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A Broken Truce, A Marriage Made.



a part of A Broken Truce, A Marriage Made., by TheSpaceInBetween.


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Ferona is a part of A Broken Truce, A Marriage Made..

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Arturo Francis DeGari [0] First son and heir to the DeGari throne.

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It had been done, this was the last straw. King Carlyle had broken an age old truce between the wolves and the humans and now the time had come to pay. To much land had already been lost from their borders through expansions of the kingdom, FernCrosse could not afford to lose anymore of the precious woodland surrounding their home.

The DeGari family had all arrived in the kingdom dressed in normal attire but had royal clothes underneath. The family was known to many kingdoms but we're never a threat..until now.

The guards surrounding the castle barely reacted as the family disrobed revealing there regal clothing emblazoned with the DeGari crest, a crescent moon and a gold tree. A silent stab in the neck was all they needed to entered. He barely felt his life slipping away still standing to attention only a far away gaze in his eyes.

King Tristan stepped forward family behind him as they advanced to the throne room. Guards fell left right and centre muffled cries leaving them.

Kicking open the door the family burst in swords and knives drawn, a large snarl left his lips. As the family surrounded them eyes glowing a misty yellow.

" you have broken a truce your majesty" he pulled out a large price of paper handing it over " a debt must be paid, you have moved in on our land much too frequently I was prepared to allow a small settlement but you have placed two mills and a field of crops. You know what I have come for" he unsheathed his sword and raised it to the Kings neck. " you know what must be done, summon her"

Arturo had known this day would come eventually, he was actually hoping to be married already but the moon had another idea not pairing him with a mate just yet.

He watched as his father read off the list off offences from the Carlyle family, his siblings spread themselves around his two younger brothers and his two younger sisters.