Arturo Francis DeGari

First son and heir to the DeGari throne.

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a character in “A Broken Truce, A Marriage Made.”, as played by TheSpaceInBetween




|{Full Name}|
Arturo Francis DeGari

Art, Turo

20||Feb 12




{Reserved | Caring | Private | Jaded l Loyal}

Arturo is a very protective individual, he will go beyond breaking point to save his friends and loved ones. He thinks a lot mainly about work as well as the curse he is stuck with. If he didn't have Rosa and in fact if he hadn't have met her he has no idea where he would be without her if they hadn't met that one fateful night. He loves to help people and will offer his assistance to anyone. He works hard and appreciates the life he is living and the people around him.

|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
▪ His wolf like habits emerge ever so often. ( sniffing, growling, hissing etc.)
▪ He plays with his hair when he stressed
▪ Taps his legs when his is thinking/ distracted
▪ His eyes become bright yellow when the wolf is breaking the edge of him

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
⚘He can defend himself well enough against enemies⚘
⚘His heightened senses give him advantages in otherwise hopeless situation⚘

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
⚘His temper tends to get the best of him especially if the wolf has been on his back for a while annoying him⚘
⚘He argues with the wolf constantly cursing and muttering in French⚘

ø The beast taking over forever ø
ø Hurting his family ø


✤He has a fear of enclosed spaces and will attempt everything he can to avoid going into one✤



l{Hair/Eye Colour}l
Deep Brown and spiky/ Ice Blue eyes ( Yellow in wolf form)

6'4"l 190 lbs

Arturo tends to wear smart casual clothes, that give him a modern style. He wears short sleeved shirts that show his muscular arms he prefers to wear jeans than trousers since it's more of a comfort thing.

|{Skin Tone}|
His skin is tanned lightly naturally but it looks like he has spent a good amount of time in the sun.

|{Body Type}|
He is tall and intimidating especially when he is under the influence of the wolf, he is very muscular especially in his top half his chest is like rock and his abs are almost solid.


Specialties | Talents:
Werewolf transformation {Mastery level}: Arturo can turn into a wolf with the blink of an eye, its still a really painful process, but as soon as something upsets the wolf he can rip your throat out in seconds. The wolf also shows himself in Arturo by elongating his nails and teeth into a monster like appearance.

|▲Summer|▲Watching the stars|▲Music|▲Coffee|▲French Food|▲Exercising|▲The smell of Rain|▲Reading|▲Writing|▲Painting|▲

▼The Wolf|▼Pressure|▼Sleeping|▼ Stressful situations|▼Crowds|▼Losing control|

Family/kin/important Friends Arturo's Family stretch far and wide but his is the first son to the king, so he will inherit the throne when his father passes one, he has two younger brother and two younger sisters. Each of them are trained in armed and unarmed combat, using the wolf blood in their veins from heightened strength and speed.
Social Status Single

Wolf AppearanceImage
Eye Colour Yellow
Average Temperament 7/10


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