Arewan Dragonstone

The Kingdoms will bend their knee to the Dragon

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Arewan Dragonstone


Full Name: Arewan Kara Dragonstone

Occupation: Warden Marshall; Of noble birth, or distinguished in battle or tourney, wardens are civilized warriors, schooled in letters and courtesy, governed by the codes of chivalry. In addition to the arts of war, wardens study the lore of healing and enchantment. Wardens are wizard-warriors, trained in both lethal spellcasting and armored combat. Wardens are loremasters and storytellers. They crave adventure for the wisdom and insight to be gained, and must depend on sword, shield, spell and enchantment to preserve them from the perils of the world. Wardens rely on stealth to survey routes and opponents, using ranged weapons and skirmish tactics when forced to fight. Wardens are dedicated to rooting out and destroying the perverted practices of dark cults and profane sorcery. They train for martial, magical, and stealthy war against vampires, witches, warlocks, and necromancers.

After the disbanding of the Green Swords by the Church, the borders of Norfeld were left defenseless against the monsters of the dark, while her armies were away. When the death tolls began to rise within the kingdom, a group of hunters and veteran soldiers had banded together to defend their homeland. Over the years their numbers grew, as well as their wealth of knowledge for defending their homes, gaining the title of Wardens. Years later they have taken a strong presence within Norfeld, from royal elite guards to agents of the kingdom.

Age: 22
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128 lbs

Eye: Grey
Hair Color: Black
Race: Human

Black leather armor, thin steel mail under layers.
2x Scimitars
2x daggers
1x Dirk
6x Throwing Knives

Martial Specialty: Arewan is talented with a bow and martial skills. Her guardian, Dragonmiir Ironforge, had been like a father to her teaching her everything he could. He had imparted on her the need to have the art of both hand and bow, for there would be times in her life when it was needed. Her skill with the bow was not superior, but a huntress she was none the less and could hold her own if need be. Her skills in hand to hand were tempered to defend herself with accuracy and mobility.

It was in her talent of the blade where she truly excelled. She was gifted to put it modestly, and had caught the attention of the Wardens. Her accuracy and skill with throwing knives was impressive, and her grace and skill with her scimitars was unmatched some would say. Her movements were like the movements of the rivers; so graceful and fluid, and her strikes were like thunder; shaking her opponents to their knees.

Education: Due to tutelage from her guardian Khali Stormhold, Arewan is well versed in both reading and writing. She can read and write in the human tongue, as well as elf and dwarf. Her guardian has even taught her the runes of the ancient dragons.

Khali has brought Arewan into the dark arts of magic as well. Teaching her to control and harness the power of the storms to devastating effects.

Religion & Level of Devotion: Dragonborn; a sect of polytheist zealots that believe they are the reincarnated vessels of the Elders. Great dragons gods of old that created Glanodel, and brought life to its surface. They worship the Elders with a passion not seen in centuries, in hopes of the great dragons return.

There is an old prophecy, that a women of noble birth would bring forth the dragons of old, and bring all of Glanodel to kneel before her

Arewan is a devoted follower of the Dragonborn, as her guardian Khali Stormhold, had introduced it to her in her youth. She has known almost no other religion as both of her guardians shielded her from the influence of the Church. To her knowledge, the way of the Dragonborn is truth, while all other religions are false pretenders.

Personality: Arewan is ambitious and adventurous, always seeking to prove herself the better among others, and make a stronger mark in history for her family name. She is a very charismatic leader, quick to take the lead and inspire the followers around her. Her presence commands loyalty and respect, and instills a love unbroken. Many would describe her as energetic and playful, but not one to cross swords with if it came to pass.

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