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Eris Discordia

Just your average Anthropomorphic Personification of Strife, Chaos, and the Surreal

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a character in “A College of the Gods”, as played by Abbi Normal


Name: Eris Discordia

What are you God or Goddess of?:
Strife, discord, chaos; then later creative destruction, absurdity and surrealism. Favours impulsiveness, and those who rely on random chance. Frequently invoked in chaos magic. Technically less a God, than an Anthropomorphic Personification that picked up a few extra skills.

Gender: Female

Age(18-24): 24

Powers: illusion with minor conjuring, such as everyday items and creatures smaller than herself. Can change the appearance of objects, but it's only an illusion. She pulls things she summons out of a patched-up, run-down canvas backpack she carries, even if those things would seem not to fit. When she opens this bag, it is empty. She's never tried to turn it inside out. Things placed in the bag can be difficult to find again.

Past: Her father was Zeus, but then again, everybody's father was Zeus, and since he was kind of the absentee-father type for the most part, Eris Discordia and her many siblings grew up on their own, since their mother was an Anthropomorphic Personification of the Night and Darkness, of all things she could have been (seriously, that Zeus guy will get with anything).

Her mother Nox had a whole litter of unwanted children: Toil, Forgetfulness, Famine, Suffering, Violence, War, Murder, Torture, Quarrels, Lies, Betrayal, Crime, Folly, and Guilt. And of course, Strife, which was the name Eris had at birth. Being children of Nox, an Anthropomorphic Personification of Night and Darkness, Eris and her siblings were also Anthropomorphic Personifications of their various spheres. That is, a sort of face that humans put on an experience they share or an abstract concept, to give it a name so that they can understand it better, lay blame on it, rejoice in it, bargain with it, or any number of other things (the most famous such incarnation being Death). When people make a space for a thing in their lives and minds, something is created to fill that space, like pouring water into a glass. Eris's siblings went on to various degrees of success--two of them even became Horsemen--varying by how much humanity was experiencing the problem and hence thinking about them.

Eris herself did fairly well for herself. She had a mystery cult devoted to her in Greece and Rome, back when those were the rage. She was written about by some pretty significant bearded guys, appeared in some pretty well-known legends, is accused of starting the Trojan War, and had a fling with Ares. In the modern day, she is the patron deity of Discordianism, which is best described as being at the same time an elaborate joke disguised as a sincere religion, and a sincere religion disguised as an elaborate joke. A sort of surrealist zen philosophy wrapped in the creative impulse.

It's safe to say Eris came out the most actually liked and popular of her siblings (very, very easy, given who they are), and it's possible they resent her for it. She hopes that resent doesn't become another Personification. As far as she knows or has interest in guessing, this may be why she seems to have been sent to the Mortal Coil.

Weapons: A small but very mean knife, which she keeps in her bra partially for convenience and partially so she can say amusing one-liners when she has to pull it out. Back in the day it was a sort of stiletto type of blade. Today, it's a completely matte-black butterfly knife, that's invisible to metal detectors and so forth, and weighted neatly to her hand and her short, agile frame. This flip knife opens with an elaborate fan-like flourish and a threatening click. She calls it her "Butterfly Effect".

Description/ Picture: not very tall, and curvy, with a very classical look. She wears her hair up in a loose tie, messy curls draping down the back of her neck. Light amber-brown hair, dark brown eyes, nearly black, and olive skin. She has high cheekbones and a hooked "Roman nose" as they call it, which she prefered to call "dignified", but others would describe less politely. She's fashionable, but has her own style, and prefers loose, flowing fabrics, and holds on to summer clothes like sandals and light dresses as long as the weather will possibly allow. Her make-up is colorful and emotive. She wears a pendant of a golden apple around her neck, and Five Fingered Hand earrings. She carries the battered canvas bag mentioned above.

Personality: Mischievous, imaginative, and funny, most of the problems that tend happen around her, happen because of her curiosity, her insatiable need to know 'What if?" What if she pushes this big red button right here? What if that guy thought the FNORD was following him--and what if he was right, but no one else could see it? What if she left an anonymous fruit-based party gift, which two goddesses would start a cat-fight over it? Wherever one sees proverbial dominos falling at an alarming pace, one tends to find Eris.

She's cheerful and child-like, sometimes at totally inappropriate and disturbing times. Clever, quick-tongued, and witty, she enjoys a good debate and/or argument, and sometimes argues aggressively for opinions she doesn't hold, just to play Devil's advocate.

She has a love/hate relationship with her siblings, and is constantly found with her phone glued to her ear, talking to her brothers and sisters who are (presumably) back in the aetherial realms, on a giant conference call, usually bickering loudly.

Fears: the legions of GreyFace

Likes: Her siblings, art, graffiti, the colour orange, dice games, laughter and parties

Dislikes: Her siblings, mass-produced things, excessive organization, not knowing things

Symbol: The Golden Apple of Discord and its later use in the Sacred Chao, the Five-Fingered Hand of Eris, and arguably the Chaos Wheel

So begins...

Eris Discordia's Story


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Vali sat in silence, listening to the sounds of the wild. The birds chirped, the wolves howled, the snake hissed. The only time Vali felt truly calm was on the hunt. The tension in his bow and the quiet sound of the fallen leaves crunching beneath each step. Vali stared down his bow into his target. The large Buck was grazing on grass, unaware to the Hunter, until it heard a low growl from the tall grass. The deer bolted away and a pack of wolves swarmed from the grass. Vali sighs and dashes through the wolves firing arrows at each one he passes until a trail of dead wolves lay on the forest floor. Seeing the Buck from a great distance Vali stands up straight and fires an arrow. The arrow Soars over the treetops and after some time passes hits the buck between the shoulders and it goes limp sliding slightly across the ground.

He walks up to the fallen animal taking his time. Once he is at the Buck, he gets down on his knees and pulls out a dagger. He raises the dagger above his head and cries out, "I MAKE THIS SACRIFICE TO ODIN!" and brings his knife down into the sacrifice. As soon as the dagger pierces the flesh a Bright light blinds Vali.

Vali stands up and finds himself in the middle of a park. He looks around him in confusion, wondering where he could possibly be, his surroundings darker than usual. "What in Hel's name is going on?" He spots a note tied to a tree and walks over to it, unties it, opens it up, and reads in Old Norse:


Your presence is required at the building in the center of town immediately.

Vali looks below the writing and sees a map showing him where he is and where he needs to go.
"Alright then, looks like this is the only way to find out what is happening." Vali walks towards the center of town passing shops and diners on his way. "I must be in Midgard. It's strange to see the humans so close. They do wear some cool clothing these days." Vali looks into a shop window where a mirror is reflecting his appearance. Seeing the pair of sunglasses gives him a sudden realization, "No wonder everything looks darker." He inspects himself looking at his new outfit. He sees himself wearing a long black sleeveless trench coat with the word "hefnd" in red on the back. Under it he has on a green sleeveless turtleneck shirt and green military pants with black combat boots. On his hands he has black fingerless gloves. He has a green quiver at his waist and his bow on his back. "I'm liking this new look already, " he says with satisfaction, "It's been awhile since I've had a costume change."

He continued to the middle of the city until he walked up to the University. "What kind of joke is this? There is just no way that this could be right. It can't be." He looks down and another note is laying at his feet. He picks it up and reads it:


Go into the building and take your seat.

"Aw great. More of this ****ing s*** again. You'd think that they would have the decency to at least sign the d*** thing so I know who I'm talking to." Vali crumples up the note and shoves it into his coat pocket. He walks into the building and looks down the hall with a dead end. "I sense something strange here." Vali walks down the hall and tries to touch the wall at the end.

His hand passes through without any effort. He walks into the room and sees the people in the room. He smiles when he sees Vidar, but then his mood sours when he sees Loki. He notices many of the other people in the room emit a powerful magic aura. "Tch. Isn't that just great. I get stuck in a room full of Volva." He looks around at the chairs and sees a chair made of heliotrope stone. He sits down in it and lays his bow across his lap. "My calm from the hunt has worn off and I'm stuck in a room with Loki, this isn't going to be fun."