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A Chance Soul

A Chance Soul


Private rp between Starlight77 and me

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Aurélie Saint-Pierre is a girl who may look happy and very lucky, having grown up in a very wealthy family in France. She is an amazing ballerina, who was recruited by one of the best companies in America. But inside, she's a trainwreck. She's never really felt love, from someone else so she never leaned how to love herself. She starves herself and abuses herself, but nobody was ever close enough to her to notice. She lost herself in dance, allowing herself to be someone else for just a few minutes, but then she was reminded of how alone she was once she was done. She never learned how to make healthy relationships, so the closest she got to being loved was hooking up with the same person a few times. She's only getting worse, and if someone doesn't save her there's no question that she's going to destroy herself.

Her guardian angel isn't perfect either. He has been watching her ever since she was a child, intervening occasionally and befriending her but he was so afraid. His first human, who he had gotten somewhat attached to, died. He was their guardian angel, the one person who would always protect them, but he failed. He slipped up, just for a moment, and a girl lost her life. His faith in himself is severely shaken, and he's not sure if he trusts himself to keep anyone safe let alone save someone who wants to die.

Aurélie found her guardian angel crumpled in a dark alleyway, injured, and her heart melted for him. Her heart had no sympathy for herself, but it bled for everyone around her. She managed to get him back to her apartment, and she tended to his wounds. She looked after him all night, making sure he was okay and hoping for him to wake. When he finally awakens, he can't believe his luck. He fell, and Aurélie must have been attracted to the scene somehow- not surprising, given that they were attached in so many ways. She was unaware of this, but they would always be able to find each other and tell how they are feeling.
While his job just got a little easier, it is still by no means easy. How to you show love to a girl who has only ever felt hate and resentment for herself? Will he be able to make her life worth living before she decides that she can't do it anymore? His time is running out.


The Depressed Human | 19 | Joana Groeblinghoff

The Guardian Angel | Unknown | Darren Chris

Private rp

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{Umm… What. }

Warmth. A calming, radiating heat that was far from uncomfortable. And considering that was the first thing Dustin felt, he almost fell right back asleep. It was just so soothing, his heavy eyelids didn’t want to obey his commands. Once he managed to get them open, his gaze swept the room, and he realized he had absolutely no idea where he was.
Dustin shifted slightly just to confirm that he was indeed on a bed in someone’s room. But who’s room?

He thought back to last night, just to see if he could recollect what happened exactly. It was hard to remember; everything was hazy. Dustin remembered the bone-chilling cold that the heavy rain has inflicted upon him. Water had soaked through his clothes and he hadn’t known where he was going. He could barely see. But he could feel her. He had to find her before it was too late. In his haste, he stumbled onto a main road. The sounds of horns flooded into his ears the moment before he was launched backwards. A driver hadn’t noticed the man haphazardly crossing the street in the downpour and hit him square on. The driver was obviously concerned, and he rushed out of the car to see just how hurt the person he hit was. But, to his surprise, there was no one there. Dustin had darted out of the street and limped to a nearby alleyway. Before he could even assess his wounds, the world began to fade. He lost consciousness merely moments later.

So that would be a no. He has absolutely no idea where he is. It was then, the moment he took a deep breath, that he felt a weight on his chest.

Dustin lifted his head up, just his head, and noticed that there was someone there with him. Or more importantly, practically on top of him. Am… Am I shirtless? Is this… normal? He thought back to all of the shirtless men he’s seen in his short lifetime and came to the conclusion that it was normal for men to sometimes not wear shirts, though it was apparently not common for women. Odd… He dropped his head back down onto the pillow.

Inhaling sharply, Dustin winced at a searing pain in his ribs. Gingerly and slowly, as not to wake the girl on top of him, he reached down to his side. Before his fingers even made contact with his bare abdomen, he felt something very soft and fuzzy. What is… Once again lifting his head cautiously, he saw a ball of white and grey fur pressed against his side. Letting out a sigh and deciding not to question it, he simply let his head fall back.

It then hit him like a ton of bricks. The reason why he was so comfortable and content right now… why this aura that engulfed him felt so familiar… Oh my… This isn’t a joke, right? It was her. Her. How could he have been so lucky?

But… this wasn’t normal. Was it? Dustin may have been stripped of his shirt, but he was still wearing his damp pants, which was definitely getting uncomfortable. He couldn’t move though because he might wake her up… Should he wake her up? Dustin bit his bottom lip, wondering what he should do.

Well one thing he knew was that his soaked shorts were annoying yesterday, and he wanted to get out of them as fast as he could. So he gently wormed his arm, which was behind her, up just enough so that he could tap her shoulder.

“Umm… Miss? Aurélie?” Dustin shook her as lightly as possible, hoping he didn’t startle her.


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Aurélie was snuggled up against the stranger she had brought home last night, completely unintentionally. She had gotten him in to her bad and stripped him of his shirt so she could tend his wounds, and she had been waiting for him to wake up. She had fallen asleep, and her head had fallen upon his chest. She had managed to clean and wrap his wounds, which had been pretty bad last night.

She was so warm and comfortable, she hadn't even felt him wake up and move around. Her head was on his bare chest, his arm under her and one of her arms on his chest beside her face. His steady heartbeat soothed her, and their breathing was in sync. She was so comfortable, and she had no desire to get up any time soon.

“Umm… Miss? Aurélie?” Aurélie let out a gentle sigh as she was woken up, and her bright blue eyes fluttered open slowly. Still half asleep, she snuggled up against him further and gave him a light kiss on his neck. "Morning, Liam." She sighed, assuming it was her on again/off again boyfriend.

Within a few seconds, she woke up fully and realized that this was not Liam. This was some stranger that she had found in an alleyway and dragged home. Her eyes flew open, wide as ever, and she jumped back. She was blushing very darkly. "O-oh, dear!! I'm so sorry, I was half asleep and I thought you were someone else!!!!!" She blubbered, putting her hands up to her burning cheeks.

She quickly stood up, and stepped back. She was still blushing. "I'm so sorry. . . do you need anything? Water? Food?" She looked down, as her little cat stretched and hopped up into his lap. She rubbed up against him, purring and looking for attention. "Fleur!" Rorie cried, embarrassed once more. "Leave him alone. Venez ici." She called to her cat, who meowed softly in protest and continued to rub up against him.

"Sorry about her. I hope you're not allergic." She dared to glance up at him, still blushing slightly with a very shy look on her face. "I'll fetch you some water. Hold still, you don't want to open up your wound again." She murmured gently, as she quietly turned and left the room.

She returned within a few minutes, with a glass of water that she handed to him. She shyly sat down on her bed next to him, and bit her lip. "U-um, do you mind if I check your side? You wouldn't want it to get infected." She murmured, fiddling with her necklace nervously. She glanced down at her arms, realizing that the thin scars that were littered there were clearly visible. Blushing again, she quickly jerked down her sleeves and grew rather flustered again.


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Character Portrait: Aurélie Saint-Pierre Character Portrait: Dustin Connolly
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{Oh. Well this is… awkward. }

"Morning, Liam."

“Liam?” Dustin cocked an eyebrow and looked down at her as she kissed the side of his neck.

Suddenly, Aurélie leapt back and away from him. He resisted the urge to jump up with her; he hoped he hadn’t scared or accidentally hurt her. Before he could even utter an “Are you alright”, she started talking again.

"O-oh, dear! I'm so sorry, I was half asleep and I thought you were someone else!"

“Ah, don’t worry. It’s alri-”

"I'm so sorry... do you need anything? Water? Food?" Dustin stared at her for a moment, blinking slowly. It was as if he was reading her, which he was to an extent.
Just as Dustin opened his mouth to speak, he was interrupted again.

"Fleur! Leave him alone. Venez ici." Dustin had sat up by now, and her little kitten had hopped into his lap. The small animal had begun to rub up against his stomach, as if craving attention.
"Sorry about her. I hope you're not allergic."

“Ahh, its quite alright. She’s pretty… cute.” He spoke slowly, as if searching for the right words.

"I'll fetch you some water. Hold still, you don't want to open up your wound again."

Dustin watched with increasing curiosity as Aurélie walked out of the room to go get him a glass of water. He came to the conclusion that she tended to talk very fast when she got flustered. As he waited, he turned his attention the… Fleur. He was stroking her ears, enjoying the feeling of her fluffy fur.

“Do you only speak French? Bonjour, petit chaton. Vous êtes si mignons.” He picked her up and held her so they were face to face as they spoke. She mewled in response and his eyes lit up happily, even though the mewl was probably only in response to the fact that she didn’t like being held that way. He plopped her back in his lap and began to stroke her again. As she began to purr, he made a similar noise in response; a deep, rumbling sound coming from deep in his throat.

Dustin looked up as Aurélie came back into the room. He took the glass of water and drank the entire thing in one long sip. “Thank you.”

"U-um, do you mind if I check your side? You wouldn't want it to get infected."

Dustin stiffened. If she were to check the wound, she would find that it was completely closed and all that remains of it would probably be a large bruise on his side. He swallowed hard. “Urm, no, I… I think I’m fine, really.” He looked down at Fleur again and busied himself with petting her. He quickly changed the conversation subject. “Your name is… Aurélie, right? Well, my name is Dustin… Dustin Connolly.” Dustin practically flinched. It sounds like cannoli… smooth one.

“Um… Do you have any spare pants I could borrow?” Dustin shifted on the bed, knowing that where he was sitting would probably be a wet spot from his damp pants.

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Character Portrait: Dustin Connolly
Dustin Connolly

"I don't know how... Could you show me... er.. please?"


Character Portrait: Dustin Connolly
Dustin Connolly

"I don't know how... Could you show me... er.. please?"

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Character Portrait: Dustin Connolly
Dustin Connolly

"I don't know how... Could you show me... er.. please?"

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