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Eleanore Da Cruz

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a character in “a contemporary tale”, as played by ☿Urania☿


Eleanore Da Cruz
ο½›? ? ? ?}

nicknames | leah, nora, *carm, *elle
age | eighteen
sexuality | demisexual


Eleanore has always been a bit of a free spirit, relaxed and confident with her abilities. She's never gotten to the point of being cocky. Elle is well cultivated, due to her mother being a professor, and father being an architect, and both lovers of the beetles, NASA and art. Elle has always been an adventurous child, since she was young and even now Eleanore takes spontaneous little trips around town or weekend trips with friends. She can come off as a little impatient because instead of waiting for something to happen Elle is the one to make stuff happen.

Outwardly, Elle may have a resting bitch face but once you talk to her and that smile appears, you'd think twice about judging a book by it's cover. A good way to get her talking is to touch up on a topic she likes. She's pretty chill, easy-going and tolerant to an extent. If you are really rude then she won't hold her tongue and if you come up to her aggressively she'll hold her ground and wont hesitate sizing you up. First impressions can mean a lot to her with certain people.

Those who spent most of their lives around Eleanore can tell that she isn't a bad person, she just doesn't have much of a filter. Elle is honest and an open book, if she likes you. She just tends to say things how they are and doesn't give it a second thought until it's already out there and or too late.


ImageImageLIKES | big dogs, hot-chocolate, documentaries, most sports especially soccer, nature, fireworks and firecrackers, ice-skating, helping others, children and the elderly, concerts and all kinds of music, slushies and milkshakes, a good party here and there, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, long kisses, hot showers and warm bubble baths, fencing, leather pants and jackets, history and chemistry, star gazing, Spanish and Native American lore, green skittles the best, thor and the hulk, mushrooms and black olives on her pizza, cannolis.

DISLIKES | not having privacy, hardcore drugs, tap water, having long nails, rude and ignorant people, a lot of makeup on women, waking up before her alarm, paper cuts, very hot summers and very cold winters, getting an upset stomach, forgetting to eat, mixing her light and dark liquor, being betrayed, cheaters, being cornered, the smell of ketchup after a bit, touching anything wet and slimy, flavored water with a passion, matcha flavor anything,


Though Eleanor was raised within money, her parents didn't raise her with a silver-spoon in her mouth. They taught her from a young age to work hard for what she wants. Because of this, Elle was raised humble and wasn't sheltered from the real world. By 12 she knew both U.S and European/Spanish history, and knew of the wars going on around her. The only thing she didn't have to work hard for was family time, which is why she's so family oriented.

Elle was no saint as a child though, along side her older brother Julian, she was a spitfire. An energetic little thing that liked to climb on everything and anything. She grew up real close to her eldest brother, Anthony even though they were about 6 years apart. They had similar interests than her and her older brother Julian but they were always out and about with their friends and being wannabe gangsters. As she got older she got really active and school wasn't enough. She began taking up more hobbies like fencing with her mother, sports (from her brothers) and learning other languages.

At 13 Elle began noticing her brother Anthony (19) acting weird. He was always sleepy, even when they would play video games together but she didn't really think much of it. By this time Julian (16) was always coming home late, covering it up with baseball practice though the siblings knew otherwise, or at least Anthony did. Julian, being the middle child always felt underneath his older brother but Anthony never cared about being the favorite. At 14 Elle saw her first gun, foolishly shown off by Julian one night. It proved her suspicious that they wern't rolling with the best of crowds but at the same time she couldn't do anything about it without being a snitch to her parents and having her brothers mad at her.

At 15 Elle watched Julian get expelled after having a record of 20 something fights, and causing a small riot. He didn't graduate but ended up getting a job under the table and moving in with Anthony and his then girlfriend. A few days after her 17th birthday Anthony overdosed from heroin before his first son was born and passed away. The babies mother also died during child birth so Eleanor's parents ended up adopting the child as the mothers parents did not want anything to do with the family in the first place. Elle was left with a nephew that she's grown so attached to and that calls her mom and aunt, and a broken relationship with her brother after coming out to him about everything she felt and thought about them doing over the years.

user: Urania | faceclaim: Adelaide Kane | hex: F7C863

So begins...

Eleanore Da Cruz's Story


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evelyn addington
elsa| #7BB2B1 | outfit
If it wasn't for her sister Evelyn wouldn't have been caught dead in a place like this. She was never the party type, too many sweaty bodies and hormones floating around for her to care for. However, when Adrienne decided to go since her current puppy-dog crush Henry was in attendance, she couldn't just let her sister go by herself. Much to Adrienne's liking.

"I'll just stay here alright? If you need me, or want to leave just send me a text - "
Adrienne just rolled her eyes, "Yeah, whatever" before dashing away from her sister into the house. Evelyn frowned, her relationship with her sister was only getting worse and it killed her on the inside. It seemed like everyone was just done with her lately, she felt her anxiety bubbling in her chest just thinking about it. Tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, she took a couple anxiety pills and sat back down on one of the patio chairs in the backyard. There were a few stray party goers in the backyard, but most were inside. She could practically feel the thumping of the bass coming from the walls.

Taking a deep breath she turned to her phone, and began to scroll aimlessly through social media, to distract herself and pass the time. She had completely forgotten about the lemonade she had packed in her purse and rummaged around for it, her face lighting up as she took a drink. She always brought her own to a party, you could never trust the alcohol there. Or at least, that's what she told herself.