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A Celeberties Life

The House


a part of A Celeberties Life, by AnimeGirl.


AnimeGirl holds sovereignty over The House, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The House



The House is a part of A Celeberties Life.

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Ren Kobayashi [0] "Sup."
Kate Hima [0] "Singing is the only way I can express myself now mother . . ."
Kim Wendr [0] "O-Oh, so sorry! I hope... I wasn't interrupting anything..."
Orihara Kyoya [0] "...Why me?"
Uruha Reita Harada' [0] "Uruha here.."
Scarlet Hima [0] "I promise, I'll sing my best mom!"[Remade, Go look for "Kate Hima"
Ellis Salem Aven [0] '' Nice to meet you!''
Laurel Haven [0] "I don't mind your odd behavior, it's the very thing I love."
Melanie 'Mellie' Raphael Sampson [0] 'All things wicked start with innocence'

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Laurel's cheeks turned pink when he said she looked beautiful. And he didnt seem like he was trying to flatter her- he seemed to just be pointing that out. "Thank you. " She said gently, her eyes sweeping over him. "Your very handsome." She pointed out, and it was true. Ell was sure he always had girls telling him that, although he didn't seem like a flirt. He seemed very genuine, which she liked.
"I've onlt met only other person, and I accedinty bumped into him and fell onto my bum." Laurel covered her mouth as a bell-like laugh escaped her. It was a quiet embarassing way to meet someone. "Your the first person i've met here without making a fool of myself." her expressive eyes where bright as she smiled at Uruha. She desided she liked him, he seemed kind. His hair was a stange color, whick shed found intreging. But then again, she couldn'd be one to talk. Her hair was just about as odd as it got. After her mom had killed herself and blamed her daughter, she died her blonde hair her mother had given her.