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"Let them curse our name. Let them curse our quest! Let them curse the day our mothers let us upon the world - but may we dance happily upon their graves until the last of our days."

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a character in “A Dance With Death”, as played by Candy_





Full Name: Dakkone Graelad Fyn

Nicknames: Drak, Fin, Grael

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Position in the Tower: Rogue Assassin claiming to be the Dragon Reborn.


Sexual Orientation: This would be of no matter to you, Aes Sedai.

Relationship Status: Neither would you ever consider this.

Likes: Killing, the feel of blood, killing a Sister or a Warder, having his fun in the back-room of a tavern, drinking with friends, stalking the city of Tar Valon (the shadows hide much), anything that amuses him for more than a moment really.

Dislikes: Tower, Aes Sedai, Warders, anything really associated with the Light, being in one place for too long, being too close to the Light for more than his comfort time (which is around a few days), dealing with anyone who bothers him.

Personality: He hides what he can. If he knows he will be able to, then it will be a shadow in the corner; whatever he knows he uses to his ability.


Hair Color: A light blonde. But what does this matter to you, Aes Sedai? I can change my appearance within a moment.

Eye Color: Silvery-blue.

Height: 6' 2".

Weight: 164.

Typical Clothing Style: He wears a heavy cloak that covers most of him, besides his face. It often varies in style, though not of kind; it is always of a dark color. Though sometimes it has a light pattern with glittery bright colors, or sometimes simple stitches with darkness.

Distinct Markings: Perhaps when we meet on different circumstances, Aes Sedai.


History: He does not remember much of his life before choosing to serve the Great Lord. All the better, so it is; he hates the Light enough, let him remember as little as he must of it. He does remember, though, his family - they were high born, with more than enough money to spare. But he was forced to find his own way through life. Through that, he learned by a friend - whatever name he had, it matters no longer - the ways of an Assassin. And thus he lives, a large asset to the Great Lord.
That was how he had come along his quest. He is alone as he stands, but within the Tower - and nearby it - are many Darkfriends awaiting his call. Together, with the many Black Ajah they have found. And together they will take the Tower.

Other: May we dance together, one last time. Death and I.

So begins...

Dakkone's Story


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#, as written by Candy_

Everinn herself found the travelling a messy drag. To know what was waiting in Amadicia; the Whitecloaks, and above that, a False Dragon. A man who could perhaps channel... Whether he did or not, he would be dangerous above all. Perhaps he was a thief in the shadows; or even a lord, hailing from atop a throne. Who was she to guess? And yet, even the Light send that this is easy enough. I would hate for a... catastrophe to happen.

She was more than grateful to see the end, and to find herself and her mount before the White Stag. Everinn was shaking, and she hoped that Rahien would not notice. If he did, she herself ignored whatever afterthought he would have, dismounting and passing the reins to a stable-boy.

Her eyes flickered at him, and as she felt he was staring for too long, brushed over the cobblestone and into the inn. Her travelling cloak dragged itself as she passed, and Everinn entered the inn unsteadily. A single word wrong, and they could find themselves surrounded by Whitecloaks before the night had passed.

Staying silent, as an old friend appeared, she looked around herself. The inn had changed in the long time since she had been in Amadicia; no surprise, as time had changed more than just the painting on the wall.

Maybe this won't take as long as I had thought. Everinn let herself be led away easily as she continued to watch the walls. It seemed so nice, now; the old inn had been a bit dimmer.

"I am Reane, my ladies, and it is my honor to serve. The Tower sent word you would be coming, though the bird only arrived here a short time ago. I am instructed to assist you where necessary."

Everinn let the tea warm her hand, nodding her head graciously. "Reane, how the times have changed us all... I fear we do have great need of you yet." She was taking the liberty of assuming she had the right to speak, though she could care less about how the other Sisters would treat her. "We are coming on the word of a False Dragon, here in Amadicia. Have you heard word of this...matter, yet?" Her eyes glimmered softly. She was very interested to see where the spider was hiding, and what sort of web he was spinning.


As he led his few horses out of the stables, several of them skittered, trying to avoid his reach; it seemed to Tuomas, that he was not the only one wanting to avoid this travel. To him, he knew nothing good would come out of it - if they reached the Tower again, he could only hope it would be alive.

Tuomas had to coax several of the horses out of the stable doors. Once out, they gained their footing, and easily passed towards the three Aes Sedai who were awaiting their mounts. He watched Mahira mount, carefully checking the saddle one more time. It would do no good to have a horse bolt, dismounting her, and he had best relax.

He himself had the horse that he had brought to the White Tower. A grey stallion, and a fully-trained war horse that he had for a long time, named Siswai. The horse had carried him through the streets, but now, it hardly carried him anywhere. He would ride until the Pit of Doom, but there was other places to be.

The journey had his mind running. Always running. He was always worried that they would be found by Whitecloaks, that their camp would be broken by bandits, or some miraculous event that would have them running. Tuom was always on guard, but happy for an excuse to break away from the Aes Sedai. Even as they approached the White Stag, he felt that the tension would never break.

Tuom dismounted slowly, giving Siswai's reigns over reluctantly to the stable boy. He gently ran his hands through the mane, before turning and following the Aes Sedai into the inn. It seemed all too soon that they were whisked away - he debated whether to follow or not, but a fleeting glare from Everinn Sedai kept him at bay. She seemed as if she would shoot daggers at him, within any given point.

"Rahien, should you wish to follow, you have every leave. I believe I may watch from the common room." He left his Warder brother the choice, turning away from him.


The light of his inn was so much better. Well... It was not his inn, precisely, it had only been so for just a few moments now. He was sitting calmly, one leg kicked over the other as he cleaned underneath his fingernails with a knife. The blade was covered in blood, barely beginning to dry, and he found himself wiping it over his cloak.

No matter; he quite enjoyed the feel of it. A thick liquid, sticky and warm, a vital essence of the human body... The way it easily bled out of a man made it all the better. How he loved to watch the blood pour out of someone, slitting their throat and watching them squeal as their throat bled red.

"Turn it will! The Wheel is not hope, and the Wheel does not care, the Wheel simply is!" He did love singing. Once in a while, the song would strike him, and he would dance around the room with his voice washing over the walls. "But, so long as it turns-"

Someone was knocking at his door. The night had barely begun to sink through the sky; everyone knew this was the better time to bother him, though, when the shadows danced and he could hide as he pleased. "Enter." He continued to pick at his nails, frowning. Was this friend... or foe?

"My friend." The man who entered was no one he had seen before, but his thumb was sticking between his index and middle fingers, hand straight at his side. Now he's caught my interest. "Forgive the hour, though as I'm told, this is the best time to bother you." He grinned, pulling back his hood to reveal bright blond hair.

No doubt this was someone who would change his look when anyone turned their back. "You have my interest... Though how did you find me?" He started to stare at the knife closely, finding that the blood was already dry. A pity, he did not think he had wiped all of it off.

"Stories pass, rumors grow, and eventually you'll know precisely who you're looking for." His grin seemed to grow wider. He would not give his name. "I've been watching, and here's something you might want to know - three Aes Sedai, dropped just at the White Stag. Two Warders with them. Though, we both know why they're here."

The knife was stabbed into the table, shaking for just a few moments. "Perfect. Maybe there's even a Black." He stood up, though did not remove his own hood. It was nice and warming, too comfortable to remove.

"Very well." The man bowed. "Fare you well, Dakkone... May the Great Lord watch over you." He pulled his hood back up, and disappeared through the door. Dakkone watched him leave, and spat on the floor. His story had only just begun.