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Ellis Salem Aven

'' Nice to meet you!''

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a character in “A Celeberties Life”, as played by ~*NovaleeTehNinja*~


Name: ''I am Ellis Salem Aven.''
Nicknames:''I perfer to be call Elli, Salem, Lemmie, A, Vennie, Or Kitty.''
Gender:''Last time I checked I was a Female.''
Age: ''I just turned 17 a few days ago.''
Role: ''I am the lead Singer for Forgotten Roses. I rock :D''
Appearance: Image
'' I am five feet and four inches tall, and I weigh about one hundred pounds. I have a light pink hair color and my hair, which is super soft, goes down to about past my knees. My bangs are side swept and frmae my soft face. Now speaking of my face, I have a small head, and soft pale colored skin. I have bright blue eyes lined in thick eyelashes and a cute button nose. My lips are full and plump and very pink. I have a curvy body, and nice 'assets' if you know what I mean ;D.''
Personality: Image
'' Hmm my personality, that is kinda hard to explain since I'm so random and crazy it's almost impossible to tell how I may act, but I'll try. I'm usually really really nice to everyone I meet cuse as my momma used to tell me ' Be nice to every one you meet cuse every person is fighting a battle harder then your own.' and I wouldn't doubt her in the least. I was raised in the country, so I'm all about that southern hospitality. Like I said above I'm pretty randome and insane so if you wanna get to know me speand some time with me!''
Likes: ''Hmm, things I like well Here's a few:
+Sweet & Sugary things
+Cute Fluffy things
+Stuffed animals
+My band Mates
+Meeting new people
+Rainy Days
+Being insanely crazy.''
Dislikes: ''Things I don't like, there's alot of those:
+Rude, Perverted, Or sleezy guys
+Being used
+Dogs, they scare me
+Being alone for a long time
+The dark and what ever lurks in it
+scary movies, but I'll always watch one
+being woken up
+wearing my glasses
+being yelled at
+being told what to do.''
Fears: ''I'm Scared of everything...almost.
+Being alone forever
+The Darkness
Hobbies: '' Hmm, I love to Play Soccer, sing of course, and paint. I'm also obsessed with playing the sims, so I do that alot on my computer, I think that's a hobby, or a hidden obsession.''
Deepest Desires: ''My deepest desire, okay it's, like really corny. I want to find love, see I told you corny!''
Why did they become a model/singer/idol: '' I became a Singer, well One I can sing, and two my dad left me and my mom for a sleezy hotel maid. My mom worked at a resturant, waitressing and was working herself to death, so I found a band in need of a singer and her I am.''
What genre do you model in most?:
Singing Voices: '' Okay Voice 1, Voice 2, And finally Voice 3.''
Love Interest:''No one yet, so sad.''
History:''Ask and I'll tell you.''
Theme Song: Song Bird By No Crossing
Please light a path through this darkness
Because I'm not so sure where to go from here
In overwhelming heat
I trip over my own feet
In anxiety, though I guess you could call it fear

Everything I know is so uncertain
Though I guess that's the curse of the introvert
I peer around nervous
Sink inbetween us
Curl and seek shelter beneath my shirt

Take one step
Take another step
Take a third step and check to see if I have fumbled
As I often do
When I talk to you
Like a stuttering songbird
That desperately wants to sing beside you

Please show me the way you would take
If I showed you the open door to my heart
I open my eyes wide
And look off to the side
Hiding my smile, my face departs

You really have a way with words
Because though I'm speechless, I feel blessed
Though I'm silent tonight
I'm filled with delight
Because finally in your arms I can rest

Take one step
Take another step
Take a third step and check to see if I have fumbled
As I often do
When I talk to you
Like a stuttering songbird
That desperately wants to sing beside you

I want to sing beside you

''More Pictures of me!''
''My Band Mates!''
Lyra King- Guitar-Image
Matti Collens- Bass-Image
Zuma Reinds-Keyboardist-Image
Avery Mathews- Drummer-Image

So begins...

Ellis Salem Aven's Story