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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Alex Smith

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a character in “A Book Of Dares”, originally authored by Grrbot, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Alex Smith
Age: 17
Birthday: May 9th
-Being Alone
-The Dark
-Closed Spaces
-The Dark
Alex is a party girl pretty much... She doesn't really like to sit still for very long so she has to keep moving. Alex is a flirt and loves to toy with the boys. If shes not the center of attention, she's not happy. She loves the attention and also she gets what she wants. Rarely do things not go in her favor. She works hard for what she wants but she's not easily impressed or satisfied. She is stubborn and can be bossy and a jerk sometimes. She's the popular girl I guess. And shes a spoiled brat.
Alex was born to Ross and Angelica Smith. Her father was a well known lawyer and her mother was a accountant. Her family was wealthier than some others and they spoiled Alex whenever she wanted something. Alex's grades were never good so she got a tutor.. But that still didn't help. Throughout school she's been barely passing her classes so she's lucky to even be in high school. Alex was popular though and she got into many parties... Shes popular with the guys too... There are also rumors about her which are all not true.
-Pocket Knife

So begins...

Alex Smith's Story

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#, as written by Grrbot
I watched as Skylar, Esther and Axel came back down the stairs. The shadow said some orders and Skylar tore the cloth on one arm. I watched as Axel yelped. Damn it! The shadow said to light his feet on fire... I shook my head... That was horrible... We couldn't do it... Unless... "Hey why don't we light it for a second and then douse water on it? To put out the flames maybe?

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When Harley asked if I was okay, I shook my head. "I couldn't help but think that this is all my fault. If I wasn't stupid, I wouldn't have done it, right?" She said. Curling her hair with her fingers. "Maybe everyone at school was right, I have d hair and stupid.." She chuckled to herself. "I got everyone's lives at stake..." I tell him. "Even yours.." I mumbled, not meant for him to hear. He probably heard it. After telling me somehing we turned back to everyone. Esher has this smirk on her face and Alex suggested about the fire then water. "How about we dip Axel's feet in water and then burn the feet? He'll feel instant relief right?" I suggest.

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After suggesting about the fire then water. Axel then told me to continue. I was going to push him away when I see my hand entangled with Harley. He looked at me and gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. "Axel, I can't do that. I don't want anyone killed. Especially knowin this is all my fault. If someone needs to die, it should be me. I say, eyes watering. It's true. Harley must have knew. He pulled me close and hugged me. I sniffled. Harley then let me go and smiled at me. "You can have exchange. Make Skylar stay in a room while I relive her worst memory ever.." Shadow said. My eyes widened. My mom and dad, forcing me to.... Nevermind. "You heard him, guys, go." I said. Grace protested saying don't she knew my history. Harley held my arm. I have to protect him. I do. I have to save everyone. There was a problem. I will be alone in a dark, small room. With that, I'm reliving it already. I was caught up on my train of thoughts when I heard everyone protesting. "Just wait, I'll be fine.." I lie. Saving them is my priority.