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A Dark Fantasy

A Dark Fantasy



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Most recent OOC posts in A Dark Fantasy

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Hey everyone. I don't know if you will be notified of this or not, but I did want to let you know that I am back, and will be around for a while this time, and I'm looking to revive this roleplay that never really got started.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

You don't have to reserve a character lol. Just apply for them

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Hullo, i'm completely new to this forum, but this seemed like the best roleplay I saw, and so here I am. I put together a semi-decent(?) character and I submitted for approval. Dunno how that works though, so any tips would be lovely.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

You don't realy have to reserve a character. just type them up and apply. :-)

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Seth, what if I changed Arewans backstory. Made her the daughter of the usurped king trying to regain the throne in the name of her family?

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Ok. Thank you very much ;D. I'll probably have my character in by today or tomorrow.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Sure. Just apply when you're ready.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

I was wondering if I could reserve a female elf, please...? :3

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Oh no you're fine.we are still waiting for a King so.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Yeah, thats what I mean. Confused the terms there for a second.

I'll be having my character up by the end of the day. Don't want to drag everyone behind.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

I'm guessing you mean short "range" teleportation? And yes. That's fine. No like teleporting from one city to another though.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Ah I see, well that is good to know.

By adding stuff I mean as in coming up with the magic ourself. You said there are things like fireballs and telekinesis and stuff, but can I come up with lets say short term teleportation or other powers that aren't mentioned? Adding our own ideas to the list.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Romance will just be a side plot. And will only affect the actions of my character. it will have no baring on the over all plot.

As for magic, it is pretty versatile in this game. It's not like Sabrina the Teenage Witch or anything, but fire ball, freezing water, telekinesis, or lightening is really just a "you think it so you do it" kind of deal.

There are some spells out there but they are not necessarily like what you would think of as spells. They are more chants, to beseech the power of another being to perform a feat of magic that isn't possible for a mortal. Like altering the weather or causing earthquakes.

But when you say add stuff, what do you mean?

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Is the RP going to be romanced focused, or is that just a side thing? Because I don't really like to RP romance or such, so I would like to know before joining.

Also, how does the magic work? Are there set spells and magic type, or can we add our own stuff?

Re: A Dark Fantasy

I don't exactly have a huge issue with playing with girls who play as gay make characters. But to be honest, I would prefer the person be a gay male IRL and play a male gay character. Believe it or not, and I'm sure any other actually gay make players can confirm, that it's kind of instantly obvious when a girl is paying a gay male character. Not that women are bad roleplayers lol, I can just tell.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

sethwy91 wrote:
Also, side note, I would really like to have a love interest. I'm gay and like guys. And I prefer more of the slender, Elven rogue types.

I subscribed to this topics just so I can locate the rp easily [that and reading the overview is just entertaining as hell] and that means I also get notified of new posts [so I'm practically semi-stalking this roleplay].

Anyways, towards the main reason for this post and that quote above, I have a curious question.
Would you prefer the user to also be male or only the love interest to be male? [or have I butchered the reading entirely?]

Re: A Dark Fantasy

Omg! I'm actually kinda new around here lol. I had no idea that this generated an ooc topic for the roleplay.thank you all for the comments.

To the question of Anime vs Real, my character is animated, not necessarily anime, but it's really whatever you want. I just use animated for fantasy settings cause it makes it easier to find pics that I like.

As for the map, I used a combo of symbols from campaign cartographer and Photoshop. But mostly Photoshop.

And to all the comments about how great this is, thank you :-)

Also, side note, I would really like to have a love interest. I'm gay and like guys. And I prefer more of the slender, Elven rogue types.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

This sounds interesting. I'll be joining as soon as I can.

I'm thinking of making my character a human thief who tries to learn every single magic he can to make his job easier, but ends up with him learning none of them completely and just being able to cast a small amount of weak spells. He is also decent with the bow and arrow or with a knife. His only good ability would be sneaking around. Sounds ok?

Talking about magic. What type of magic is there? Is it a set type of magic or can we make up stuff?

Re: A Dark Fantasy

I plan on joining within the next two days, hopefully with two characters at the most, a boy and a girl, siblings.This seems extremely intriguing.

Re: A Dark Fantasy

This sounds so good. I third the question on fc