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Kuma Yamamoto

"Come on now. Lets see a big ol' smile, huh?"

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a character in “A DRAMAtical Adventure”, as played by C O S M I C



"Alright! Time to.. To uh.... Do nothing at all!

|| Theme Song ||

||β—‹ Full Name β—‹||
Kuma Yamamoto

||β—‹ Age β—‹||

||β—‹ Gang β—‹||
Black Lich

||β—‹ Allmate β—‹||

||β—‹ Allmate Type β—‹||

||β—‹ Face Claim β—‹||
Mephisto Pheles (Blue Exocist)


||β—‹ Hair Color β—‹||
Dark Blue

||β—‹ Eye Color β—‹||
Jade Green

||β—‹ Skin Tone β—‹||

||β—‹ Height β—‹||

||β—‹ Weight β—‹||
130 lbs

||β—‹ Rhyme or Rib β—‹||

||β—‹ Allmate Rhyme Form β—‹||
Aside from his monkey state, Zetsu becomes larger and stronger in his rhyme form. He is dressed in ninja attire and wears the same scar across his face as he had in his allmate state. It is obvious to tell that it is the same hot-blooded monkey that is usually found on Kuma's shoulder. His attitude stays the same regardless of which form he's in.

||β—‹ Rhyme Form Image β—‹||
Zetsu Rhyme Form


||β—‹ Personality β—‹||
Free Spirited || Childish || Teasing || Sneaky

Kuma is a professional pain in the as. He can be a bit difficult to deal with but is always a bag of surprises. He loves messing with others; especially his rivals. He's just a twisted guy like that. He's a bag of tricks and a box of secrets. He seems to disappear and appear in places at strange times. He is very proud of his rhyme team and the fact that they are indeed the best. He's not afraid to make fun of those that have lost to him as well. He loves his rhyme gang more than anything.

Kuma sees himself as the boss of everything and everyone. He loves having a large authority rule and would give it up for nothing. It goes to his head very easily though. He is very child like and can even physically behave like one. Not the best child either. He can be a bit whinny when he doesn't get his way but it's only due to his spoiled attitude.

His attitude towards others can come off as a troublesome nerd. He has his moments at times where he gives off a small temper show but anger never gets the best of him. His sly attitude always finds it's way into the minds of others. He is also quite intelligent. However, as smart as he is, it can never get him out of the trouble he seems to somehow find his way to.


||β—‹ Biography β—‹||
Unlike most children, Kuma was instructed to stay inside at all times. His mother, which he never saw much of, worked with his father for a company that was looking to design more humanly realistic allmates for Toue's company. Kuma was never truly aware of where he was born and why his parent's were so secretive about it. All knew was that he was going to have to stay inside for quite awhile. He only was let outside when his father was around to watch him. As he began to grow older, he started to develop a few pains in his head. His father began to give him medication which would help dull it a bit but he could still feel it.

One day his parents were called off on a convention and left Kuma in the care of one of the scientists that they worked with. Soon days began to turn into months and even a year. There was no sign of his parents. However, the scientist that took him into his care was more parents like than both of his parents. He treated Kuma like a human being instead of a burden; or monster. He still continued to take his medicine which helped with the pain a bit.

A few years later, he witnessed a rhyme battle and became very interested. He got himself a allmate and had a strong friendship with him. Zetsu and him began to work today in creating a powreful rhyme team. They were undefeated and soon people wished to join Kuma's side. He decided to make a gang; The Black Lich, which had many members and contributors.


Watch your back because for all you know, I may be there.

So begins...

Kuma Yamamoto's Story


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What a eventful morning. Well, every morning in Midorijima seemed like a eventful morning really. At least for Kuma, that is. After going to work for a few hours and arguing with a woman who believed that her son won something out of a machine that wasn't even in order, he could surely use a break. Working at the game center was a pain in his side, but he couldn't complain. The pay was very well. As he began to walk his way home, he noticed a new message on his coil. "Huh? Whats this Zetsu? He said to his allmate who happily rested on his head. "Looks like a new email Kuma." Kuma rubbed his neck as he opened the door to his house. "Email huh?.. Well lets take a look!" He said excitedly as he jumped onto the sofa. His guardian obviously yelling at him not to do so but he completely ignored it. As he read the invitation, his head began to swirl with confusion. "According to this i've been invited to Platinum Jail..." Kuma didn't really care much about Platinum Jail, however he was always curious about what would be there. Perhaps a small visit wouldn't hurt. "Are you sure thats a good idea?" Kuma looked up to see the scientist he had seen as a father for, well, a long time. He smiled slightly. "Geez stop being such a worrier. I'll be fine. Im sure i probably won't even like it. Just a visit and ill call you ok? The male nodded and soon Kuma stood and began to head to his room. "Besides, this place can't be all that, right? Zetsu jumped off of his masters head and onto the bed. "We there are no records of anyone wishing to leave. Maybe it is, Kuma."

After a day of packing he began to make his way to his new home. Evey step seemed to be more luxurious than the last. He looked around in awe and amazement. Everything was so.... Futuristic. "This place is crazy!" He said as he began to approach his new home as instructed in the email. He wasn't aware of who these other people were that would be joining him but he didn't care. His gang wished him best of luck and not to forget about them. He couldn't possibly do that. They were his family and that was that.


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Another day of a discouraging yet presumable response from a certain blonde who's height was almost that of a middle school student, well if he were to say that aloud towards Hinata then he might have gotten kicked and he surely did not want to come home with a sore shin. Yes, Hakuba had gone to pester, yet again, that adorable ex-rhyme player called Hinata Obata. The elder one was just hoping to get him to join his gang though he received a definite decline once again and it was expected but that doesn't mean he had given up.
Hakuba, the current leader of a Ribeez gang known as the Snake Eyes. Lately the pinkish colored male had been feeling a bit stressed, all this fighting was getting a bit - Well a bit boring. Recently he's been working with someone who seems a bit off, the others name was Ryuu. No last name at all apparently and he seemed normal but no one could be that happy without having some issues. Sometimes Hakuba wondered if he was even safe around the other, he didn't know much about Ryuu and that was something to worry about, right? Then there was Hinata Obata, the ex-rhyme player who Hakuba enjoyed to tease and pester. His artificial hand was quite interesting but the blonde wouldn't spill the story on that one.
"One, two, three, is it Cho? Can't you see i'm busy right now..Eight." Hakuba was sitting alone in his dark room just counting all the cars that passed by his apartment, the only bit of light shining from the blinds that he cracked open. The Crow could be identified by his glowing dark red eyes that appeared from the other side of the room, a color that Hakuba never learned to get use to, he just found it ugly and more so unsettling. As the pinkish colored male closed the blinds, slipping his hands into his pockets and turning to look at the allmate, Cho began to speak. "New Email for you Genji." The gang leader turned his head slightly to the side, he wasn't expecting anyone of his subordinates to contact him considering they all knew he liked to be left alone on his free time otherwise that subordinate would be kicked in the face. "It must be from Hina-chan, right? Maybe he wants to accept my offer and become my new favorite toy!?" Hakuba spread a joking smile across his face, as much as he would love that to happen, he knew it was impossible. Hakuba walked past the allmate to exit his room and enter the kitchen before walking down the hall, Cho flying after him just as he entered the room. The crow landed down on the counter top and looked at the other, Hakuba who was grabbing a bowl from the cabinet looked back at him. "What have I said about staring, your eyes creep me out so stop or i'll throw you out the window....Just tell me what the Email says, you dumb bird." Hakuba continued to reach for a cereal box, having breakfast in the afternoon was nice. "It's an invitation to formally invite you to Platinum Jail. Should I delete it or are you going?" Platinum Jail, that sounded like the perfect thing to do for killing time and he's heard great things about the place or maybe they were all just fables.
"Genji?" The crow called for an answer once again but his master was too deep in thought to notice for awhile. The red eyed male turned around and started to head for the door as he spoke to Cho, waving his hand nonchalantly in the air. "Uh..Yeah, i'll go so for now leave me alone. The rest of the day I want to relax a bit for as long as I can without being bothered. Got it?" With that the pinkish haired male left the room, leaving Cho to roam elsewhere. The crow knew when not to mess with his so called master and when he gave him a stern look, the allmate knew to go elsewhere.
Hakuba had left the room to go take a soothing bubble bath in his walk in bathtub, the water warm to his liking and the fragrance of strawberries filled the small room. Hakuba sighed softly as his fingers through his hair, he took a moment to stand up and reach for his cellphone that he had left on the floor beside the bathtub. Hakuba was able to have some luxurious like a great bathroom and his beloved cellphone that he held dear, he just loved it. He then sunk back down into the water and dialed a few numbers, as expected it was sent straight to voice mail.

"Hina-chan!! Fifth, this is the fifth time you've dismissed my calls. Anyway i'm in the bath...Now don't start thinking anything dirty of me, I might blush. I wanted to tell you that I'll be away for awhile so please try not to get too lonely while i'm away. Bye!"

Hakuba left the next day to Platinum Jail, he was astonished by how different the two districts were from each other and it was an immense difference. The message mentioned that he might have to be living with others but that didn't bother him in the slightest, he loved people just as long as they didn't tick him off. The red eyed male set his luggage down in his new home after closing the door, he looked around the room for a moment and noticed that he might not be the first here. "Hello~! Anyone here?"