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Karu Nyazawa

Judging is for the inferior, the incompetent. I know this because I know plenty who have been judged without getting known; I am one of them.

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a character in “A different kind of Stray”, as played by KuruLesperance


"Hey! I'm not here for your entertainment, just because I'm part cat, got it?

Karu Nyazawa


16 going on 17


Male, I have proof you know.


Neko nyaa!

S:E:X:U:A:L O:R:I:E:N:T:A:T:I:O:N::

Bisexual. Problem? Then kiss my foot, I choose my life.


A pocket watch that particularly plays a music-box type melody.

T:H:E:M:E S:O:N:G::


V:O:I:C:E I:N:T:O:N:A:T:I:O:N::

My voice is like the younger person's voice in my theme song!

So begins...

Karu Nyazawa's Story


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The blonde-haired neko mumbled, as he sat crouched in the entrance of an alleyway on a windy, winter day. It was fairly cold outside, but Karu didn't mind that much, it felt quite enjoyable, until narcissistic punks decided to interfere on the relaxing, delightful, winter night, being fairly snug warm in his black jacket he normally wore.

Absentmindedly, he cocked his head to the side as boys poked their head around the alleyway; they all seemed like they didn't enjoy animals by the scowl on their pale and tan features.

"Look, it's a demented cat-thing. What the hell were scientists thinking? I like more of a dragon mix, more badass than that furrball." Furrball? The cat-boy thought, as the boy whom was taunting him snorted in contempt.

"Heh. You snorted. Sure you're not part horse?" Said the blonde boy, almost a mocking smile on his features, though he was just assuming, and it sounded more ignorant than he expected. Many of the boys jerked back in surprise as if they've never seen a cat human talk before. Well, they haven't, but they should expect it if the cat human has a mouth. The nerve of some people, sheesh!

"Dude, it talks."
"I am not an it!" Karu whined.
"Yesh you are. You're like alien or 'sumthin."
"If I was an alien..oh god. You're agitating."
"Did that thing call me agitating?" The leader of the group growled. Karu hissed and lashed his tail, only to get clubbed harshly in the ear, earning a yowl from the blonde-haired neko.
"Ow!" He cried.

"Hey, look. It's defenseless too. Let's mess with it for awhile, then go find an old lady or something." The boys nodded in agreement; they seemed to be part of a gang of some sort, by the symbols on their jackets. Karu's eyes widened, as he stood up and began backing away, his braid only to get pulled by one of the members behind him. He bared his teeth, refusing to make any sound, until finally one smart human shouted out something.

"I found out what it is! It's called a neko." He grinned. "Cool." Karu reared backwards as one of the stronger males took a hold of his neck. "Don't touch me!"

The cat boy cried loudly as he reared forwards, slamming himself into the wall of the alleyway, using his legs to kick them away, only for him to gasp when one of the gang members pulled out throwing knives. God, what were they equipped with here?

Though, what bugged him the most was the fact that people were passing by and not even glancing at the commotion, until his thoughts were pried away from his mind as he felt a sharp pain in his cheek. One of the males threw a throwing knife, slicing an incision into his cheek, and he was suddenly pinned against the alleyway wall while a rather smaller male grabbed onto his tail and forced it against the wall, and what Karu hated the most, was when people touched his precious tail. It was one of the most sensitive parts of his body, resulting in Karu arching his back and hissing. "Don't touch my tail!"

"Just because I look different doesn't make me any different from you! cold hearted group of humans.." he breathed shakily, only to bare his teeth and moan in pain when someone decided to make cuts along his tail, along with scrapes here and there, and Karu was done now. His back arched against the wall as he suppressed an agony-filled groan, resulting in crystal glimmering tears to escape his eyes violently.

The boy gave off his weakness, and thus, the males found out his tail was the one of the most sensitive parts of his neko body. Grinning in satisfaction, they broke away from the neko boy to leave the blonde-haired cat to collapse to his knees and shake in terror, the cuts on his tail being nearly unbearable, even though they were the smallest, and he covered his eyes with his gloved hands and bared his teeth, trying to hold back sobs or rushes of rage. Sneering, the boys put their hands on their hips and kicked the cat boy, leaving scrapes here and there.


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"Good. At least I won't have to take you to hospital. I hate them. That cut on your cheek looks pretty bad though", Ryu said, genuinely concerned about the Neko. Which was weird for him, normally he didn't care about anyone else.
This kid was so small though, barely past his waist. It wasn't really surprising though, if he had been on the streets for a while. Plus the fact that, from what he had read, cat hybrids were generally small-framed anyway.

He had only just realised that he still had a hold of the kid's hand, and he immediately broke the contact, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He shivered, it was getting colder, and the fact that he was tired wasn't helping.

"...Come on. Let's get ya cleaned up.", he said finally, turning round and walking back out the alleyway, pausing to make sure the cat-boy was following, "Oh yeah, my name's Ryu. In case you were wondering."