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A Drawing's Life

A Drawing's Life


In the artistic world of Abbozzo, anything you draw comes to life. Some people have used it for good, but others for bad. What will become of this new world?

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Welcome to the virbrant, colorful world of Abbazzo, anything that is written or draw on a special sheet of paper can come to life!

Many people here have used that power to good, yet others have used it for bad. We sell an exclusive supply of our special made paper. With this paper, you can create anything your mind can create! Do keep in mind that once you have finished your drawing, and it has come to life, there is only one way of erasing it. The only one way of erasing it is through the Pool of Lost Art. A certain mineral in the water is the only thing that can dissolve the active ingredient that brings your art to life. This pond is guarded by the best security in all of Abbazzo.

What you do with your art is up to you, but like any other world, there are some rules.

  • Any art that harms people, damages the community or does strictly prohibited things WILL be executed to the Pool of Loss Art.
  • Creating a person, animal or any living thing is not allowed.
  • Making any counterfeit thing is also prohibited.
  • You are limited to making 3 things each day.
  • You must have a license to make art.

You must have a license to draw and erase your own art. If you wish to apply for a license, please fill out the following application. (Character sheet)

Code: Select all
[hr][/hr][hr][/hr][center][img]NAME HERE {}[/img][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[left][img]CHARACTER’S FACE HERE[/img][/left][b]Name:[/b] FULL NAME HERE
[b]Age:[/b] AGE HERE
[b]Gender:[/b] GENDER HERE
[b]Nickname(s):[/b] NICKNAMES HERE

[b]Likes:[/b] LIKES
[b]Dislikes:[/b] DISLIKES

[b]Personality:[/b] PERSONALITY HERE

[b]Appearance:[/b] APPEARANCE

[b]Other:[/b] OPTIONAL


Note:If you are new to this site and you are very confused, just fill out a basic info sheet (using the same info just without the codes) and I will edit it for you!

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Violet walked through the dark city. Night time was the best time to do this. She looked around to make sure that no one was near and took out a purple spray can. Violet moved her arm and made neat strokes with the spray paint onto the old brick wall. "That'll get their attention." She snickered before hiding the can in her sweater and walking out of the alley. The girl then walked down the dim lit street, away from the purple graffiti she made.

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Abbozzo by KitKattt


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Character Portrait: Violet Dye
1 sightings Violet Dye played by KitKattt

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Character Portrait: Eva sterling
Character Portrait: Raya Domic


Character Portrait: Raya Domic
Raya Domic

If you don't have your creativity what do you have?


Character Portrait: Raya Domic
Raya Domic

If you don't have your creativity what do you have?

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Character Portrait: Raya Domic
Raya Domic

If you don't have your creativity what do you have?

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Re: A Drawing's Life

What a neat idea! Expect a character from me soon.

Re: A Drawing's Life

Yeah I've decided on a male. I was going to have a 15 year old, but saying as everyone is in their twenties I'm gunna go for 19 instead and use a different face claim than what I originally planned. Anyway I'm working on him now.

Okay so I'm gunna be submitting a character WIP. It's kinda far from being done but it's sort of 1am(probably should've started on this it's on me). I can finish up more of it(or all of it) tomorrow afternoon though so you can wait until I'm finished to accept it if you'd rather do that. I might even end up changing the face claim.

Re: A Drawing's Life

AttackonFluffy wrote:This looks really interesting. I'd love to be a part of this :)

Gunna be submitting my character either tonight or tomorrow night. Still decided whether to make a male or female so when I figure that out then I'll get to work.

Awesome! And if you dont mind, since there are two females maybe you could make a male character? I just like balancing how many characters of what gender there are 1. In case of romance.. and 2. Becuase then it just feels balanced... :)

Re: A Drawing's Life

This looks really interesting. I'd love to be a part of this :)

Gunna be submitting my character either tonight or tomorrow night. Still decided whether to make a male or female so when I figure that out then I'll get to work.

Re: A Drawing's Life

I will be joining this, just give me a minute to get my character in order. I shall submit it within 24 hours

A Drawing's Life

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