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Arabella Fairbook

Daughter of Belle and the Beast

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a character in “A Fairytale Curse”, as played by CalleighElizabeth


Arabella Nichole Fairbook

Ari, Ella, Nic

Princess Belle and Prince Adam (Beast)


Nina Dobrev

Ari is a very kind and intelligent young woman, much like her mother. She is also very independent and hard-working. Arabella loves to read and explore her surroundings. She can usually be found either with her nose in a book or in the dance studio doing what she loves best. She is also very loyal and will do anything for her friends and those she loves. She also can come across very sarcastic and manipulative. She has a dark side like most people however over the years she has learned to reign it in and not be the beast her dad was so long ago.

Arabella Nichole Fairbook was born on September 22, 1996 to Belle and Adam Fairbook. Arabella grew up the only child and was never as spoiled as one would think. Growing up the daughter of the Beast and Belle was quite interesting to say the least, she was very adventurous and at the same time had a temper. She first took up Ballet when she was 6 years old to help her meet friends and release energy in a controlled environment. Ari fell in love with the activity and quickly became very good at it. Like most children her age she loved to explore and play around outside. Her mother always said it was because she dreamed of a bigger adventure. If she only knew what was coming...

She was outside in the garden reading when the curse first hit. She rand inside as quick as she could and to the portal. When she awoke she was in an unfamiliar land with other teenagers from her world. She looked around confused by the environment surrounding her. She had been dropped out at a boarding school she was familiar with, and humans who had no idea of the truth behind the stories they knew so well. Her only goal is to find a way back to her family and destroy the villains once and for all before it is to late.


So begins...

Arabella Fairbook's Story


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Gregor Ampleton

Marched up to the table, spinning a chair around and slumping into it backwards as he helped himself to two of the sandwiches displayed before him. As he tore hungrily into the first, he watched as Lee explained what was going on and that the two sides, both good and evil, had somehow been the cause of everyone of the kids ending up here. It was all so strange, but Gregor simply rolled his eyes and polished off his first sandwich. Digging into the second, he eyed Lee curiously as he showed them their school uniforms and their 'phones'. He didn't quite understand how he was going to put that to any use, but it seemed like a neat little device to have.

He poured himself a cup of plain tea, gulping it down greedily and taking another large hunk of his sandwich. When Lee had left, he finished his meal and then approached his belongings. He took the phone in his hand and eyed it curiously. "Someone is going to have to show me how to use this. There is no way in hell I am going to figure it out." He tossed it onto the sofa and picked up the school uniform. "I suppose this isn't too bad." He held the jacket up to his chest, and he could just hear his mother saying how handsome he would look in it, and he grinned. Placing it back on the sofa, he threw himself down in his armchair.

"So now what?" More waiting did not sound fun at all, but he dreaded the thought of going to this school even more. It made him long for Phil's training, he would much rather be listening to the stubborn old goat then be here. He cracked his knuckles and looked around the room, what an odd bunch, and yet, they were all here for a purpose, and each one of them was going to help each other get back home, of that he was sure.


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Ara smiled softly as Miri hugged her and offered her some tea and candy. She turned to Bigby as he became angry and transformed and proceeded to run out of the room in a huff and a puff. ((heeheehee i'm hilarious...sorry back to the post!)) Ara sighed as she grabbed four cookies and listened to Lee explain the rules and the items they would be receiving. She looked at the others around the room as Lee pulled out the weird looking plastic things that were supposed to help them communicate in this world. She stood up and grabbed another cookie as Lee pulled out their supplies and the school uniform. She looked at it in dismay and curiosity as Lee finally finished and then left the room. She turned back to the others and saw the same confused look she had on her own face. She shrugged and picked up one of the phones and looked at it as she started pushing buttons on the device. She looked up as Greg said he would need help working it and she laughed.

"Greg I think most of us are going to need help with this contraption. I figured out how to turn it on, but that's it."She smiled as she sat down next to him on the couch and helped him turn the thing on. She stood up after a moment and grabbed her uniform staring at it for a moment. "Well, it's not as bad as I expected it to be. I mean, I can make it work. Anyone want to help me make some outfits?"she asked hoping to lighten the mood and create a better environment while they were here. She figured if she was going to be stuck here for however long then she might as well make the most of it.


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Bigby wasn’t sure exactly how long he had been running through the winding hallway but it had seemed to him as if he passed the same door and window at least twelve times, it was almost as if the damned thing was never ending. But then he saw it, a large oaken door that he was positive would lead to the outside world. Upon reaching the finely made door he burst through it triumphantly with both hands, only to find himself in the exact same room he'd been running from. 'damn magic' he muttered to himself as he caught his breath, noticing everyone in the room fiddling with strange little devices which his nose told him was made of a strange material, some were also examining the most god awful wardrobe he could have ever imagined. God how Bigby hated magic. Walking over next to Ara, who quickly explained the basics of what Lee had told them, he picked up one of the ugly looking ties. “What the hell is this?” He asked anoyyingly, the question obviously directed at Arabella. “Some kind of mini noose?” He added as he threw the thing over his neck, which looked rather ridiculous on his ugly clothes, only to lift the tie above his head and make a mock choking noise.