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a character in “A Demon and it's Master”, as played by Crystal Blood


Demonic Name: Azzael

Earthly Name: He calls himself Azzael, but will respond to whatever his master names him

Earthly Age: apx 23

Gender: Male

Personality:Azzeal was, like most demons, at one point an angel. He was awkward and distractible and in general a nuisance to everyone who came in contact with him. It didn't take long for him to have his angelic position revoked. The final straw had been after it was discovered that he (and a few friends) had a fling with some earth girls. He was promptly banished from Heaven and given over the Devil with a note saying "He's your problem now". Since that point, Azzeal's bad traits have multiplied, he is now extremely vain, prideful, indulgent, and envious. Though, aside from those flaws, he is very far away from "evil". This fact has also gotten him kicked out of Hell multiple times. He has very little interest in corrupting people's souls, death, destruction and the such like. As of late, he plans to live in the human world, enjoying the abundance of expensive objects to collect.

Weakness: Laziness, bad with magic, disagreeable, easily bought out, self-serving, cripplingly vain, not terribly strong compared to other supernaturals.

Powers/Abilities: Azzael, being very lazy, has never had much time for training with his supernatural powers. Therefore they are next to useless. Azzael is far more inclined to pay for expensive weapons and hire assassins to do the dirty work for him. That is not to say he is unskilled in martial combat. He is very athletic and strong compared to humans, but only adequate compared to other demons.

Likes: Azzael enjoys high-class earth life. Its sort of like a hobby, something to assume himself with

Dislikes: Undignified things, messes, doing work, doing menial jobs, doing physical jobs, sweating, looking messy, feeling messy, people who are late, people who are low-class

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Azzael's Story