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Sutton Michael Henderson

"Why should I give you my opinion, it won't change your ego-filled one."

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a character in “A bottle of tequilla and some music please!”, as played by ZoeyAutopsyx


Theme Songs
Rock N Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) by Skrillex The Middle by Jimmy Eat World


Full Name
Sutton Michael Henderson

Nick Names
"Most of the times, people call me by my last name, Henderson, which I honestly have no problem with. It’s my closer friends that refer to me by my first name."

"Twenty-three of age."

"Well, I'm the Stagehands, I specialize in lighting, rigging things that hang, stuff along those lines."

Dubstep - "I discovered this about two years ago. I KNOW, I'm slow. But ever since then, it's become my favorite genre of music."
Monster energy drinks - "I really do not go one day without drinking this stuff. The green one is the best."
The night life - "I am a night owl, for sure. You won't see me getting sleep during this time of the day, I'm usually out and about."
Snow - "Winter time is the BEST time. The little kid inside me pretty much comes out when there's snow on the ground."

Gangs - "I cannot stand the individuals that go around wearing their pants around their knees and their snapbacks backwards. Coming from Los Angeles, one can imagine I have seen plenty of them."
Reality TV shows - "Jersey Shore, Housewives of whatever city, they all piss me off. I see them as pointless."
Relationships - "Being tied down is one of my pet peeves. I like to be free to do what he want, when he want."
The smell of lavender - "It just suffocates me. I can't stand that smell for anything."

- During his senior year in high school, Sutton experimented with marijuana and became sort of ‘hooked’, but dropped the habit a little while after he graduated.
- Music is one of Sutton’s addictions. Although everyone says this, Sutton doesn’t joke about it, and literally has to be listening to something at all hours of the day. Hell, he can’t even fall asleep without his iPod on and playing something.

Stagehands for the band.

Relationships with others
Naomi - "We're cool, she's pretty interesting to talk to, and I like her view on things. Honestly, she's a good friend to have."
Indiana Scarlett Karver - "I could listen to this girl all day, she's so energetic and emotion-filled. I really like her, she's good at what she does, and she's very beautiful."
Douma Allen Vacante - "I'm not going to sit here and call this guy a kid, because I see him like I see everyone else here. I'd like to spend more time talking to him, but from what I know about him, he's definetely legit."
Morgan Monprofit - "Ahh, Morgan, I think she's a trustable person. I have nothing but good to say about her."
Zachary Osier - "Well...the guy doesn't strike me as the friendliest in the bunch...I don't really talk to him, and if I were to be completely honest, I kind of don't want to. But that's just me."
James Locksley: "The guy's pretty funny, talking to him is never boring. Can't say much else, since yet again, I haven't talked to him much."
Evony Harrington - "I respect this woman deeply, she's intriguing, to say the least. She's great at what she does, and well, that's really good for the band."

-He has not admitted this to anyone, but Sutton classifies himself as bisexual. He has never dated a guy, but would definitely break his ‘no relationships’ rule for that.
- Because of his on-going questions about his sexuality and what he wants, Sutton hasn't slept with a girl, or guy, for that matter.
-He blames himself for his best friend’s death back in high school.


Sutton stands at about six feet tall, and has a strong, built figure about him. His skin tone is average in color, but if he were to spend a couple of days in the sun, it would definitely show on his skin as a fresh tan. His skin seems to love the sun. His hair is a naturally dirty blonde color, but as time went on, he decided to put light blonde back into his longer strands. He has a mature face with a straight nose, high cheekbones, and a pair of eyes that seem to change colors from hazel, to brown-blue, to dark brown when he is extremely tired.

Because he doesn’t see the point in tattoos, Sutton doesn’t have any. He’s pretty sure he would regret anything he permanently sticks on his skin, so he has no wishes to get a tattoo. He had an ear stud back in the day, but decided to take it out. He has a scar on the knuckle of his thumb from a couple years back.

Sutton is the type of guy that won’t really say anything until he is called upon to say something. He’s not the type to go around shouting his opinion, get into arguments, or take charge of things and be that obnoxious leader which people are dying to disobey. He is content with being quiet, and simply taking in what other people have to say. This doesn’t mean that he is easily influenced by others, though, since he does in fact have his own set of opinions which he believes in strongly. He has no problem saying no, and everything that he does say has a reason to it. He is an honest and straight-forward person, and doesn’t believe in just hinting around at what he wants.

He is loyal to anyone he considers a good friend, and likes to listen to what problems people may have. Even though he might sometimes not offer the best advice, just talking to him can make someone feel better. Although he does not necessarily have trust issues, Sutton won’t trust anyone immediately, and if someone does something to jeopardize his trust in them, well, that’s unfortunately the end for them as friends. He is a sweet, mature, sometimes awkward, responsible guy who can get along with just about anyone, and is a great person to have by your side.

Los Angeles, California is the point of origin for Sutton.

He is the only child to his father, Michael Henderson, who is the head of a well-known company in the center of the city. Having said this, one can imagine that he was almost never home, which was one of the reasons why Sutton‘s mom, Heather, walked out of the picture two years after Sutton‘s birth. Heather was never really fit to be a mother, though, so it is no surprise that Sutton‘s father got full custody of him. Therefore, Sutton grew up in a nice house with pretty much anything he wanted.

His father, being as successful as he is, never stayed single for long, so through-out Sutton‘s life, he has seen women come and go in his father‘s life. This didn‘t really affect him, but he has grown to resent his father, and hopes that he is nothing like him. School was never a big deal for Sutton, he was never pushed too far to succeed, and got through his schooling with average grades. It was in high school that he found the tech-nerds and networking individuals, whom he stuck with and learned everything he knows about technology from.

It was also in high school that he met his best friend, Sean, and the two of them became joined at the hip. Unfortunately, life has that way of kicking you in the ass, and a ride home from a party one night turned deadly when a car ran a stop sign and hit Sean‘s side of the car. This event caused Sutton to become even more reserved than he already is, and he blames himself for his friend‘s tragic death.

After graduating from high school, Sutton and a group of his friends decided to get a place together where they could be away from the rules of their parents and do whatever they want. In order to afford his part of the rent, Sutton got a job at one of the Apple stores in Los Angeles.

So begins...

Sutton Michael Henderson's Story


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With a serious nod at Evony's words, Sutton hung up, then got to this feet again and looked around, dusting his hands off. Evony wanted a list of what everyone was missing, which meant that Sutton had to do what he almost never did and talk to the whole band at the same time. "YO, THAT WAS EVONY," he called out, then looked down at Dan. "Can you get all of em to get over here? Urgent message from the manager. She wants a list of everything we lost and told us to meet at the Servisair Executive Lounge in Terminal One with all the crap we DO have." He opened a new message addressed to Evony and began typing at lightning speed: "I have all of my stuff, Dan is missing some of his tech equipment, then I think everyone else is missing something. I will let you know in a couple."

Having typed that, he turned to look at Naomi, then quickly walked over to her. "What are ya missing again? Manager wants to know so we can get this problem solved as quickly as possible."

This was the good thing about Sutton. When it came to serious times in which action had to be taken, he knew exactly what to do. His leader mode kicked in, reguardless of who he was speaking to at that given time. And if anything, he did not want to let Evony down.


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"My fucking big yellow suitcase, my duffel. Zach and James are missing their instruments, and uhhh Naomi's bag," Dan relayed cheerily, popping the correct dose of pills for the day into his mouth and taking a sip of the rest of Sutton's energy drink then handing it back to him. "Tell her we're super hungry, too, yknow. Plane food just doesn't cut it. Or is there gonna be food at this bar? Are they even going to let me in? Is that a thing they do for minors over here?" Dan chuckled, looking around at everyone. "Damn you all look like you've been up for sixteen hours straight."


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Looking down at his phone in concentration, Sutton's thumbs worked over the screen as he typed a complete list of what everyone was missing, then sent it to Evony. He watched as the message sent, then looked up at everyone and grabbed his bags, once again shouldering his smallest one. His phone wasn't completely charged, he only got about 20%, and he hated more than anything to unplug it while it was desperately eating away energy from the outlet. This was one of his weird quirks, he treated his technology like it was his child, which meant protecting it.

Groaning, he had no choice but to unplug the phone, then he took out the converter and handed it back to Dan. "Thanks," he simply told him, then pocketed his phone and got ready to follow everyone else. He wasn't too keen on the idea of alcohol at the moment, but he sure as hell wasn't going to be a buzzkill and be the only one who didn't purchase a beer, at least other than Dan.


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Hey, where are you guys going? she asked Dan and Naomi. Evony asked us to wait at the ... what's it called again Sutton? She has all the information and the phone number of the mini van that was supposed to pick us up together with our instruments. Morgan said. They were all walking towards customs trying to get through so they could go to terminal one. She looked over her shoulder to make shure everybody was there. Sutton was walking next to Naomi and James seemed to be talking to Indiana. Morgan looked at her feet while walking. She was quiet because the exhaustion was starting to weigh on her. When she would arrive at the hotel she would just get into her bed and do a nap... or maybe take a bath!


Everybody was moving. Where they were going James couldn't care less. He just wanted somewhere to sit... preferably a car that would bring them to their hotel where there would be beds and showers and bahts... no, a bed would already be enough. He was tired. He put his hand on Indiana's head and messed with her hair. So how are you doing? Not too tired I hope? he smiled. The group looked as if they received some shot of energy... or maybe everybody was just exited because they were moving and actualy going somewhere... excited because they were getting out of the airport and officialy into Europe. He was!


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Looking back at Morgan, Sutton tried to remember the name of the place they were supposed to go to. Usually he had no problem with memory, but a fog was settling into his brain, and it was hard for him to even remember where they were right now. "Servisair Executive Lounge in Terminal One," he said, then nodded to himself. "Yeah, that's it," sighing, he shoved his hands in his pockets, then began walking a little ahead of them. Apperantly Naomi and Dan were not going to join in on the 'festivities', which meant Sutton was probably going to sit in the corner a little awkwardly with the band and listen to what Evony had to tell them. He had no problem with this, of course, but he didn't want to feel like he was intruding on the band talk. But he was good for some things, like taking notes on his iPhone of whatever Evony wanted the band to remember. It made him feel important, to say the least. Although he didn't show it, Sutton cared just as much about the band as anyone else in the group, and liked to watch them succeed.

Since he was ahead of the group, he reached the lounge first, then looked around. Fairly empty, except a couple of people with their laptops in the corner, sipping on their whiskeys. He supposed he was going to order himself one as well, something a tad stronger than beer. Alcohol kept him just as alert as a good energy drink did, after all.


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Sutton was the last to order after the band, settling with a simple Daniels on the rocks, and giving the bartender a small smile as he collected his drink. He was in that stage where he was exhausted yet alert at the same time, his mind couldn't seem to decide which one wanted to over-take the other. Despite this, he sat a little away from the band, wanting to give them their space, and chose to look down into his glass at the ice floating around. He was just about to take a sip of his Daniels when he saw Evony walk in, a determined look on her face. She looked fierce, ready to conquer the world.

"Where's Indiana? Sutton, go and find her for me." Looking up, Sutton nodded and stood at the command, placing his glass on the table once more.

"On it," he responded, then walked out of the lounge, determined not to let Evony down. At times, he surprised even himself at how much he wanted to help her, to be her right hand man. He had the urge to make her life easier, and doing small tasks like these was no problem to him. He found Indiana in no time, then walked over to her quickly and leaned down to look at her. "Hey, Evony's arrived, she wants everyone at the lounge. Free booze?" he offered, then smiled a small smile and offered his hand to her to lift her up.