Riley Dawson

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a character in “A Demons Secret”, as played by CameraShy


{Alone by Eyeshine}

【Basic Knowledge】


|Full Name|
Riley Dakota Dawson






The Best Friend || The Protector

|Face Claim|
Steven R. Mcqueen

【What's On The Outside】



|Hair Color|

|Eye Color|



For a boy who was raised in a very cautious, glass-like world, he sure likes to smash boundaries. Hyperactive, energetic, and impulsive; he lives on a precarious edge. As a result, he’s not very good at decision-making, and often does stupid things without thinking about the later consequences. Riley has a quick-temper, and a quick tongue. Although funny usually, he can get very snarky and sarcastic. And when he’s in a grumpy mood, he’ll be sure to let everyone know. He’s pretty mouthy, and frequently says things without the consideration for others’ feelings. He’s neither the most sensitive nor the most empathetic person. Don't be fooled though, Riley is all bark and no bite or at least that's how most people look at him. It takes a lot to actually get him to fight physically with someone.
Now on with the good, Riley is laid-back usually going with the flow of things. He is also very independent knowing when he needs help and when he doesn't. Bravery is something else he has but his bravery can be reckless most of the time. He is also very hard working giving it his all on anything he does.

Observant - Even though he talks a lot, he is a keen observer. Learning from a persons body language and their choice of words he can read between the lines like no other.
Eidetic Memory - Riley has very good memorization skills. He can remember faces, images, and various sounds pretty well, though he cannot pinpoint one particular image or sound in the midst of a lot as good.
Lying - Riley has no problem lying to someones face with a sincere smile. His easygoing attitude reassures people into trusting him to quickly which allows him to say anything without seeming suspicious though it all depends on the person. Most of the time his lying skills work though there are a few people who can see through his facade.

Separating his food, certain things cannot touch and it disturbs him when they do.
Combs hand through hair often, especially when nervous.
Rocks back and forth on the heels of his feet when bored or uninterested in midst of a conversation.

Cherries || All kinds of Music || Cereal || Intelligence || Literature || TV shows like Criminal Minds, Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory || Loyal people || Home Cooked Meals || The color red and all of its shades || Tall Men || Sleeping In || Rainy Days || Strawberry Shortcakes || Granola Bars || Reading || Watching Old Silent Films || Children || The idea of having a family

Being in large crowds || Dolls || Hospitals || Early Mornings || Incessant chatter || Lack of devotion || Waiting || The Curse || Arguing || Being lied to || Liquid Medicine || Bad Hair Days || Ravens || Spicy food || When people refer to him as a child || Being restricted || Being taken lightly || Any body of water{He can't swim} || Staying in one place for too long

Agateophobia- The fear of insanity || Monophobia- The fear of being alone || Pediophobia- The fear of dolls

【The Past】


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