Carlisle McDowell

"I have a record... Don't make me break my record."

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a character in “A Clockwork Orange: The Next Generation”, as played by MotherDragons


Name: Carlisle McDowell
Age: 45
Role: Headmaster
Weight: 210 pounds
Height: 5'10"
Eyes: Dark Grey
Hair: Brown with grey
Personality: Strict, people don't trifle with him. They always talk to him with respect and don't interupt. He's also kind of a pervert and has been known to hit on the girl students. He has a sort of charming manner about him. He isn't crazy though. He is suspicous of everyone.
History: He was a reform school success. He decided to devote his life to helping troubled youth. He opened Saint John's School for Troubled Youth. He has a record of making success stories.
Other: He thinks he's one step ahead of Lacey's gang, but he's really actually very off...

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Carlisle McDowell's Story