prince Faramire Elassar of the Pale Crystal Wood. This is Eldeen, lord of the Unicorns. We have been searching for you in an effort to speak with you. We mean you no harm, therefore arms are not necessary. You are dear to this Earth, therefore you are of importance to the Great Moon. Today you shall bring fall leaves and eternal winter winds to and elvish tree. Oh bringer of change, may I ask you your name?”

The boy spoke as he bowed. He used terms and titles unfamiliar to Luthor, and his speech pattern was sing-songy and antiquated. Still, the message was clear, he had just been introduced to a horned horse, and the moon stalked him.

"The Great Moon huh? I didn't know the moon could watch anyone. Still, I appreciate your gesture. My name is Luthor Huss, I'm a blacksmith's assistant." He stated.

He wondered why the boy had made it clear he meant no harm. It wasn't normal practice on a normal day, let alone during a festival of friendship and unity. He quickly dissected the introduction in his mind, and realized that, somehow, this boy had an inkling of what Huss planned on doing that night. Anticipation creeped into his heart, if he was pointed out by this duo and the Lanterners descended on him, he would have to fight his way all the way to Ingwe right then and there.

Faramire giggled a little at Huss’ reaction to his talk of the moon. The horns blew in celebration of the ceremony’s beginning. Faramire turned slightly to look back at the stage. Ingwe, Alatariel, Voronwe and the other council members stood atop the stage and the crowd began to focus their attention on the main events. “I fear we shall have little time permitted to us to speak with each other. Here, this is something I should bestow upon you. It’s is known as the miracle stone. It will activate when your heart is in need of blessing. Until we speak again, do know that the Earth, that is so dear to our great Moon, see you as a king and steward of change for this land.” Faramire said calmly before looking up to the sky while holding his hand over his heart. “Oh Great Moon, thank you for allowing us this occasion.” Faramire said softly in a slightly chant like manner. “We shall see each other again, my human friend.” Faramire said with a smile.


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Chapter 27: The Ceremonies Begin

The Mer Royals

Lord Ingwe stood on the stage and announced the major guests of the festival of unity. There were fireworks, and loads of theatrics about. “I am honored to have many distinguished guests here with us today. I would as if you would ascend to the designated seats assigned to you and your party when you are announced.” Ingwe began. “Prince Aearion Tulrin, Son of King Vehiron. His royal highness hails from the ocean kingdom of Mornenion.” The announcer called out Aearion and he levitated forward. “Aranhil Rinion, Duke of Ilaria the Western Sea. Merilwen Vanamarilla Princess of Airemana, the Eastern Sea.”

Brandeau and Ellemmire watched as the Mer Royals, being summoned to the stage, began to move forward. Aearion didn’t leave without giving Brandeau a warning. “You had better not cause trouble, pirate.” Aearion hissed.

Brandeau grinned with a snicker. “Don’t you worry, Dolphin. I wouldn’t dare have all of these Lanterns comin’ after me now would I?” Bandeau motioned for the Merman prince to proceed toward the stage. The three mer royals approached the stage. The crowd cleared the way for them as they passed. The people were in awe of the mer-people as they levitated to the stage area.

Next The announcer called the name of the representative from the Wizards Tower, “Bishop Elendil Underhill of the Wizards Tower.” Elendil walked gracefully toward the stage. He emanated strong magic to those in his presence. The Byzou was announced next followed by Faramire. Ingwe thanked all of his distinguished guests for attending and supporting the unity of the land.

“I would also like to announce something special today. On this day of celebration, I would like to announce that my daughter Alatariel shall be engaged to High Councilor Lolindir. This is a joyous occasion and my daughter is happy with her husband to be. I pray you bestow upon them your blessings.” Ingwe smiled greatly. Everyone knew that marriage to a head of the High council’s child would mean being appointed the head of the high council upon the current head’s dismissal, death, or retirement from the position. The kingdom cheered. Lolindir smiled only slightly. He was generally interested in Alatariel and did have feelings for her. Ingwe was confident that Lolindir would indeed treat Alatariel well and take care of her.


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Chapter 28: Becoming the Enemy

Luthor Huss

The festival went onward with many presentations of a grand scale. So many people crowded the festival grounds. The whole city was ripe with joyous music, food and drink. Luthor Huss stood amongst the crowd keeping note of everything going on. He sized up each council members, they looked a bit tougher than any of the elves he’s assassinated in the past. Luthor hoped he didn’t have to fight his way through them to get to Ingwe. While some of the final presentations were going about, Luthor noticed someone slip close to him in the mass of people. He was prepared to strike however the energy of this person was quite different than anyone in the crowd and yet familiar. With a subtle glance Luthor spotted the individual in question. It was Sarase.

Luthor looking forward toward the stage, addressed the strange woman. “What are you doing here? You didn’t have to take part in the action, I’ve got this covered.”

Sarase replied calmly in her sultry voice. “I’ve come bearing a gift from Soulue. I shall leave the task to you however I must fulfill my end of the bargin.” She quickly wrapped her slim figure around Huss’ waistline, which made him quite uncomfortable. She slipped him a magical blade underneath his cloak.

Luthor could feel the magic emanating from the weapon immediately. He had to repress the urge to rip it from his belt and toss it away. “What the hell is this for?!” He exclaimed in the most muffled manner he could achieve. Huss hated magic and wanted none of it near his person.

Sarase released Huss and replied, “Soulue requires that this task points the Seelie toward the wizards as the culprit, not the Mortalis. The Old Quarters Demon shall have to use this to complete the task at hand. You must be as a ghost this time, nothing too conspicuous. I have delivered the message. Good luck Huss.” With that, Sarasae slipped away into the crowd leaving Huss standing with gritted teeth.

Huss was quite angry at this turn of events. Not only did he have to use a blade imbued with magic, but he wouldn’t even get credit for his own kill outside of the Mortalis members that were aware of the assassination. Luthor at this point wanted to walk away from the whole thing. But he was a man of his word so he had to see this through to the end. The presentations had come to an end. The Seelie members and guests were allowed to socialize amongst the crowd of people. Now was Luthor’s chance to approach Ingwe.

Getting to Ingwe would prove difficult as he was most never alone. He was a very popular man. Luthor kept his eyes fixed on Ingwe’s every movement, trying to ignore the magical energy emanating from the blade Sarasae had given him. It seemed that Ingwe was heading for a quieter area with his daughter. Luthor kept a safe distance away but he never let Ingwe out of his sights.

Ingwe and Alatriel

Ingwe had received a security update from the lanterns that were patrolling the area. He wanted to let Alatriel know that all was well and that no suspicious activity was discovered thus far. He sent for her and soon afterward she arrived. “My dear, let us talk in a more discreet place.” He guided his daughter away from the crowds towards the gardens. “Regarding your vision earlier, I have received confirmation from the patrols that no suspicious activity has been reported. All is well Alatriel so please let your worries diminish and enjoy the festival.” Ingwe said with a gentle smile.

Alatriel was relieved to hear the news but she still couldn’t shake her worries so easily. “Alright father. I’ll be at peace.” She replied quietly, her face attempting to smile lightheartedly.

Ingwe continued, “I was quite excited to announce to the kingdom of your engagement to Councilmen Lolindir. Everyone seemed pleased as well. How are you feeling my dear? I’m sure you must be excited.”

“I am. He’s an honest man. I am afraid that everyone is waiting to ask me a million questions regarding the engagement now.” Alatriel said as she looked off into the festival area. She spotted Lolindir being surrounded by well-wishers, all inquisitive about his engagement. He looked above annoyed as he didn’t like to be pestered by a bunch of people. “I’d better go face them. Lolindir looks about ready to hurt someone. See you later.” Alatriel gave her father a hug before departing.

“I love you Alatriel.” Ingwe said calmly.

She turned around with a happy smile, “I love you too father.”

Ingwe watched as Alatriel headed over to rescue her fiancé from the bombardment of questions and people. He didn’t notice Luthor Huss creep up behind him quietly. Luthor grabbed the magic blade and pointed it at Ingwe’s back. “You call for help and I’ll make sure you suffer. Now walk quietly with me to a quieter place.” Luthor said in a dark and serious tone. Ingwe felt the blade against his back and knew what was to happen. He didn’t struggle.

The two reached an empty ballroom within the Seelie. Luthor closed the door behind them. He grabbed Inwe by the arm and spun him around to that Ingwe faced him. “Turn toward me. I want you to see me when you die Fae scum.” Luthor said to the councilman. He was growing excited at the prospect of the kill.

Ingwe looked Luthor up and down. He was oddly calm. “So Alatriel was right. There was indeed danger here. I was the one to disappear in her vision. So you intend to kill me. Well I definitely don’t intend to make it any easier for you than I already have. If you wish to end me then you’ll have to fight for your prize. A dead man desires to know your name young one.”

Luthor grinned widely. This was all becoming increasingly thrilling to him. “Luthor Huss is the name.” Huss replied. He readied the weapon given to him by Sarasae.

Ingwe raised his arms and a wind picked up in the room. Ingwe began to glow a golden color. Ingwe knew his time had come but he had a plan. “The bonds of destiny bind us Luthor Huss. Come now, take my life.” Ingwe said calmly.

“No more talking. It’s time!” Luthor replied. He quickly charged at Ingwe and slashed at the councilman. He attacks were very accurate but Ingwe was supernaturally swift in movement. Just when Huss landed a blow it proved to be parried by a magical staff that appeared to protect Ingwe. Luthor knew that he needed to end this quickly. It wouldn’t take too long for people to notice that the councilman was gone for too long. Before he could act again, Ingwe knocked Huss into the air with a strong wind blast. Huss landed hard on the ground but quickly got back up. He charged Ingwe once more but at the last moment he sidestepped and attacked Ingwe from behind.

Ingwe was stabbed in the back with the enchanted sword. The light that glowed around Ingwe transferred to the sword and into Luthor. Luthor felt a burning sensation in his body. “I am… now… a part of you, Luthor… Huss…” Ingwe said as he was dying.

Luthor could feel a strange and magical energy invading him. His muscles tingled and his veins pulsed. He felt as if his body was not simply his own anymore. Luthor was honestly terrified. He had no control over what was happening to him. Ingwe dropped to his knees as the life slipped away from him. Huss dropped the enchanted blade that Sarasae had given him in horror. “What the hell did you do to me!?! Answer me!! Damn you answer me!!” Huss screamed at the dying elf lord.

Ingwe looked up to Huss with a smile. “I am… joining you. We are now one step closer in fulfilling our destiny…” Ingwe’s breah was labored. “My daughter tried to warn me… I had a vision of my own some time ago… ahhh!!” Ingwe winced in pain and collapsed to the floor. “I didn’t understand until now. You and I are bound by a common fate. However you who were once of the shadows shall step into the light and I of the light must fade into the shadows of your soul. I am your enemy no longer… Friend…” With that Ingwe passed away.

Luthor’s body glowed and he felt a stronger heartbeat pounding inside of himself. It was as if Ingwe was there inside of him. He was, the elf lord’s body was dead but his spirit was not gone, not for a long shot. The glowing subsided and Luthor breathed out heavily trying to calm himself. Just then an Fae maiden overheard Huss’ loud protest and peered into the ballroom only to see Ingwe dead. She screamed and many lanterns came rushing into the room. Huss was now terrified. This had gone down worse than he could have ever imagined. He was surely going to be killed, by a bunch of blasted lanterns no less.

Huss could hear Ingwe’s voice. “It seems the Unicorn Keeper Prince has given you salvation. The miracle stone, it has made us invisible. Now is our chance.” Huss looked around frantically he could hear the dead elf but couldn’t see him. He spotted Ingwe glowing near the room’s door, motioning as if to usher Huss out of the room. Huss was freaked out but made a mad dash for the doorway and was miraculously unnoticed. Luthor sprinted out of the fairgrounds and ducked into the nearest alleyway he could find. He held the glowing pale crystal that Faramire had given him in his hand and its glow dimmed before snapping in half. It’s magic had faded. Luthor could now be seen once again. However he was out of the frying pan so he wasn’t too worried. Who would have thought the magic he so hated would actually serve to save him.


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Chapter 29: Darker Days begin

The festival of unity ended early and in tragedy. The festival grounds were in an uproar and chaos as the lanterns ripped through the area to find Ingwe’s assassin. Alatriel wept holding her father’s lifeless body and Lolindir knelt down beside her in an attempt to console his grieving fiancé. The mer royals were taken aback by the happening.

“It seems that things are a mess here in the surface world.” Aranhil commented as he witnessed the distress and panic thick in the atmosphere.

The people of importance such as the mer royals, the councilmen, the unicorn keeper, elindil and the byzou were escorted to safety. Merilwen noticed that Brandeau had suddenly disappeared amongst the chaotic crowd. “The pirate is missing! He’s vanished!” She said.

Elemire turned and looked beside her where Brandeau was once standing only to find the spot vacant of his presence. “He was here but a moment ago.” She said.

Aearion cringed, “I should have had him arrested when I had the chance! I’m sure he had something to do with this odious deed!” He protested.

The lanterns inspected the blade used to assassinate Ingwe and soon discovered it was a magic blade, one that only those of the wizard’s tower used. The attention immediately centered on to Elendil of the wizards’ tower. He looked about seeing the distrust on the faces of the Fae of spire rock. This was becoming a dangerous situation for him. The people were angry, and looking for someone to take the fall. Accusations began to be thrown his way and one of the elves accused Elindil of committing the murder himself. The mage frowned and narrowed his gaze upon his accuser. “I beg your pardon! You would be wise to hold your tongue before casting such hateful lies.” Elindil replied in a stern yet composed manner. “I was among people and the center of attention the whole time. I could not possibly nor would I have ever committed such treason!”

The councilman Maeglin felegund countered, “But the weapon and evidence suggests that one possessing a magic sword slew the high councilman. If not you then it is most likely one under your command. Lantern Guards Seize him and any from the wizards’ tower present at once!!” He commanded. The lanturns immediately drew and pointed their weapons at the bishop and his followers.

Elendil was sadly disappointed. He knew that the wizards had been set up, but by whom was unknown. He knew he had to get himself and his people to safety. With a quiet chant the symbol of the true wind rune glowed bright and a mighty gust of wind and gale kept the lantern guard at bay. Like the wind the Bishop and his people vanished into thin air.

Lolindir watched the whole scene unfold and remained silent. He knew something deeper was afoot but he had no evidence to support his inkling. As everyone was ordered to clear the area and return home or to their quarters Lolindir said quietly to Meiglin, “Just because a magic blade was used does not mean that it was a mage who killed Ingwe. A little too obvious don’t you think?” He said in a cold manner. Maeglin snarled quietly. He rolled his eyes and began to respond yet Lolindir had already walked off. Lolindir hugged Alatriel close to his muscular frame. “Come my dear. You must rest. I’m here for you.” Lolindir said tenderly to his fiancé. It was rare to hear such a mellow tone from him.

Voronwe approached Lolindir and Alatriel, “You are not the head councilman Lolindir. You must call an emergency council meeting tonight. We have much to discuss and to sort out.” Voronwe said in a fatherly tone. He was very much devastated by Ingwe’s death but he had hope in the new council head. Voronwe felt he could trust Lolindir to do what was right in most situations. However he did worry about the severity of Lolindir’s methods sometimes. Lolindir nodded affirmatively in response to Voronwe’s suggestion.

Mablung gave a dark smirk, “Congratulation High Councilman Lolindir. How fortunate for you in this time of tragedy.”

Lolindir simply replied, “How tasteless.” Before leaving the room with alatriel.

Luthor Huss

Luthor sat tucked away hidden in a back alley. He was still trying to take in all that had happened. He had almost forgotten that he needed to get out of the Fae territory fore the Lanturnes were doing a thorough sweep of the entire city area. He had to get out of there else he could be arrested and then discovered at the true assassin. “Damn, how do I get out of here so without getting caught? I already used up the little gift that Unicorn Keeper gave me. I owe him big…” Huss said to himself.

Just then a group of lanterns charged past the alleyway down the street in search of anyone as a suspect. Luthor ducked back against a wall and covered in shadow. Luckily he wasn’t seen but it wouldn’t be too long before the lanterns combed through the alleyways as well. Luthor then noticed the cobblestone a few paces away rumble slightly. Then a solid block of the stones moves up and over to reveal an opening in the ground. Huss grabbed his cat splitter ready for action but he noticed a young man appeared from the opening.


Huss gave a curious look and asked “Who the heck are you and where did you come from?”

The young man smiled brightly and waved at Luthor. “Ah! There you are Mr Huss! I’ve been looking all over for you! I’m Theodore Pohl. But you can call me Tepo if you like.” He bowed formally to Huss. “I’m a mortalis scout. Kile “Kneecaps” Turner sent me to find you and smuggle you back to safety. We’ll use the underground caverns to go back. We gotta hurry now or we’ll get caught.” Tepo said in a chipper tone. With that, he quickly hopped back down into the tunnel.

Huss was slightly puzzled. “Wow… Kile is amazing for being able to track me down to help get my sorry ass out of hot water. But I can’t believe this kid found me. Well no time to ponder about it.” Huss thought to himself. He followed Tepo down and sealed the entrance behind him.

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Character Portrait: Círdan Singollo
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Ingwe Leralonde

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Alatariel Léralondë

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Elemmire the dryad

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