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Alexandra Porter

Truth seeker

0 · 340 views · located in Queens, New York, New York.

a character in “A Dangerous Game”, as played by Spearheader


Name: Alexandra Porter
Sex: F
Race: White
Age: 27
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Appearance: She's got black (or perhaps very dark brown hair, and blue eyes--the hair being typically worn back, in a bun or a ponytail. It, like most things in her life, has been arranged in such a way as to keep things out of the way so she can do her job in peace. She typically wears a work uniform (what might be expected for a medical researcher) when she's outside, but on some days can be seen sporting a witty T-shirt or two. She enjoys a few good quotes as much as the next guy. Somewhat against type, she's actually got really good vision and has never needed glasses.
Personality: Alexandra can best described as organized, or, taking a more negative spin, as structured. She needs to have an explanation for the things she's doing, and typically that explanation is more along the lines of "it allows me to do something else" than "I wanted to". Further, it bothers her when other things are unpredictable or don't make sense, and she'll try to figure out explanations for those things, and perhaps strategies to work around them if necessary. Generally very risk-averse and probably wouldn't be above sacrificing someone else to save her own skin. She's also not necessarily a "people person".

Special Skills: Some medical and EMT training--she took some courses on it in high school and college, not really because she thought it'd be useful for her job, but more because it piqued her interest. And just seemed like the kind of thing you'd want to know.
Some cross-disciplinary knowledge--Most scientists know a bit more about a whole lot of things than the average person, and she's no exception. She might be able to figure out how the occasional trick or trap might work that another may not.
Logical mindset--as long as she isn't panicking, she's gong to be a bit more rational than some people trapped in here. She'll move quickly to trying to solve problems in her situation, not so much due to psychological resilience as due to the peculiarities of her mindset.
Weirdly good vision. It was just a quirk she was born with.
Weaknesses: "AH NOTHING MAKES SENSE"--if things get too weird for her, pretty much any attempt at keeping her head will fail, and she might have a similar problem if the options look especially bleak.
"Risk-Avoidant"--She might not take a necessary step because of what bad could happen--usually good, sometimes very, very bad.

So begins...

Alexandra Porter's Story