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Not just the goddess of kittens and perfume, but a badass Iryt-Ra

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a character in “A College of the Gods”, as played by Chatvert


Name: Bast
What are you God or Goddess of?: Warfare, protection against disease and evil spirits, family, perfume, music, dancing, the sun
Gender: Female
Age(18-24): 22
Powers: Control over fire, can converse with cats
Past (Either Comic Version or Myth version or a blend of both): The goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt, Bast's role shifted to include being a protector of women, children, and families, as well as the goddess of perfume, ointment, music, and dancing. Her fierce demeanor never faded, and while her role had softened, nobody forgot that she was still an Eye of Ra, still the Devouring Lady. The Greeks took over, softened her more, syncretized her with Artemis and made her a lunar goddess, and eventually her worship went quiet for a few thousand years...
Weapons: Khopesh and knife
Description/Picture: Image
(ears magically disguised; art by bastcatgoddess @ tumblr)
Personality: People who look at Bast tend to pigeonhole her as a goddess of love and light and merrymaking. Wrong. While she does enjoy these things, she is still at her heart a daughter of Ra, who lays the hearts of her father's enemies at his feet. She is loving, and she is fierce; she is kind, and she is cruel. She is big on personal responsibility, but also on exploring the world around her. Overall, she is feminine and strong, and anyone who underestimates her does so at their peril.
Fears: Deep water
Likes: Tea, cinnamon, sweet-smelling things, music, alcohol, spicy things
Dislikes: Cigarettes, bland things, cold weather, lies
Symbol: Cat, sistrum, or her name in hieroglyphs: ImageImageImage

So begins...

Bast's Story


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#, as written by Zenia
Modern Earth, the age of science has replaced the age of Gods and Magic. They all have disproven everything about them. People have gone to the so called home of the Greek Gods and found… nothing… No grand palaces or anything else. The Gods places of worship have all but crumbled away. Some have been stolen from and some broken into and vandalized.

The mortals have forgotten about them and explained away everything about them.

But they have not thought of one simple possibility…Maybe the Gods have moved… or have their own dimension. The Gods have never met the other gods of a different culture, aside from the Roman and Greek, but that is because they are one and the same…Each realm feels like one would expect from each culture.

Asgard is surrounded by an impregnable wall and is one of the Nine worlds, inhabited by the Aesir, the race of Warrior Gods. It is located at the highest point of their universe and has the Rainbow Bridge connecting their world to Earth. They also have Valhalla the place were slain warriors wait for the final battle, Ragnarok. The realm of their Elves Alfheim and Svartalfheim is also there as well as Vanaheim the home of Vanir, it is a glorious if a bit cold. Also there is the realm of frost giants they are constantly battling. As well as Helheim, their underworld which Hel, Lokis’ daughter resides and is protected by Garm, Hel's enormous dog-guard, lives in the cave Gnipahellir. He is an eight-foot-tall black hound with glowing eyes. It is important not to underestimate Garm. While he may act like a big dog - vicious and dangerous or friendly depending on who you are - it's an act. There is as much intelligence in Garm as in any other of Helheim's guards. He is a Jotun who is always in dog-form, but he is no dumb beast. Garm seems to be on a general patrol around the borders of Helheim, meaning that he could be anywhere at any point.

Mount Olympus is the abode of the chief god Zeus. Also, the foremost gods of the Greek pantheon have their palaces at the summit. It is here that the gods assemble to consume nectar and ambrosia, the substances which reinforces their immortality. The top of the Olympus, which is covered in snow and hidden in the clouds, reaches all the way into the aether. It is the highest mountain of Greece and lies on the border of Macedonia and Thessaly, yet though mortals have been to the top they have never seen the realm. And why would they? The Gods have hidden it from their mortal eyes. Also of course is the Domain of Hades, which is surrounded nine times by the River Styx, where Hades resides.

The Egyptian Gods abandoned walking the Earth and made their own realm one that mimics Ancient Egypt, yet more elegantly and seems to never decay, eating delicacies that most have not seen in years, yet longing to walk the mortal plane again.

The Celtics Gods mimicked the Orbis Alius, the Otherworld that their old believers crafted from them and hid from sight, some still dare to walk the mortal plane in disguise as animals, though only near the holidays that still surround them, those that the Christians have not overthrown at least.

Each God in each realm have seen the flow of time on Earth and seen it change, but never seeing the other realms of the other gods.

Until now.

Ten Gods, including a few Goddesses, have been cast out of their realm by someone, though they do not know who. Some of the Gods and Goddesses are the righteous; some are the outcasts among the gods… They each have their weapons on them and have been assigned lodges at a college. They do not know how they have come to Earth or who these others are, though a few they recognize from their own realm. For the first time in history The Asgardians will meet the Olympians, the Hindu Gods will meet the Egpytian Gods and the Alaskan Gods as well as the Azetec.

Thrown into this mix are four mortals, two men and two women, who are going to the school as well. They know not who these ones are or the powers they possess, but they soon will…

The Gods have a common goal, though some are more reluctant about it than others, get back to their own realm, but to do that they need help… from the mortals. But will the mortals help? Or will they try to kill the gods, for on Earth there may be a weapon that can kill them. Though only Mortals may wield it.


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The Field of Reeds was an eternal paradise, but even gods got bored.

It had been far too long since Bast had been asked to devour the enemies of Ra and deliver their hearts at his feet, and understandably, she was getting a bit restless. It had been thousands of years since her worship had been widespread, and since the gods had retreated to their own realm. The sun here was no less strong than it had been on Earth, no less real, but in its own way, less satisfying.

Grumbling to herself as she took her barque out on the water, she didn't notice the unusual rapid making its way towards her. It rocked the boat just enough to tip her over into the water, and her yowl of surprise was cut short by the water surrounding her, enveloping her. The world swirled around her and she landed, hard, on her hands and knees.

Biting back a series of choice curses - bad heka, not a good idea even for a god - she got to her feet. Much to her surprise, she was dry, and there was a khopesh on the ground before her with a note. She studied the note, reading the hieroglyphs on the papyrus, and nodded to herself. Then she knelt down and scooped up the khopesh, and with a flick of her wrist, turned it into a charm on a necklace before pulling the necklace over her head.

Hmm. No ears. She glanced in the window and did a double-take at her appearance. She was fully in the guise of a mortal, cat head nowhere to be found. Her attire was not at all what she was used to, but it fit her well; a dress of strong turquiose and gold, balanced with white, which set off her dark skin, and gold eyeshadow and kohl around her eyes. Atop it all was a black military-styled jacket, and golden gladiator sandals were on her feet.

Okay, she was intrigued now. One did not simply summon an Iryt-Ra like a common-or-garden demon, after all; she was not to be ordered around. So she'd go follow these instructions...and then tear apart whoever had dared to think they could summon a goddess. Then she'd turn her thoughts to returning to Aaru, but in the meantime, she'd be enjoying her time in the mortal world.

Bast followed the trail she'd been set to the circular building. She went through corridors and passageways before coming to a blank wall. She sniffed at it a moment, and, smelling not stone but air, went through.

Oh, now this was interesting. Two people talking, both with a northerly look to them. Bast folded her hands in front of her. "Excuse me," she said, smiling as cheerfully as she could with murder in her eyes, "but are either of you the reason why I am here?"


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Vidar felt the heat of the morning sun on his back and the sweat of his labor pouring down his face. After heaving a heavy pillar about the size of the empire state building over his head, he walked toward the shining halls of Valhalla. The already massive hall was being further renovated to fit more men and women inside. After walking to an open at the end of the hall, he laid the stone pillar onto the ground with a loud rumble. He then pushed the pillar into the opening and sealed the hall once again.

Vidar turned around to be greeted be Heimdall, watcher of the gods.
"Let me thank you again. Without you we would have never finished extending the hall. With all of the soldiers pouring in from Afghanistan, Odin figured that we might as well increase the size of Valhalla.” Heimdall said, patting Vidar’s back.
“Oh yeah. Here you go,” Heimdall pulls out a handful of leather straps, “Some straps for the Wolf-slayer.”

Vidar gives Heimdall a disapproving look.
Heimdall sighs, “I forgot you don’t like being called by kennings. *Ahem* Here’s some straps for you Vidar.” Vidar smiles and reaches out for the straps and a sudden bright light blinds him.

He strains to see and suddenly finds himself standing on asphalt in the middle of a city. It seemed to that his attire had changed. He was now looking rather mortal, with Brown work pants with black straps that go over his shoulders, a white shirt, brown gloves, and extremely thick strong brown work boots. He did keep certain attributes from his original form. He still is very tall and has his long red hair and bright, glowing, green eyes. He looks down to find a scroll next to his feet. He picks it up and it says in Old Norse, "Vidar, your presence is required at the middle of town."

Vidar walks to the middle of town to find a college and another note, "continue into the building and take your seat." He proceeds into a hall that ends with a wall. He goes to touch the wall and discovers that he can pass right through it. Inside he sees two figures standing and Loki sitting down. He raises one eyebrow and walks to a vine covered stone chair and sits down silently.


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Vali sat in silence, listening to the sounds of the wild. The birds chirped, the wolves howled, the snake hissed. The only time Vali felt truly calm was on the hunt. The tension in his bow and the quiet sound of the fallen leaves crunching beneath each step. Vali stared down his bow into his target. The large Buck was grazing on grass, unaware to the Hunter, until it heard a low growl from the tall grass. The deer bolted away and a pack of wolves swarmed from the grass. Vali sighs and dashes through the wolves firing arrows at each one he passes until a trail of dead wolves lay on the forest floor. Seeing the Buck from a great distance Vali stands up straight and fires an arrow. The arrow Soars over the treetops and after some time passes hits the buck between the shoulders and it goes limp sliding slightly across the ground.

He walks up to the fallen animal taking his time. Once he is at the Buck, he gets down on his knees and pulls out a dagger. He raises the dagger above his head and cries out, "I MAKE THIS SACRIFICE TO ODIN!" and brings his knife down into the sacrifice. As soon as the dagger pierces the flesh a Bright light blinds Vali.

Vali stands up and finds himself in the middle of a park. He looks around him in confusion, wondering where he could possibly be, his surroundings darker than usual. "What in Hel's name is going on?" He spots a note tied to a tree and walks over to it, unties it, opens it up, and reads in Old Norse:


Your presence is required at the building in the center of town immediately.

Vali looks below the writing and sees a map showing him where he is and where he needs to go.
"Alright then, looks like this is the only way to find out what is happening." Vali walks towards the center of town passing shops and diners on his way. "I must be in Midgard. It's strange to see the humans so close. They do wear some cool clothing these days." Vali looks into a shop window where a mirror is reflecting his appearance. Seeing the pair of sunglasses gives him a sudden realization, "No wonder everything looks darker." He inspects himself looking at his new outfit. He sees himself wearing a long black sleeveless trench coat with the word "hefnd" in red on the back. Under it he has on a green sleeveless turtleneck shirt and green military pants with black combat boots. On his hands he has black fingerless gloves. He has a green quiver at his waist and his bow on his back. "I'm liking this new look already, " he says with satisfaction, "It's been awhile since I've had a costume change."

He continued to the middle of the city until he walked up to the University. "What kind of joke is this? There is just no way that this could be right. It can't be." He looks down and another note is laying at his feet. He picks it up and reads it:


Go into the building and take your seat.

"Aw great. More of this ****ing s*** again. You'd think that they would have the decency to at least sign the d*** thing so I know who I'm talking to." Vali crumples up the note and shoves it into his coat pocket. He walks into the building and looks down the hall with a dead end. "I sense something strange here." Vali walks down the hall and tries to touch the wall at the end.

His hand passes through without any effort. He walks into the room and sees the people in the room. He smiles when he sees Vidar, but then his mood sours when he sees Loki. He notices many of the other people in the room emit a powerful magic aura. "Tch. Isn't that just great. I get stuck in a room full of Volva." He looks around at the chairs and sees a chair made of heliotrope stone. He sits down in it and lays his bow across his lap. "My calm from the hunt has worn off and I'm stuck in a room with Loki, this isn't going to be fun."