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Rei Tachiba

"I need to be strong...but I'm scared..."

0 · 470 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “A Dying World: Vampire's Revenge”, as played by Jadebud98



-Age: "...I...I can't really recall my birthday..."

-Gender: "...Do I really seem like a girl...?"

-Species: "What I truly am brings a giant weight over my shoulders..."

-Class: "I...I suppose it's fortunate that I'm not blind..."
Class B.

-Role: "...I know my true purpose whether they like it or not...though I don't think I'll be strong enough to reach it..."
To gain the courage and strength to free himself from the scientists just as the D Class Vampire did.

-Description: "...This makes me uncomfortable..."
Rei has pretty feminine facial features with a soft face, long eye lashes, and a lack of acute facial features. He has somewhat long hair, going just above his shoulders and soft eyes. He is quite short at the moment though will probably grow a bit soon and is also somewhat underweight from not eating due to the stress of not only the tests the scientists take on him, but also the jobs that they force him to do. He has a slender build and is light and easy to carry, though due to his powers he is still quite physically strong.

-Height: "...Must you remind me?"

-Weight: "I don't really like these questions..."
110 lbs

-Hair Color: "...Uh...?"

-Eye Color: "...I-I'm not sure what to say to this..."
A somewhat pale red.

-Weapons: "I'm not sure if I'm prepared to fight..."
Rei mainly relies on his telekinetic and telepathic abilities for combat, but if things get too close for comfort he has a .9mm pistol for long distance combat and a taser and pepper spray for close encounters. Other than that he uses whatever he can manage to get.

-Skill(s)/Ability(s): "I'm not all that useful..."
Rei can send messages to many people in a long range, even being able to make something like a telepathic forum where multiple people of his choice can speak to each other telepathically at the same time. He can see into the mind of others and read their thoughts, and if focusing hard enough read their memories. Drawbacks to his telepathic abilities include mental strain and that he grows quite attached to those he uses his powers on, especially if it's frequent. He can also influence the minds of others, especially Non-Vampires, and even fully control others without strong will-powers. With practice he may unlock more telepathic abilities.

Rei can also use his telekinetic abilities to do things such as moving objects, which he can use for different purposes, for example as projectiles. He can also move people for a limited amount of time, including himself, making a almost flying or levitating state possible. He can also use his powers to crush large masses, deflect incoming projectiles, and shoot telekinetic blasts. With practice he may unlock more telekinetic abilities.

Rei also has quite astounding regenerative abilities, being able to recover from wounds in minutes to hours depending on the severity of the wound, being able to recover from burns and broken limbs in days to months depending on there severity, and even being able to recover lost limbs in weeks to years depending on the severity of the loss.

Lastly, Rei also possesses the abilities of the Class A Vampire, as in heightened speed, agility, strength, senses, and agility

-Personality: "...I don't really like talking about myself..."
Rei is most definitely a shy and timid person. He finds reaching out to other people difficult. He also sees talking and communicating to others to be something he has a lot of trouble with, especially if he's never met them before. However, partially thanks to his powers, he grows quite attached to those he does spend time getting to know, and feels extremely comfortable speaking and being with them, especially if they're alone. He isn't one to speak out of turn and he is one to follow orders, but only because he's afraid to go against the scientists.

Deep down he wants to fight back, he wants to find the courage and the power to escape just as Tezuka did, to fight against the Scientists and all of their wrongdoings. He believes no one deserves to be subjugated to the horrible things the scientists are doing to them and wants to bring justice to those who are feeling the pain that the scientists bring upon them. He's scared of what lies outside in the world but he knows it's better than the hell he's living in now.

-Quirks: "P-please don't think I'm weird!"
-Chews his nails and hair when nervous.
-Goes without eating when stressed.

-Fears: "I'll try my best to keep it short..." [ANSWER HERE]
-The outside world.
-The Scientists.
-Social interactions.

-Likes: "I haven't experienced many things that I truly like..."
-Being close to someone.
-Feeling safe.

-Dislikes: "I-it's only fair that I dislike a few things..."
-The scientists.
-Not being free.
-The tests.
-Himself, mostly for being what he thinks is weak.

-Bio: "...I'm sorry but you're kind of prying..."
Rei can't remember much of his life at all really. He suspects he repressed most of it deep into his mind. But what he does remember is scarred there permanently. The scientists wanted to test how far the limits of B Class Vampires were, and how far they could advance their mental capabilities, seeing as extremely enhanced telepathic powers could alter the thoughts of world leaders, extremely enhanced telekinetic abilities could destroy entire cities, and extremely enhanced regenerative abilities would ensure that they'd never lose their weapon.

The tests were horrible and excruciating, every time they occurred he felt as if he were going to die but he knew they only wanted to bring him to near death, so that his abilities and body could adapt to the torture he was receiving and grow stronger. They forced him to use his telepathic abilities for prolonged periods of time, reading the thoughts of a huge range of people that grew larger every time. When it came to the telekinetic tests he was forced to use his powers constantly, to make precise movements and to make powerful destructive blows. But the worst tests were the regenerative ones. They subjected him to mass amounts of torture, even eventually moving to cut off his arm and more. There were many other tests, but he remembered those vividly.

They also attempted to put fear into his heart, fear of the outside world. They filled his mind with propaganda since his birth, stretched the truth, lied completely, anything to make him fear the outside world more than he feared them. The outside world was just a tool to use against him for the scientists, a weapon and a threat to make him obey and do things he didn't want to. And at first he did fear the outside world more, but eventually he began fearing it less, and though the fear was still there, he knew that it was the scientists who were the biggest enemy, that there was nothing worse out there than what he was experiencing.

-Other: "I suppose I could say a bit more..."
Rei saw Tezuka escape from the scientists and after that he immediately became his hero. Rei wishes to one day meet with him.

So begins...

Rei Tachiba's Story


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White eyes... for the past three days Maki has been dreaming of white eyes. Though she does not know the face that goes with them, she just remembers the boy they belonged to... just his name.

"Tezuka" her lips formed the name but didn't make a sound.

3 days was how long it took her to remember who the eyes belonged to, she remembered his stair and his hate. Maki Remembered watching his transformation and feeling guilty that she was too scared to break his chains. Why couldn't she? She asked herself that, and took a moment to ponder the thought. Why couldn't she just run into the experimental room and stab all the scientists with the scalpels that they poked and prodded the subjects with? Then free the vampires into the city? she came down to one conclusion why...

The head scientist was her father. Maki looked at her fathers picture on her night stand, it was taken when she was just 3 and her mother was still alive. It was taken before he turned into a monster. In the end her father would be grooming her to become worse then the monster he is.

Little did her father know that she was making a plan to escape. Tezuka had been able to escape from this place, and after all he had been through it was for the best that he left. Him in her fathers hands, she shuttered at the thought; he was powerful enough as a C level... but now a D level... things would turn to hell. Her father was running out of subjects and that was also for the best, but now he has been too busy to pay attention to her. This was her father weak point, he was vulnerable because he was so busy. No subject was getting anywhere near the level of Tezuka.

Maki walked out of her room seeking out one vampire she had in mind for her ally. Rei Techiba was the one B vampire that she knew of that really wanted to get out of here as much as she did. He would be useful because even an A class would do but he was better than she could hope for. She needed to aim high, plus the really needed a friend. The reason she didn't go for a c class vampire was because she needed extra eyes.

She arrived at his cell, she watched him first. Rei was chewing on his nails, and the habit showed in his finger nails. When Maki finally spoke it was soft, she didn't want people listening in.

"Rei Techiba" she paused and continued when he didn't respond. "Will you please speak with me?"


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"Will I ever escape this hell?"

Rei was in a room alone, a spotlight shown on him and a red car. The intense light hurt his eyes, and the glare coming from the car window wasn't helping very much either. The room was white and tiled, with a large window on the wall to his left. He couldn't see the people on the other side but he already knew they were the scientists. He assumed they were going to be testing his telekinetic abilities today and he could already feel his throat going dry at the thought of it.

Soon the piercing sound of two microphones banging together rang in his ears, and he could hear the grisly voice of a scientist once the ringing stopped.

"We're going to need you to focus on that car. Lift it up please."

Rei swallowed, his throat still dry and soar. He nodded and looked towards the car, the light reflected off of it and flashed in his eyes but he tried his best to ignore it. 'Attempt Number One' appeared on the dark window in bold red letters and distracted him for a moment until he brought his focus back to the car. He moved his hands towards it in an attempt to help himself direct his power towards it, and the car shook slightly.

He could feel a drop of sweat sliding down his head as the car began lifting, and his head began hurting already. The object was quite heavy and he wasn't too used to practicing with things like that. The car dropped once his head hurt too much, and he dropped to his knees holding hit.

"Keep going Rei. We can't let you out of here until the car touches the ceiling."

He nodded again, feeling tears begin to form in his dry eyes, giving him a stinging sensation. He got up again and kept on trying, 'Attempt Number Two' appearing on the dark mirror this time. He eventually failed again, much to the scientists dismay. "It's their own faults," Rei thought to himself, "...They shouldn't be pushing me so hard." But those words would only come to his thoughts, he wouldn't dare say them out loud out of fear of what the scientists would do to him.

Once it came to 'Attempt Number Six' Rei was finally able to succeed in what the scientists wanted to do. The car tipped the ceiling and as soon as it did Rei dropped it to the ground, the windows shattering. Rei felt himself beginning to cry as the shards hit the ground, but he couldn't let the scientists see that, he couldn't let them have even more power over him. He wiped the tears from his eyes as he stood up. "...C-can I go now? I haven't slept in so long..."

"Almost Rei. We just need you to dispose of the car...crunch it into a small cube...and the cube needs to be perfect, each side seven inches long."

Rei's eyes widened when he heard that. Where they trying to break him? Were they trying to kill him? Rei couldn't help but cry in front of them this time, no matter how much he told himself to be strong he knew he wasn't, and now the scientists knew that for sure. They knew that he didn't even need a collar for them to control him. He shuddered in his spot, sobbing louder than he ever thought he would in front of the scientists. He knew they were enjoying this, he knew this is what they wanted.

At 'Attempt Number Fifteen' he managed to crush the car into their perfect cube. Once he did they finally let him go. But he still wasn't free from them, and it's likely that he never would be...the only person who ever managed to free themselves was Tezuka...he still remember his name...he would never forget it. He wondered if someday he'd free him too...if he'd give him the strength he needed to escape this hell.


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"When should we begin your daughters' procedure?"

"When I give the order."

Tezuka's grey eyes snapped open, nothing but fire and fury. He knew Miagi was insane, but he'd never thought the man would actually turn his daughter into a vampire. His mouth curled into a silent snarl. The D-Class Vampire was sitting on top of the SynchFlesh building, scoping it out with his mind. He had to be careful, though, if another vampire sensed him, he could very well be found out. It was hard to tell what side a vampire was on. Well, most of them anyway. There were a couple...

But Morgan was having trouble finding them. Until of course he did a sweep of the cells. He found Maki, Miagi's daughter. What was she doing in the Vampire cells? More importantly, a B-Class Vampire's cell. Which was interesting as Tezuka read the name plate. Rei Tachiba

The D-Class smirked to himself. That had been the name...Hesitantly, he reached out and touched both of their minds. He only said one thing, aong with sending them a picture of his grey eyes.

So....the two of you want out of here?


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((This post is so colourful :D lol))

"...Is this the angel I've been looking for...?"

Rei had drifted into a deep sleep. He didn't know when he collapsed, but he knew it was in the testing room, it was because of the pain they were putting him in. He wasn't sure of how much longer he could take it, he wasn't sure if he would survive any fact he knew the possibility of him dying in this unconscious, yet self aware state was quite high. He didn't think he would make it...he knew there'd be no chance.

But he did, and whether or not that was fortunate for him was beyond his comprehension. He sat up in his bed, his eyes still droopy and tired...he desired sleep so desperately but he could never get it. He wondered when the last time he had a healthy rest even was probably before Tezuka had escaped but even then he never got to rest very much. His eyes shifted over to the bars of his cell, causing him to instinctively chew his black hair.

When he noticed a girl coming he opened his mouth before she came, letting the hair fall from it before she arrived. He was unsure of who she was and what she was doing, but she was paying quite close attention to him. He wondered if she was perhaps a Nurse of the facility...though she looked a bit young he had seen other young people working in jobs such as that, and he knew all too well that assumptions made off of appearance weren't always the most accurate ones. Eventually, he began biting his nails, getting nervous about exactly who she was and what they were doing. Did they want to test him again? He hoped to god they didn't...

"Rei Tachiba. Will you speak with me?"

The voice was that of sorrow. A calm river dark in the night. Rei wasn't sure about her, but no matter what if she made it this far he'd have to comply with what she asked, and denying her request to speak with him wasn't something he was planning to do for his own safety. "...Y-yes..." He sat up in his bed, the gray shirt that the scientists gave him baggy as usual. He payed attention to what she was about to say, ready for what might be to come. But what actually occurred didn't fail to shock him.

"So...the two of you want out of here?"

This voice was different from the last, it was a voice of courage, strength, a kind voice that reassured Rei, though he could feel the tint of anger that came from it as well, not an anger towards him or the girl who wished to speak to him, but an anger at a different force, an anger that could only be silenced with justice. But the voice came from no where, and as such Rei knew it had to be another Vampire with telepathic abilities.

At first he assumed it was just another B Class Vampire who was playing a joke or something but something in the back of his mind told him otherwise...told him that it was the one...that it was Tezuka...who else had that voice? But he wouldn't get his hopes up like that, there was no way it could possibly be him...

Then he saw the grey eyes. It was now completely apparent that he was Tezuka...and what he had said...he knew he wanted to get out of here? But how? How had he noticed him and his desire for freedom? And more important was the fact that he was asking him about it. Did that...did that mean he was going to free him? That he was going to save him from this wretched place? Rei could feel is face flushing, his cheeks going red.

His brain was only slightly functioning from the fact that Tezuka had contacted him but he soon realized something, he had said, "Two." There was another person who wanted to get out of here, someone Tezuka was contacting simultaneously...but who? His eyes dashed around the cells on the opposite walls from him before they finally focused on Maki's face...was it her? Rei wasn't certain so he didn't say anything to her yet, but he didn't stop himself from speaking to Tezuka.

"..........." Well, he might have not stopped himself from speaking to Tezuka but his nervousness certainly did. Eventually he was able to muster up a response, ...Y-yes...I wouldn't want anything more than to be free from here... The response was meek but it confirmed his intentions. He wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but he anxiously awaited the moment he would meet Tezuka in person...the moment he'd truly be free.


"I really need a vacation...and a payed one at that!"

"Head Officer Takagi Kido! Please report to my office immediately!"

Takagi was lounging in one of the chairs in the more comfortable, less morbid science facility parts of the SynchFlesh building when he heard Dr. Miagi's voice pounding into his ears. "What an impatient prick," he grumbled to himself as he got up from the chair. From there he moved to Miagi's office, knocking twice on the dark door before entering. He wasn't exactly thrilled to see the irritated expression on Miagi's face, though he was pretty sure that's how his face always looked anyways.

He tightened his tie preparing for the bullshit he was gonna start spewing but he cracked a smile anyways. "Well at least you said please this time before calling me," he said, referring to Miagi's previous announcement. He thought of adding a little suggestion on how he could change his tone but he decided not to push it. Sometimes he hated the fact that he had to work under this Doctor, knowing he could get a job under more...sane people...but for the opportunity to work alongside Vampires he would do anything...and perhaps working against them could be intriguing just as well, though he wasn't too fond with the idea of forking the Vamp back to the Doc when it was all over.

He waited for the Doctor to state what he wanted from him because he knew he was going to without waiting for him to even ask.


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"...Y-yes...I wouldn't want anything more than to be free from here..."

His response was more than she could have hoped for. Maki walked over to his bed and sat beside him.
"The head scientist has gave you 3 days of rest for you to recover from your test session." she paused then continued with more confidence. "3 day is all we have. so we must act fast before its too late"
She paused again and looked off into the distance, long enough to give someone the idea that she was deep in though.
"... sorry... i haven't introduced myself!" she said suddenly as she realizes this.
"My name is Maki..." she was afraid to continue but she bravely did "i'm the head scientist daughter..."
After Maki explained who she was it was noticeable that the vampire was shocked, she gave him time for it to sink in.
"I dont know when, but my father plans to convert me into a vampire" Maki paused then played with her hair "It will all the more enhance his chances of gaining a D level vampire... thats why i need to get out of here."
She didn't say this but what her father was turning into scared her, He has becoming cruel and she couldn't stand it.
A tear started to run down her face, it was followed by another. Maki rubbed them away, and her eyes were starting to burn. The stupid tears refused to stop running, she started to sob with frustration.
"He wasn't always like this!" she cried "He used to be kind, he was a wonderful father to me. Now however its as if i'm nothing to him anymore. He became an even bigger monster than his creations!"
She stopped talking when she realized what she said...
"I'm so sorry" she said this time quiet, more like a whisper. "i know you didn't choose to be like this"
She covered her face in her hands and continued to cry.


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((Chelly Rei was telepathically speaking to Tezuka when he said that so Maki wouldn't have been able to hear him. Though for things to make sense I'll just assume that Maki began speaking to him about escaping eventually after he figured out she was probably the other person who wanted to escape...))


"If I am the monster...why am I the one being put to this torture?"

He had spoken with the girl for a moment, eventually he had revealed to her that he wanted to be free of this place once she asked him. After he had revealed to her his desire she began walking towards him, and he could feel himself shaking slightly in fear that she was going to surprise him and punish him for wanting to get away from the Scientists. However she simply sat down next to him, causing him to bring his legs closer to him, his gray shorts were luckily long for him like his shirt was and only some of his bare legs went uncovered as he wrapped his arms around his soft skin.

She informed him that the Scientists were permitting him three days of rest...Rei wouldn't be lying if he had said he was shocked. He knew the Scientists weren't kind people so he assumed they just didn't want to break their experiment...which was good enough for him. Then, the girl eventually introduced herself. Her name was Maki...her father...the Head Scientist. Rei's eyes immediately widened when she said that. He wasn't sure if he could trust her...he wasn't sure if he was safe.

But then she explained things more thoroughly, her father planned to turn her into a Vampire in the hopes of her becoming a Class D Vampire, which is why she wanted to escape. After that things began to start making sense, and Rei was beginning to be comfortable with her.

However the comfortable atmosphere was short lived when she began crying, she was sobbing uncontrollably and Rei wasn't sure of what to do! He wondered for a moment if he had caused her to cry but knew he had done nothing to make her do that...but then why was she crying? He didn't want to look into her mind as that would be somewhat invasive and he assumed she would eventually tell him of her own accord anyways. He knew it had something to do with her father but he was unsure of what...perhaps she was just upset that he wanted to turn her into a Vampire? But soon everything made sense when she revealed why she was crying, her father wasn't always like he is now...he could only imagine how much that hurt her as he lacked many memories of his parents to begin with.

"He used to be kind, he was a wonderful father to me. Now however its as if i'm nothing to him anymore. He became an even bigger monster than his creations!"

Once he heard this Rei's eyes widened, his face pink with embarrassment and frustration. The fact that she referred to him as a monster deeply hurt him...when had he displayed monstrous characteristics? When has he ever done anything wicked or vile? She soon apologized to him, saying she knew that he didn't choose to be like he was. It was true, he didn't choose to be what he was but he was anyways. He was a Vampire and there was no changing it. But that didn't make him a monster.

"...Maki just because someone is different than you...and has the power to harm you doesn't make them a monster...if I were a monster you would be dead and I would be drinking your blood at this second...but I'm not...a true monster is one who uses their power and their intelligence to harm others, a true monster would be someone who would subject others to extreme emotional and physical pain...Vampires as a whole are not monsters...we may be cursed with this sad life but we are not all evil...only individuals can be monsters, Vampire or Human."

His eyes were dark with sorrow as he recalled many of his traumatizing experiences as a caged animal to the Scientists. He had never said that much consecutively to anyone in his life so he didn't no why he did now. He remembered everything that made him think this place was a hell and everything he saw them make others do, and everything they made him do as well. He knew some Vampires were true monsters, but it was truly the Scientists who were the monsters, they tortured Vampires and made Vampires torture others...

He eyed the girl as she cried, face in palms. He knew that she wasn't truly helping him escape because she wanted the Vampires to be free...she just needed someone to help her, she knew that she wouldn't be able to make it out without an ally, but neither would he. He needed this girl as much as she needed him, and as much as he'd like to tell her to go away he knew that this could be his only chance of getting out. He didn't think that Tezuka could even break in and break him out. Three days...three days was all they had. "Maki...please stop crying...if we want to break out of here we have to act fast...we have to be smart..." His eyes looked to the floor, and he was still to shy to make eye contact. "I would hope that you know this place quite well...all of the exits and entrances...or at least have a map of it...I would also hope that you would have or at least know how to get a key to each of these exits," he said, speaking softly. "If you have the materials and knowledge we need to get out of here, I could provide the means to push through the guards. W-we...we could both make it out of here by tomorrow if we worked hard enough."

He would make it out soon, and when he did, he wouldn't stop...he would help the others...he would give freedom to all the other Vampires who deserved it so dearly. Once he met Tezuka he knew that he would find the strength within himself to fight for what was right.


"This dude seriously needs to be checked into a mental hospital."

Apparently there was another sighting of Tezuka. Takagi couldn't help but grin at the fact that he had managed to elude everyone for so long, he was a crafty fucker he'd give him that. But Takagi couldn't wait until he found him...even if he didn't manage to catch him the first time sparring against a Vampire that was a cut above the rest was an opportunity of a life time. He could barely contain his excitement at the fact that he was getting closer and closer to finding him...

He stood idly as Miagi carried on rambling, too lost in his own, much more important thoughts to care about what he was saying. Besides, most of whatever came out of Miagi's mouth was idiotic, irrelevant, and uninformed anyways, so it didn't really matter whether or not he listened in the first place.

The only time he really snapped into attention was one a drop of spit hit him in the face, and he only addressed that with a scowl towards the Head Scientist.

"Officer Takagi! Why are you still standing there? Get to work!"

Takagi stifled his laughter immediately, only letting a slight chuckle out before he caught himself, he just found it too funny how Miagi would overreact so much and act like everything was such a dire situation, while at the same time, disrupted thoughts that could be helpful to boost morale and to catch Tezuka. But Takagi wasn't like him...the Police Agents were getting closer and closer every second...Tezuka couldn't hide much longer...


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(oh, my bad)


Maki had been sobbing historically for what seemed like an hour. Rei eventually spoke softy
"Maki...please stop crying...if we want to break out of here we have to act fast...we have to be smart..."
Maki tried her best to calm down by taking deep breaths.

Rei looked at the ground unable to make eye contact. Maki rubbed her eyes embarrassed of the scene she just made.

"I would hope that you know this place quite well...all of the exits and entrances...or at least have a map of it...I would also hope that you would have or at least know how to get a key to each of these exits," Rei said this, speaking softly.

"If you have the materials and knowledge we need to get out of here, I could provide the means to push through the guards. W-we...we could both make it out of here by tomorrow if we worked hard enough." He added.

Maki nodded. Her memory was exceptional. She could recall the blueprints of the facility, that she snuck a peek at before it was built. She knew the exits, where the weapons were kept, as for keys... she knew the face of the guard that held a ring of them. She described the guard, and the blueprints shape and how she knew she could find the weapon room. Then she realized this was all she could offer, she knew it wasn't useless information. But if she didn't have this information she would have been useless all together. She was small, clumsy, and weak. Feeling a significant amount of sadness wash through her. She blinked back tears, looked away from Rei so he wouldn't see. She had to grow up fast if she was going to survive with her new companion.

"I'm sorry for what I said, i didn't mean it. I know theres no excuse, I should have chosen my words more carefully" Your not a monster, you have more restraint than a monster, she thought to herself.
Maki forced herself to look at him once more. No mater how much she wished for him to hold her; tell her everything was going to be ok. She knew she had no right to ask him of that. Maki had to force herself not to be selfish.
"I'm sorry I cant offer more than that..." she said this softly, then looked away. She waited patiently for him to respond, he was probably thinging something like,
All that is good but it looks like im gonna be doing all of the heavy lifting...Maybe she was being to harsh on herself, she pushed that thought away as quickly as it came. She has no right to complain, Rei was the one who went through hell, not her.

She took another deep breath. I refuse to be useless She thought to herself.


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((It's okay no worries :) ))

"...We're fragile...but we're not alone..."

She nodded, so she knew what they needed in order to escape. That was good. They needed that information if they were going to have any hopes of escaping. He relied on her, and concurrently she relied on him...but he also knew that he relied on Tezuka more than anything. But he was silent, not talking much throughout their conversation. He wondered if he had given up on them, had already left thinking they were going to be useless.

"...I-It's okay...There's no need to worry about it anymore..." He said silently, they needed to think about escaping, that was all they needed to do. Soon, Rei's face flushed, he didn't mean to, but he had caught a glimpse of what Maki was thinking. She wanted him to hold her and console her out of the fragile state she was in, and she was beating herself up, thinking that he thought she was dead weight. When his blush had faded he managed to speak.

"Don't worry Maki...what you're offering is more than enough, we're going to make it out of here..."

And with that Rei gave a soft wasn't a hug...but it was the best he could manage to give. He wasn't sure when the last time he smiled in front of anyone was...but he was now and hoped it helped Maki as much as possible.


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Maki took in his smile, she knew that she would be craving his smile from now on. She would need his smile like he needed blood to live, she knew that this boy was going to be more than an ally. Maki returned his smile, tried to make it just as warm.

"get some rest" she said softly. standing up she walked to his door cell. "I'll be in my room. Send me a signal when your ready."
Though she knew he felt ready now, she knew that he was far too weak to attempt an escape yet. Maki glanced at him once more saying goodnight before she quickly slipped out of his cell.

Maki walked back to her room silently, knowing that she wasn't supposed to be out in the first place. The sooner she get back, the safer her secret of escaping was. She locked her cell door behind her and hid her secret key under her pillow. Sitting down she looked out her window. Maki had considered jumping out of it before... leave her father that way... But the crazy man he was... she was sure he would just find a way to bring her back to life, turn her into something else not human. What would I eat? Brains? she didn't think her joke was funny, still she smiled at it... Its something he would do...

She had accepted it now... in a way. This is what her father became, to her he was dead. No reason for her to stay when this was all he was now. She couldn't remember when she last had sean the City. She did however remember the lights and the sounds. She remembered hearing music on the streets, and seeing people at every corner. Now she would be able to look at all of them in the eye and be free like them.

Maki laid down and closed her eyes, instead of dreaming it she would live it, she wanted nothing more than to run out of this facility and never look back.