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Ryu Himura

0 · 614 views · located in Tokyo

a character in “A different kind of Stray”, as played by BekaL101


Name: Ryu Himura

Age: 19, but often looks and acts older than that.

Gender: male

Orientation: Openly bisexual, but prefers guys. The last girlfriend he had...didn't work so well...

Appearance (picture):


Appearance (written): Standing at 5' 11', with a slim but very well muscled body, Ryu can look intimidating at times, an impression that is only increased by his piercing green eyes, which are framed by thick, dark lashes. He is pale, with dark red hair that goes to his shoulders, and is layered. Tends to wear dark colours, or shades of blue or green. Around his neck he wears a black cord with a silver pendant, with the letter 'W' on it, which stands for 'Willow'. He won't talk about why this is. Usually has a cigarette lit up, or is playing with a lighter.
Ryu's looks aren't completely perfect though. Under his clothing, he has quite a few scars, mostly from fights, but the biggest of them is a large cross-shaped burn scar at the back of his shoulder.
(this is what it looks like, but as a burn scar that takes up the area from the top of his shoulder to just below his shoulder blade)

Also, on his chest, just over where his heart would be, he has a 'tattoo', done in dark red ink. The difference is, that it isn't a tattoo, not really, and depending on 'certain things' can become faded, until it is barely visible.,1300967814,8/stock-vector-circularly-orange-dragons-73830451.jpg


At first glance, Ryu seems to be the typical 'bad boy'. He is, to an extent, but that's not all he is. Ryu works as a waiter in a resturant, but is also a writer. He publishes under the name 'Kage Ukita', and many of his books are quite successful, though he has made it a rule that he never does face-to-face interviews. Simply because he hates cameras. With a passion. He also insists that he does the artwork for his books himself as well, as he doesn't trust other people to have anything to do with his books. He's fussy like that. But he's successful enough to be allowed to be so fussy, and his publisher doesn't care as long as he gets the work done.

Outside of working, he isn't the easiest person to get along with...
He can be kind, but doesn't show it a lot, and if he does something nice for someone, he will hide it. Like instead of giving someone a present, he will leave it for them where he knows they'll find it, without a note or anything. So he's being nice, but not admitting it. And he will act as if he doesn't know anything, or that it's no big deal, if anyone asks, and continue being cold and distant to them. At least to their face.

If he finds someone he cares about though, he is a very open and caring person, though sometimes overprotective. He tends to get embarassed easily around that person, and tends to avoid eye contact. That's how you know he likes you.

Extra: there's a reason he uses a pen name. Trouble is, according to the media, 'Kage Ukita' has been writing books for almost 15 years...and Ryu's only 19. They can't possibly be the same person...can they?

So begins...

Ryu Himura's Story


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"Good. At least I won't have to take you to hospital. I hate them. That cut on your cheek looks pretty bad though", Ryu said, genuinely concerned about the Neko. Which was weird for him, normally he didn't care about anyone else.
This kid was so small though, barely past his waist. It wasn't really surprising though, if he had been on the streets for a while. Plus the fact that, from what he had read, cat hybrids were generally small-framed anyway.

He had only just realised that he still had a hold of the kid's hand, and he immediately broke the contact, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He shivered, it was getting colder, and the fact that he was tired wasn't helping.

"...Come on. Let's get ya cleaned up.", he said finally, turning round and walking back out the alleyway, pausing to make sure the cat-boy was following, "Oh yeah, my name's Ryu. In case you were wondering."