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A Dream Come Absolutely True- Doctor Who?

Anywhere and Anywhen


a part of A Dream Come Absolutely True- Doctor Who?, by LoveToRoleplay.


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Anywhere and Anywhen is a part of A Dream Come Absolutely True- Doctor Who?.

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Olivia McLenny [0] The girl in the RP description. (I'm the creator of this, btw... sorry, just thought I should say)

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(Hello! I'm going to start this, okay? Here we go!)
I was walking through the woods just beside my house, reading one of my books. I was getting into a very interesting part where the main character was battling some antagonist, when I hit my head on something that felt like a tree. "Hey, watch out Mr.Tree!" I say while rubbing my head. I open my eyes. "A blue tree?" I think, before realizing that it was something else. I gasp a bit and step back. "Oh my god." I say and start to freak out a little bit. I calm down soon and put my book inside my black bag. I knock on the door to see if he was inside. "Hello?" I ask. I knock on the TARDIS door once more before stepping back and looking all around at the beautiful machine.

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I open the TARDIS's door backing out with smoke comming out with me coughing. I quickly turn around and come face to face with you. "Oh hello, I'm the Doctor." I look look while trying to come up with a reason. "Where am I exactly? What year is this?" I look down at the book you were reading. "It's a good book. Bit sad at the ending." Then I was cut short from a popping noise from inside. "No! No! No!" I rush back inside, comes back out with a burnt bag. "It burnt my popcorn." Then the conversation was cut short by a pirceing noise, which I, as usual, run towards.

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My eyes widen as I inspect the TARDIS some more. "Why popcorn? And it's around 2018, did you crash? Um, where are we... We are somewhere, not too sure exactly where..." I run my hand on the blue box. "Or are you just stopping to relax?" I ask. "What's that noise?" I tuck my book under my arm and follow you inside. "What's going on? I have so many questions. Could you answer them all before I explode?" I say with a smile. "And how could popcorn make that much smoke?"