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A Dance of Darkness

A Dance of Darkness


Well, the place seemed innocent enough. It isn't. The ones who dwell in those toys- They are Role Keepers. And now you have to participate in a game- A game where only the strong survive.

725 readers have visited A Dance of Darkness since FallenSeraphim37 created it.


Now there is a shop that only a few had seen. The most who have seen or heard it had ignored it. But then a few daring people went into it. It was a basic toy shop, really- It was filled with stuffed animals and dolls. The shop keeper was odd. He would give out a bracelet that had a chain attached to it with a certain title engraved on it to whoever got one of the toys.

The strangest thing was- If you pulled on the chain, the toy would reveal its true form- Its true form as a Role Keeper. You must participate in the game- Or else your own Role Keeper will be forced to kill you. While this would strengthen your Role Keeper, you would lose your life. And if by any chance your Role Keeper became attached to you romantically, it might kill itself.

Now, let's move on to the Role Keepers, shall we?


Name: Creator "Why would you give me a name when there's no need for it?"
Age: "Ain't telling you that."
Gender: Female
Personality: Hot-headed. She is also depicted to be a "tsundere" although she denies it. She also has a calm side to her, though.
Appearance: In human form, she is seen with purple hair, and a red ribbon. She has emerald eyes behind glasses. She is seen wearing a black and dark gray shirt, a white scarf, and pants. She also wears simple black converse. In the toy form of herself, she is a small, black, stuffed cat.
Abilities: Creator, as her name implies can create anything. She is known to be an excellent summoner. A side ability of hers is that she is able to bring back any memory a person has to them.
Weapon of Choice: A black book she writes stories in.
Master; Abyss Hanabura (FallenSeraphim37)


Name: Vlad Alexander
Age: "Oh, why would you want to know that? Is it something of importance to you?"
Gender: Male
Personality: As his name implies, he is a gentleman. He is mostly calm, and can remain like that even in the heat of battle. He will usually want to drink tea with his master.
Appearance: Vlad has unkempt black hair and blue eyes. He wears a white suit, and a top hat that is like that of the Mad Hatter's. A cup of tea or a book is usually seen in his gloved hands. In toy form, he is basically a doll version of himself, with a stitched smile that is strangely unnerving.
Abilities: Vlad has a strange calmness. He could remain like that in the darkest battles. He could also fight well with batons, or his cane.
Weapon: His cane, or batons.
Master: N/A


Name: Ulrich
Age: Around 300 or 200+ years.
Gender: Male
Personality: Ulrich is completely merciless and reckless. Another name for him is the Berserker, due to that nature of his. He might even lash out at his own master, but if his master is good to him, he will become obedient and quiet.
Appearance: Ulrich is a red dragon, with a black flame tattoo thing on his right eye. His eyes are yellow, the membrane of his wings are yellow, the scales on the front of his neck and his underbelly are yellow. His claws are black, a spiked tail is what he has at the back. In his toy form, he is a stuffed dragon.
Abilities: With wings come flight, and as a dragon, he has a natural breath power- Fire. He also has great strength- Not even the greatest defense can stop him.
Weapon: Himself.
Master: N/A


Name: Fenrir
Age: No one really knows.
Gender: Male
Personality: Fenrir is just like the Beast, so they could make the greatest rivals. However, in human form, he can control his temper more, although he retains some of his wolf instincts.
Appearance: Fenrir is a great wolf. In human form, he has white hair with some streaks of black here and there. He wears an open black jacket, no shirt, jeans and is barefoot. He retains his wolf ears, and his wolf tail, though. In toy form, he is a doll version of his human form.
Abilities; In wolf form, he is unstoppable. In human form, he is skilled with swords. He also has the ability to switch from his wolf form to his human form at will.
Weapon: Swords, and himself.
Master: N/A


Name: Jormungand
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Personality: Jormungand is cunning- Both in serpent form and in human form. He is also like the Gentleman, although more playful than him.
Appearance: Jormungand is a huge sea serpent. In human form he has blue hair, glasses, and green eyes. He also wears a butler's uniform.
Abilities: Jormungand has a very deadly poison in his fangs. In human form, he has a way with knives and daggers. Like Fenrir, he has the ability to switch from his serpent form to his human form at will.
Weapon: His fangs, some knives he has
Master: N/A

THE CAT (Custom)

Name: Kitty Moskrow
Age: "its rude to ask a woman her age"
Gender: Female
Role: Keeper
Personality: Kitty is a playful girl who likes to play tricks and games a lot; she eats a lot of snacks, takes a lot of naps,tends to climb to high places, she doesn't like it when people try to completely rule over her or try to trap her in a corner. She is a free spirit who won't tell you anything important unless you ask her, even if its in a dangerous situation; she dislikes it when people try to tame her.
Appearance: Kitty's human form has waist length snow white hair, yellow eyes that can remember everything it sees, she has a long fluffy tail that she appreciates to the fullest, she stands at 5''7. She has several cat forms.
Abilities: She can turn into different cats, she is extremely agile, silent; she has the power of sound
Weapons: Herself, daggers, katana
Master: N/A

It is also possible for you yourself to have your own Role Keeper that you yourself made. These are just some original ones I have created...........

Character Skeleton (Masters)

Role Keeper:

Character Skeleton (Role Keepers) (NOTE: This is for Custom Role Keepers.)


Oh, and your Custom Role Keeper will be listed along with its profile in the ROLE KEEPERS section of this introduction when it is made.

FallenSeraphim37 (Abyss Hanabura) (Creator)

Toggle Rules

1. The usual Roleplay Gateway rules must be followed.
2. As the owner of this roleplay, I have the right to remove you if you disobey a rule. Sometimes I may be subjected to my own rules.
3. Please do not god-mod.
4. Romance is allowed, but do not revolve the roleplay around you and your partner.
5. Please be literate.
6. Have fun.
7. If you need help, please, ask me through message or the OOC thread.

Taking place in...

The Shop our primary setting

Welcome to the Shop. Take your time, look around.

The Shop

The Shop by FallenSeraphim37

Welcome to the Shop. Take your time, look around.

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The Shop by FallenSeraphim37

Welcome to the Shop. Take your time, look around.

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Character Portrait: Abyss Hanabura
Abyss Hanabura

"Hahaha! You got tricked again, Creator!" "Shut up."


Character Portrait: Abyss Hanabura
Abyss Hanabura

"Hahaha! You got tricked again, Creator!" "Shut up."

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Character Portrait: Abyss Hanabura
Abyss Hanabura

"Hahaha! You got tricked again, Creator!" "Shut up."

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The Shop

The Shop by FallenSeraphim37

Welcome to the Shop. Take your time, look around.

The Shop

Welcome to the Shop. Take your time, look around.

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