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Anita Chavez

The feisty, winged journalist.

0 · 611 views · located in The Dreamscape

a character in “A Child's Dreamscape”, as played by Averagebear


A n i t a C h a v e z

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Anita has that Hispanic earthiness to her, a wildly curvaceous figure, tan skin, and thick black hair which could reach her butt if she didn't constantly keep it in a messy bun. She embraces her womanly appearance, and holds herself how she feels: confident and strong. She's beautiful in that scary, intimidating sort of way, and is often found hard to approach. She has amber hawk eyes, usually touched up with a bit of makeup when she goes to work. She tends to wear more professional outfits, though in that fashionable way. She wears things like high waisted pencil skirts, pumps, and a blouse, or a woman's trench coat. She tends to garb in dark colors, as wearing bright hues makes her feel foolish and wearing pastels makes her feel weak. She doesn't accessorize, which is the biggest indication of the fact that, while she does care about her appearance, she doesn't care that much. She tries to look nice in the most efficient way possible, expending the most minimal amount of energy in order to get her desired outcome. She usually has a cigarette not far from her and her voice is becoming just lightly husky because of the ten years she's been smoking. It's rare that Anita actually smiles, but she's got white teeth, bleached for when she does. She spent a fortune on the damn things, so they had better look nice. Typically, her face is either set in an unamused deadpan or a mischievous grin, "extreme" not being a part of Anita's package in anyway.

Current Occupation: She writes for the tabloids.

Personality: Anita is a tough, no-nonsense sort of woman, cynicism and skepticism rooting down to her core. She is fiery and infuriating, yet still in possession of a good deal of charm. She's renowned for her short temper but elusively wrathful ways, never outright expressing her anger and instead finding a way to make her opinions known without pressing a person's button too far. She's always teetering right on the edge between inappropriate and sensible, never quite reckless enough with her remarks to be considered rude, but never quite quiet enough to not be considered impulsive. She has the gaze of a hawk and the tongue of a snake, picking up things quickly and wording things sharply. Anita has a habit of switching from one person to another in other's perspectives, either feisty and compassionate or conniving and wicked. Truthfully, she is both of the two. Having a job as a journalist for a trashy tabloid, she is constantly having to create wild stories and dilute her own voice for the sake of appealing to a crowd, which along with her nasty divorce has made her become somewhat of a bitter person. Yes, she has a bad habit of scoffing, labeling just about anything as "flowery bullshit" and "society's weakness". She's somewhat disgusted with her job, feeling as if every article she prints is stealing away a little part of her creative soul. What Anita really wants is to write the good stuff- the hard-hitting, interesting, and sometimes morbid truth. Yet, it is in her nature to lie. She's quite good at weaving tales, fabricating being one of her many abilities and deception being a honed skill. She recalls once having been able to believe in dreams, but as she grew up, she suffered from the Wendy syndrome and it all faded away into the pool of goals and troubles. She has that certain smoldering hard-to-crack strength that would be expected from some sort of private detective, which she is, in a way. She's constantly scavenging for the truth or the latest scrap of a clue. Anita is considerably hard to impress and even more so difficult to please, though she tends to have a soft spot for children, animals, and the elderly. Those who know her best know that she has all the love in the world, and that it's simply tightly wound under all her protective layers. Inside her brain, there still exists that wild imagination which she's constantly trying to suppress.

History/Biography: Anita grew up with her single father, Juan Chavez. Her mom had died giving birth to her, and she thusly didn’t have a feasible female role model in her life. Her father did the best he could, a modest man who ran a little on the geekier side. Apparently when he had just moved to America, the only people who’d associate with him were the nerds and it wasn’t long before he found himself immersed in the comic book world. Therefore, Anita was raised by a clueless, socially awkward, Portuguese father with nothing resembling a backbone located anywhere on the man’s body. He was loving, sure, but was hardly a parent. The young Juan, only eighteen when she was born, turned out to be more of an older brother than anything else. This sculpted Anita into the headstrong gal she is today, as when a person is forced to take control and grab the bull by the horns, then tend to continually strive to keep such control. Anita believes strongly that she can take care of herself.

The most potent memories she had were watching cartoons sprawled out on the living room floor while writing down poorly written action-tales, and explaining her plots to her friends out in the meadow. She was always the mysterious heroine/companion to the others- the character whose morals were questionable at times, but were ultimately good. With time, her character had evolved into a girl who would turn into a raven to spy on the enemies, Anita's mind and ego getting away with her. It was a simple existence, one she never fathomed getting tired of. But, she did. As a teenager, she lost interest in making up fairy tales and became increasingly interested in the more practical areas of writing. She was much too sophisticated to do such childish things- she was an artist! She took up smoking and poetry and graduated high school as chief editor of the paper, and moved on to pursue journalism but found no better job openings than those offered by cheap tabloids. Snatching up an opportunity like a young girl naturally would, she tangled herself in the webs of magazine writing. No one ever left her position, it was told. Discouraging, sure, but Anita had talent. Anita had spunk. Anita had determination. Anita has yet to put any of this to use, still working for the same old people, doing the same old thing after seven years.

Believe it or not, but Anita’s already been married and divorced. She met a certain Charles Neckerson, and was married six months later at the ripe age of twenty two. After three years of constant fighting and hell-ish conditions, the two split with the final shebang of Anita catching lovely Charles in their bed with a woman who was hardly Anita. Lovely Charles, indeed. She just finalized the divorce not but a couple months ago, and while she won’t admit it, she is still mildly heart broken. Of course, this is masked by a pleasant bitter façade but, alas, what has to be done has to be done. Anita has a pride, after all.

“Make-believe” Character: A therianthrope (or shape-shifter), able to dissipate into smoke and reform as an ink-black raven at will.

Appearance Within Dreamscape: Anita generally looks the same, if not more exaggerated than before. Her figure becomes more femme fatale, her face treated with more dramatic makeup, her cigarette turning into one of the classically elegant cigarette holders that actresses like Audrey Hepburn could be seen smoking. Anita had always had idolized the strong, dark heroines depicted in children's cartoons and movies, also strongly influenced by her father's obsession with super heroes and all the super hero's female counterparts. Anita was raised not wanting to be a useless princess, but a kick-ass, crime-fighting woman. She wears a black dress, stockings, heels, and a long jacket, kind of resembling some sort of assassin or character from the matrix. Her hair is normally regular thick black hair at its roots, and slowly transitions to smoke as it gets to the end of the strands (kind of like Medusa) though she has the ability to turn it all to hair if she wants. When she switches to be a raven, the smoke starts spreading from just her hair down to the rest of the body until she is nothing more than a congregation of black gas. The gas condenses until it takes the shape of a large bird, about 25 inches in height, a strangely pristinely black. While the raven could be seen as quite eerie, there's a playful innocence that it radiates which lets all know that Anita means no harm, no matter how frightening she is. Actually, that description can go to both forms Anita takes.

Skills Within Dreamscape: Well, one obvious perk is that she’s able to turn into a bird. She can fly and therefore scout an area out, as well as travel more efficiently. Aside from this, she can also attack using her beak to peck and her claws to scratch. While these may seem like minor attacks, they can do an extensive amount of damage, as she could easily peck a person’s eyes out if she so wished. Generally, though, she is a look out. Her cry as a bird is enormously loud, so it works perfectly as a signal to comrades. She is able to communicate on a minor level to other birds, though she’s a bad translator. She has about the same knowledge as a kid who took Spanish I, II, and III, but is in no means very fluent in it.

Equipment: Anita carries nothing but her long cigarette holder, which interestingly enough stays forever burning. When she turns into a raven, the prop becomes a part of her and can’t be used anymore, but as a human, it could be used to give someone a small burn. This would only be used under very drastic circumstances, though, and it would be more of a distraction than an actual attack. Therefore, it’s more of an accessory than a weapon.

Weapons:¬¬¬¬¬ Anita’s weapons are her beak and claws, for the most part. She carries around a flip knife just in case (it’s tucked into her garter belt), but it’s rarely used for anything other than marking trees and snapping ropes.

So begins...

Anita Chavez's Story