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Annabel Lee Whinster

And this maiden she lived with no other thought, Than to love and be loved by me. (WIP)

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a character in “A Dream Within Eden”, as played by BumbleDrop

So begins...

Annabel Lee Whinster's Story


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Silence. That is what filled the mansion as Annabel stood in the foyer. She had finished her choirs early, thanks to Lazarus and his needs, and thought about what to do next. This was a rare occasion for her and she wanted to spend it wisely. Even though the day was still young and the Sun was high in the blue sky; it was a sad day in Eden. Yesterday they laid Lenore’s father to rest.Maybe I can try and talk to her sometime today? Oh… Annabel looked out the window to see Lenore leaving. Well maybe I can go into town today and look for a new dress.

She played with her long and wavy brown hair, which was up in a high ponytail, and thought about it. Lazarus wouldn’t be home until late, she had hoped, and that meant she could do what she pleased. Her maid’s skirt twirled with her as she turned and headed for the bedroom. First thing is first, I must get out of this horrible suit! Lazarus, to her, had a sick way of making her dress up in the slutty little outfit. Every time he was home and she was in it, he would slide his hand under her skirt and roughly grab her rear. And every time he would she would jump, giving him a little more satisfaction. Annabel hated showing him any kind of emotion towards him. Did she love him? Yes, with all her heart. But ever since he was forced to join the army he hadn’t been the same.

Annabel made her way through the halls and into her room; well it was actually both of their room, but he rarely ever spent the night with her. She closed her eyes and traced her hand over her dresses until she landed on one. Peeking with one eye she grabbed her sleeveless light green cotton Lolita dress and laid it on her bed. She looked it over and gently fixed the bow before going back to her closet and pulling an ivory collar button down shirt with shoulder sleeves and laying it next to the dress.

OH! let me dream of happy days gone by,
Forgetting sorrows that have come between,
As sunlight gilds some distant summit high,
And leaves the valleys dark that intervene.
The phantoms of remorse that haunt
The soul, are laid beneath that spell;
As, in the music of a chaunt
Is lost the tolling of a bell.
Oh! let me dream of happy days gone by, etc.

She sung part of the old tune that seemed to haunt her mind for some time now. She slipped out of her maid’s out fit and sighed as the air slid across her half naked body. Annabel took her time putting on the button up ivory shirt and stood at the window watching the people walk by. No one seemed to see her at first and then a man, not much older than her, caught her eye. His eyes were the first thing to draw her to him, they were an emerald green and shined it the light. He was staring at her, a slight smirk on his lips as a mix expression of lust and confusion filled his handsome face. She blushed and backed up, closing the curtains slightly and went back to the bed.

In youth, we plucked full many a flower that died,
Dropped on the pathway, as we danced along;
And now, we cherish each poor leaflet dried
In pages which to that dear past belong.
With sad crushed hearts they yet retain
Some semblance of their glories fled;
Like us, whose lineaments remain,
When all the fires of life are dead.
Oh! let me dream, etc..

Annabel let the dress slide down her body and ending just above her knees; it was form fitting, showing her curves and enhancing her bust. She smoothed out the material before gently placing her feet into brown flats. “Fresh air would do me some good.” She said and headed out the door. Who knows when Lazarus and her body guards would come back.


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Israfel had just left his sister’s place and was walking down the street when something told him to take the long way home; this path led him in front of Lazarus’ mansion. It was said that he had a beautiful lady hidden in there named Annabel Lee. He had never seen this woman, even though many people say she does the shopping for the house and takes long walks along the borders and city. She could even be seen telling stories to the orphans.

He was never one to be seen at the orphanage, his scene was the Tavern. Drunken ladies and gentlemen were easier to handle then that of needy children. Israfel shrugged off the thoughts and made his way to the house. Not like I will actually see her. She might be in town or somewhere in the house. I would be shocked. She is probably like the rest of the girl’s here…average and boring. They always are easy to get. I need a challenge! As he thought this a few of the women he had bedded passed him by, giggling with rosy cheeks.

Wanda, Leny, Elizabeth… He named all the girl’s that went by. That was one of the many reason’s he could still get away with bedding a lot of the women here, he actually remembered. Even the men, the ones that hid what they truly were, loved him even more. Israfel love this feeling, being wanted was the greatest feeling.

The mansion crept along the corner and Israfel sighed in envy and amazement. Gorgeous, what I would do to live in a place like this! His hands shot into his pockets as he took in the sight. His eyes wondered up into a window where he saw a woman. It took him a second to realize it was Annabel and his eyes focused more on her. She was gorgeous, a fine beauty! Something inside him snapped and not only lust for her grew in him. Even from this far he could see the pain behind her grey eyes as she looked down at him. S-She is trapped... This infuriated him, how could Lazarus keep her as a pet?! Did he not know that such beauty should be taken care of, tended to? From that moment on, as she drew back into the house, he pledged to love her, to make her feel the beauty that radiated from her, and to save her.


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Annabel walked down the path from the back of the house. She had heard of the rebel fight that had broken out at the middle of the market. She would be dead if she was caught in that mess and that would be bad. She had things that needed to be done. She needed to save Lazarus. That was the most important thing to her right now.

She made her way past the bushes and pushed through the long grass before getting to the little beaten path that led to the tree. It was the tree that really had started it all for her and Lazarus. Annabel clenched her fist and kept going. She watched her feet as she made it up the hill. “I can’t look at it. I must not look at it.” She whispered to herself. But as she got to the tree, she looked up. Its leafs were still there, shining green as green could be. Then the flash back of that night hit her so hard it had her on her knees.

She held her breath, as he made his way over to her, handsome as ever. A smirk lay on his lips and lust filled his eyes. Lazarus had always looked at her like that, well for the past year or so. His white long hair shinned in the moon light and his red eyes seemed eerie. He didn’t look human at all. he stood there, looking back at him scared. He grabbed her wrist a little too hard and yanked her to him. The smell of alcohol filled her nostrils and she pushed back.

“You are drunk, Lazarus. And you are hurting me.” This was a wrong move to make; he pushed her against the tree and loudly accused her of not loving him anymore. She could feel the bark digging into her back, causing her to winch in pain.

“Do you not love me anymore, Annabel?! Have I been forgotten?! Or are you a whore and sleeping with someone?!” He yelled in her face, grabbing her shoulders, and shaking her hard. His eyes searched her face, like he was trying to find the truth. He was to closer; his breath was hot against her face. She turned her head slightly and looked up at him.

“What are you talking about?! I have ALWAYS loved you! I wouldn't of been here and gone through this if I hadn’t. You are a foolish drunk, Lazarus!” She looked up at him, anger feeling her eyes and she saw it in his eyes before she felt it. The slap had caused her to fall to the ground. He had never once laid his hands on her, this was a first. She gasped and stared at the ground before looking up at him. “I…I can’t believe y-uh!” She was about to get up when he yanked her by the hair and forced her to the ground. His hand ran up her leg and under her dress. “N-No, Lazarus…please…” She begged and tried to get up. He shoved her down and lifted her dress.

“We never make love. Hell…all we ever did was kiss. I think it’s time…” He whispered into her ear. She heard him fooling with his pants. Next thing she knew she was in pain.

Annabel snapped back to the present by the sounds of footsteps and hurried down the hill and to the river, where she slipped through the back entrance gate. There were a few people who walked by, nodding their respects, before hurrying along. She nodded back with a smile and walked on. The sky was bright and the sun felt good upon her skin. She hoped that the angry crowd would settle down, for their own sake. She knew the wrath of Lazarus first hand and knew it was not something to test.


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Israfel backed away and continued walking towards his house. His eyes closed and soaked in the sun, it had been a warm day. His hand slid into his pockets and felt the emptiness in them. “Crap, I forgot my wallet.” He whispered. Turning on his heels, he walked back towards his sister’s house, glancing one last time at the mansion before disappearing onto another street. Annabel…the rumors were true. You are a gorgeous beauty. But can’t you tell? You look so dead, your eyes so cold. He shivered and walked to the front of Shiloh’s house. He decided that it would be best if they lived separate lives, he didn’t need her scaring off his lovers. And he liked his solitude.

He heard the rebels, but didn’t pay attention to them. He paid no mind to the government or anything of the sorts. Israfel made his way through the front gate and to the front door. He knocked a couple times before opening it up and walking in. He smelt it before he seen it. Blood. The stench was starting to get to him, but he walked onwards and stopped in the room they were in. There, laid a slaughtered man. He knew him, Peter was his name. He would go to the tavern every Thursday night and drink till he passed out. What had he done to get his sister like this? It probably wasn’t his fault; she just had another one of her episodes.

“That is three in one week, Shiloh.” He said, walking in, making sure he didn’t step in the puddle of mud. “Dispose of his…poor body as quickly as you can.” Israfel spotted his wallet on the table and snatched it up, placing it in his pocket and smiling. “Oh, by the way, I am thinking about saving Annabel. You know, Lazarus’ lover. She is gorgeous and her eyes.” He shook his head, a smile playing on his lips. “It might cost me my life, but damn…it would be worth it.” He rambled on, knowing she wouldn’t really care. I can see my hands tracing her hips, the side of her face. He shook his head, chuckling a bit and started helping his sister clean up.