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AngelicPride holds sovereignty over Victorian England, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Victorian England is a part of A Demon and it's Master.

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Hazel Marie Knight [0] "My body is an open canvas."
Adarius Vilis [0] Making a come back
Akira Wynter [0] Half of me loves to obey you, The other half would Love to kill you.
Lucas Disraeli [0] For Queen and country.
Annalith Hansford [0] Young, pure girl who just wants to help others
Violet Kage [0] "I will have your soul. Soon."
Sethic'audun (demon name), Amber Dawnstar [0] A demoness who has a "magnetic" personality.
Azzael [0]
Vincent Spencer(Kodiyul Verihoth) [0] I'm your genie for now. But soon I'll be your judge, jury, and prison.

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Azzael ignored Annalith for the most part. He swung open every cabinet he could see and tripped over a few he couldn't. He knocked into pots and pans hanging from the ceiling and almost dropped a couple of glass jars in his balancing act. Slowly but surely, with much noise and commotion, Azzael gathered the things he needed. He'd never been very good in a kitchen.

He found the salt fast enough, and the charcoal was near the fireplace, the oil took a little longer but that finally turned up, as did the wine (which he generously sampled), and everything else did eventually find away into his hands. So, while a bit undignified, Azzael had managed his grocery shopping rather well. The kitchen looked like it had been hit by a tornado, but that was besides the point.

Slightly cumber by all the oddly shaped objects he was holding, Azzael found a small bag to place them in. Unhappy with the look of it, Azzael used a little rudimentary magic he knew, to change it into a black Gladstone bag, that he felt better went with his suit.

"Alright," Azzael finally looked back at Annalith. "Let's go do some magic."

Adarius couldn't see how his life could get much worse. What had started off as a bad trip was ending in a real life nightmare. If he didn't feel so good, Adarius would have thought he was just hallucinating. But here he was, laying in some church square, with a demon hovering over him. He'd sold his soul- it was as simple as that. His piety had failed him and for all his prayer, devotion, and church going, he'd still committed the ultimate atrocity.

"What am I going to do... " He cover his face with his hands, he'd cry if he thought he had any tears left. But he was so dehydrated from drinking, he couldn't even swallow. He stayed still for a moment, and he considered just laying there forever. Finally he sat up, a despondent look in his eyes, even more out of touch with the world than he had been a few hours ago. "I need to get to church," he said to himself. He stood up, looked around, and realized he didn't know where he was or where to go. Everything was dark an unfamiliar.

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#, as written by Saikua
Annalith gave an nod and led him to the door of her parent's room. "Unfortunately I can't go in, or I will become sick as well. What will you be doing?"